Exodus Trakt Not Working Information + Fix

Is your Exodus Trakt not working, causing you to lose viewing progress, history, and collection information? Read our Exodus Trakt fix in Kodi below.

Yesterday (June 17th), users started reporting Exodus Trakt not working. For those that don’t know, Trakt in Exodus allows you to keep a collection of movies and TV shows in a library, keeps track of progress watching, and historical information.

It appears that Trakt has banned the Exodus API key from working. An API key is a communication key between an application (Exodus) and the Trakt servers. Every time you launch Exodus, the API key validates itself with Trakt and allows built-in Trakt features, like those mentioned above, to work.

Trakt has always had the following test in their terms and conditions:

Trakt.tv data cannot be used in apps or websites that promote copyright infringement or piracy.

It appears that Trakt has finally exercised this part of their terms and has revoked Exodus’ API key. Luckily, Exodus library integration with Kodi does now work, so you can create your own Kodi collection or TV and movies.

If you want to fix Trakt, their is a fix, however it does require some file editing so if you are uncomfortable, then don’t try.


Exodus Trakt Not Working Fix

  1. Head over to Trakt.tv and login with your account.
  2. Click on Settings Your API Apps > + New Application. Enter in a name and skip the description.
  3. In Redirect URI, put: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob for device authentication.
  4. Skip Javascript origins, check the permissions /checkin and /scrobble boxes and click on SAVE App. 
  5. Write down your API Key and Secret key numbers and save them.
  6. On your Kodi box, navigate to the following file ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules (use ES File Explorer on Android or navigate on your computer via a network connection) and open up the trakt.py file in a text editor.
  7. Replace the following two lines: V2API_KEY = ‘Your New API Key Here’ and CLIENT_SECRET = ‘New Secret Key Here’ and save the file. Note that if Exodus updates and does not fix Trakt, you will have to edit this file again.
  8. Back in Exodus, go into the Trakt settings, click on your username, and follow the instructions on screen to re-authenticate Trakt again.


And that’s how you fix the Exodus Trakt not working issues.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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279 thoughts on “Exodus Trakt Not Working Information + Fix”

  1. Using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    Kodi 17

    Followed the instructions and only had 2 things to add

    While editing the Trakt.py file the line I had to search for was V2_API_KEY and not V2API_KEY

    And, most importantly I had to add a new show to my trakt collection before I was able to see any of my trakt selections show up at all

  2. Thanks this worked great for my matricom gbox q – only thing was had to add a new show to my collection for it to show back up. Great fix thanks again!

  3. Well after some Kodi update this stopped working again… but I managed to fix it following the steps I indicated a couple of months ago. Only one major change: in that original message I said I have to navigate in my Raspberry Pi to:


    apparently after that update (either Kodi or Exodus update) the location has changed and now the “trakt.py” file is located at:


    Other than that the rest of instructions apply (at least for OSMC on a Raspberry Pi). The key is to update the client ID and the shared secret in the “trakt.py” file (and make sure it’s not overwritten, which is very likely after an update). Once modified the Exodus authorization is requested upon your custom app in Trakt.tv website, and not on the original app pointed at by default in the original “trakt.py” file (which no longer works).


  4. In Android, I had to go to /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.module.exodus/lib/resources/lib/modules/trakt.py

  5. On openelec running on Raspberry Pi I found that I had to modify a different file:

    Find the lines that start:

    class traktAPI(object):
    __client_id = “your number goes here”
    __client_secret = “your number goes here”

  6. Does anyone know how to make this work when running the Kodi app on Mac OS? I can’t find the trakt.py file. Thanks

  7. This worked great for me. To find the file, I just searched “trakt” in the file browser which gave me a few choices and there was the needed file to make the edits.

  8. I can’t find the file that starts with the ~ symbol. I’m trying to do this on my firestick on a Samsung smart TV. Any advice on where to go for step 6?

  9. For those whom it dont work on WIndows, add a new show to the track manager and it all refreshes

  10. Thank you finalsecond…I changed my Trakt user name and reactivated for Kodi and now my collection list comes up in Exodus.

  11. Kmac, you the man! everything was working fine but the Collection.
    “changed my display name in my actual Trakt account and then re activated the account in Exodus this forced it to update the new API and it worked!”

  12. it seems every time i clear providers in Exodus, that it wipes my trakt.py file and sets up the old one again. I have to go and update the details again. a bit of a process. anyway to make sure that the updated trakt.py file stays unaltered ???

  13. how can i do this on my fire stick on my tv though?? how do i do step 6 & 7 using kodi on my TV?? this has been bugging me since i updated kodi a few weeks ago so some help sorting this once and for all would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  14. Hi, I did this a while ago , works a treat.
    however today one of my profiles has stopped connecting to trakt but the other is still perfectly fine. Any help appreciated

  15. They have fixed this issue in Exodus 3.1.22. Now the problem is that it doesn’t auto add to Trakt history after watching. You have to manually click “Watched in Trakt”. Any solutions?

  16. How do you add the new API key and secret code into the amazon fire on the television? I was able to add the new app online, but that is long number to type in

  17. The same here. Now it will load the data for my movies from my trakt account but not my TV shows. When i search manually a tv show then it shows only the one i did not watch.
    After watching the show i manualy tag it as watched. this works to!!

  18. for fire tv stick users. I had to find the file under

    took me a while to find it but then I used estrong file manager remote connection(listed under network) to make an FTP connection with WinSCP where I could just edit the file from my laptop. everything else worked as described in the instructions.

  19. Im runninng exodus 3.1.22 (firestick) ,did all the steps and edited the .py file with filezilla, also tried reconnecting the account but still wont load any data for my tv shows Oddly enough i noticed that it will load the data for my movies from my trakt account, i need my tv show section, any ideas?

  20. They have fixed this issue in Exodus 3.1.22. Now the problem is that it doesn’t auto add to Trakt history after watching. You have to manually click “Watched in Trakt”. Any solutions?

  21. Hi, I am not using a box but have Kodi installed on my Win 7 machine.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this in Win 7?

    I cannot find the suggested files anywhere in the system.



    Side panel, Click “Network” > “Remote Manager” > “Turn ON”

    For those firestick users that didn’t know.

  23. I found the trakt.py file that was causing the problem. Went to “remote manager” on ES explorer and linked thru my PC. I was able to save the trakt.py file to Google Drive. Once there I open the file with Python. I didn’t know that Google drive had it. Was able to edit and export the file back to my desktop. Replaced the old trakt.py file with the new one and my Trakt account is back online. Thank you all that posted. Info really helped. Hope this helps someone else.

  24. I have the same problem as Ron. (Hard to imagine everyone else is able to just edit the trakt.py file with no problem. I tried a few different file editors, with no success.) Ron’s solution makes sense and I’d like to try it, but HOW do you copy the file to Google drive?? With ES Explorer? And, once it is finally edited, how do you replace the original with your edited version?

  25. For those on a FireTV or (I assume) FireStick the “.kodi” folder is located: “/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/…

    And make sure you have “show hidden files” ticked in the ES File explorer display settings on.

  26. If after following all these steps Exodus still won’t respond to Trakt try going to “tools” in the exodus menu, then click “EXODUS: Clear Cache”.

    This fixed it for me after trying these steps half a dozen times thinking i’d missed something.

  27. After doing without Trakt progress on Exodus, I finally tackled fixing this on my Amazon Fire TV Stick this weekend. I pride myself on being somewhat of a geek although I’m 58 years old. That being said I struggled getting this fix done. For some reason I couldn’t edit the trakt.py file using the Editor in either ESFE or Total Commander on my AFTV Stick. Like previously stated, when I attempted to edit the lines the editor would jump to the end of the file instead. So I set up ESFE for remote management and tried several FTP apps on my iPad (with my laptop being stolen, I am without a PC at home). I’m sure I set up each FTP app correctly but could not connect to my AFTV Stick. So I decided to try and copy the trakt.py file to Dropbox or Google Drive for editing. Unfortunately I couldn’t copy and paste it to Dropbox but did to Google Drive. I saved a copy of the original trakt.py file and edit it finally. After copying the edited trakt.py file back to its location and followed the rest of the directions. WOW, it worked and Trakt progress is now fixed in Exodus. Thank you for the fix!

    Now if I can just figure out why I can’t FTP to my AFTV Stick!

  28. I am using a macbook pro and have done up to step number 5.

    Can someone PLEASE help me with step 6??

  29. THANK YOU!!

    After many troubleshooting tries your tips had fixed it! I had previously deauth trakt in Exodus as part of the process so I was carrying never to recover.. Auth within Exodus won’t even show me the code. So, after authorising in trakt.tv and modifying the script, authorisation from exodus will show me the code, trakt.tv/activate takes the code and authorises the “generic app” and my collection with progress reappeared on exodus..

    Again.. THANK YOU!!!

  30. I can say that changing the 2 entries in the Specto trakt.py script did not work. The lines have ‘==’ at the end of the keys and I tried them with both, one and none and all failed to provide authorisation key for trakt authorisation. Changed the entries back to stock and I got authorisation key, authorised OK but absolutely no results in search. Argh!

  31. I have never coded in python but it looks like the Specto trakt.py script is calling the trakt API and secret as variables from the file control.py in the same folder. Control.py looks to contain actual multi-digit keys for these entries. Does anybody know if changing the keys in the control.py file to the correct keys for my personal trakt app will work?

  32. Hoping someone can help, Specto and Exodus are both blocked by Trakt. I have created an new app API and secret in Trakt as advised and I am attempting to edit the Trakt.py code for Specto addon but it does not contain the string “V2API_KEY” anywhere in the code. Does anybody know what line of code should be replaced in the Specto Fork, trakt.py file for this solution to work?

  33. i have an android tv box with kodi. but i can not find the file trakt.py where can i find it?

  34. It worked on my windows PC. Found the trakt.py file under appdata in my user profile. Just did a search for the file name and it came up.

  35. I’m on macOS El Capitan, Kodi 17.3. the trakt.py file is located at:

    ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules/trakt.py

    followed the instructions and it works. appreciate it!

  36. yup, new version of exodus does it. When it confirms in trakt, it does so with kodi as opposed to exodus like before. I think because kodi not involved in “piracy” in same way, trakt doesn’t block it.

  37. I followed everything in the instructions and was still not able to access my trakt collection. Kmac’s post from June 26 was the last piece of the puzzle I needed. I changed my trakt profile name, reset trakt inside Exodus, and reactivated trakt in Exodus. Now I’m able to access my collection again.

  38. Hi Zoe,
    I found the trakt.py file on my Mac at ~/Library/Application Support/Kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules

  39. The mac solution didn’t appear to work as my Library/Application Support folder didn’t contain a kodi file – anyone else had any joy with this?

  40. Sandwiz’s post, worked for me too easy in pc as I had Ares already installed.

    “The simple solution, for me, was to delete Exodus, install to the latest version using the Ares Wizard (http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/ … is the source for that. There are likely other ways to get the updated version of Exodus, but that’s the one I used). Delete all prior activations on the Trakt website, re-authorize Trakt in Exodus, and that’s all it took. It doesn’t sound complicated, and it’s not.”

  41. Thx alot im using 1 laptop, 1 computer, 2 phones and 3 shield boxes. took some time to set it all up but works good now all the devices. was quite irritating not to have progress when you change mashine.

  42. Thanks so much for this!
    If you get all the way thru and exodus still won’t work with your collections/lists. ….you were able to edit the file but no change? Even after reauthorization?
    LISTEN TO Kmacs
    change your user ID and reauthorization fixes things!
    Thanks a million!
    Works like a charm again!

  43. I figured it out! I changed my display name in my actual Trakt account and then re activated the account in Exodus this forced it to update the new API and it worked! My user name in Trakt on Exodus changed and it’s all back to normal!

  44. I did the code thing and nothing was remedied. I then tried the fresh Kodi install suggestion and that did not work either. Trakt still isn’t allowing me access to all “my tv shows” in collections 🙁

  45. So I got to step 6 with my alexa-enabled Firestick…. when i try to plug it into the computer and use filezilla to get to the file location, Filezilla does not even recognize that the firestick is there…

    It shows up under my devices and drives as “MTP USB Device” when i plug the firestick into my computer, and there are no files shown when I click on the device…

    Anyone that can help me to figure this step out? I use Windows 10.


  46. I have the same setup as anonimous.
    kodi 17 on a rasberry Pi .
    I also have a folder openelec\Userdata\addon_data\plugin.video.exodus
    but there is no resources directory so cannot find the trakt file to edit.

    Also checked the show hidden files option. tried via my windows machine as well as android using ES file explorer, same result.

    Any ideas?

  47. I should have mentioned that I’m running a Fire TV box, as well as Windows version of Kodi. Installing the updated version of Exodus to 3.1.19 worked for both the Android and Windows versions. Trakt is now working for me on both, as it did before. No need to edit the .py file, or change any keys within Trakt. I tried that method first on my Windows version of Kodi, with no luck.

    The simple solution, for me, was to delete Exodus, install to the latest version using the Ares Wizard (http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/ … is the source for that. There are likely other ways to get the updated version of Exodus, but that’s the one I used). Delete all prior activations on the Trakt website, re-authorize Trakt in Exodus, and that’s all it took. It doesn’t sound complicated, and it’s not.

  48. Excellent.

    It’s very simple to connect your computer to your FireTV / FireStick, and then edit the .py file directly.

    Go to ES File Explorer and on the left side go to Network -> Remote Manager -> and then you’ll see your home network. Just select the “turn on” button and it’ll pop up the IP address andport for you to put into an FTP program, such as Filezilla.

    Then navigate to Android -> data -> org.xbmc.kodi -> files -> .kodi -> addons -> plugin.video.exodus -> resources -> lib -> modules

    Scroll down the listing, select trakt.py, and then right-click and select view/edit. This will allow you to copy the two codes from trackt.tv and paste them straight into the .py file. Then save the file and make sure that the new file is saved on your FireTV and not your local computer.

    That’s it.

    Select “turn off” in the ES File Manager program, go into Kodi, go to Exodus and the accounts screen, and select your trakt account. It’ll ask you if you want to reset the information. Select OK and it’ll give you a new activation code. Take that to trackt.tv/activate, and enter it as usual.

    Then you’re finished. It sounds complicated, but it’s really simple.

  49. Followed Max’s instructions, and worked perfectly:

    1. Uninstall Exodus completely.
    2. Install the latest version 3.1.19 (used the Ares program).
    3. Go to Trakt website and removee ALL activations (under “Settings”, delete all “Connected Apps”).
    4. In Exodus, reset Trakt authorization.
    5. Restart Kodi.
    6. In Exodus, clear cache.

  50. i am running kodi 17 on a rasberry Pi .
    i have a folder openelec\Userdata\addon_data\plugin.video.exodus

    but there is no resources directory so cannot find the trakt file to edit. i have ticked show hidden files ?

  51. I have a jail broken firestick and I followed the YouTube video in Amy’s comment and it worked perfectly!!!

  52. thanks. worked perfectly.
    if anyone is having trouble editing the file on a firestick with the original remote, simply use another remote – even your phone will do.

  53. I did this and it worked perfectly but I had version 3.1.16 now it’s been updates to 3.1.19 via a wizard installer do I need to do it again?

  54. I deleted my version of Exodus that was not connecting with Trakt, and downloaded Exodus version 3.1.19 using this new repo. I was able to reactivate my Trakt account successfully, and now keeps track again of the shows I have watched with the check marks, and I can add/delete shows from my Trakt collection right from Exodus like old times. Seems too easy and good to be true, but it is!

  55. Use ES Explorer, with hidden files enabled on android to find and edit the trakt.py file. I used the original instructions above but it did not work on android. The authorization would just flash and never popup a new code. I’m running Kodi 17.3 and the trakt.py does not contain a “V2API_KEY entry. It does have a few Client ID entries instead. So I just searched the entire file for every “Client ID” and Client secret” entry and replaced them with the newly created ones from the Trakt website, save the file, clear the cache in exodus settings, reauthorize and now the code pops up and it works. I copied the trakt.py file to a usb stick and pasted it into ever other kodi box im running and it works perfectly. No need to generate a new API key for every box. the windows version of the file does have the V2API_KEY entry, but the process is the same.

    windows path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.exodus\resources\lib\modules

    android path: Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules

  56. OMG thank god!! I hadfire stick and am a baby compared to everybody else, Idk HOW to hook my stick up to the pc or anything so I couldnt get past getting step #5.. THis actually works!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iusIlX_k2RU. The New repo for Ares and Exodus works but… I noticed this tiime Trakt asks you if you allow KODI acees to your Trakttv acct, not Exodus.. Could this be a trick so next time they cut off all Kodi accts?? Or maybe we are all just paranoid, or more cautious now?

  57. i did these exact steps and it worked great i was able to see my saved movies and shows agian but then shortly after my andriod tv box keeps shutting off as soon as i try to open any addon not sure if this has anything to do with the changes i made but if anyone can help with this would greatly appreciate it

  58. APP/ MOBILE Shortcut: Simply use Es File Explorer search at the top. Type trakt.py and it will find the file to edit. Click it, choose open with ES Note editor, click menu button top right (3 dots) select edit and input change the API keys as mentioned.

    COMPUTER Shortcut: Same as app except using the standard File Explorer to search for trakt.py and opening file with notepad, edit, save…DONE!

  59. For those are trying to apply this fix on a pc follow the above steps by applying the patch by going here : C drive >users >(your user name) > appdata > roaming > kodi > addons > plugin.video.exodus > resources > lib > modules > trakt.py

    i downloaded notepad++ to open the trakt.py file and just clicked save after applying the patch. I then opened kodi >exodus > accounts and then activate trakt. applied the pin that popped up into the trackt.tv/activate website and it worked.

  60. I found the file but the
    B2API_KEY & the the client_secret is not there
    I’m using Jodi 17 on a pc with windows seven
    Is there a different line to change for my setup

  61. Hey, thanks for all the advice. I can’t open the trakt.py now as it says can’t connect. Does anyone have the original copy, please?

  62. I get to the track.py file in my laptop byt not sure how to open it in text editor??
    Can you help with this?

  63. How can I edit the trakt.py on a Fire TV? I can access the file on the mac/pc via ES explorer remote, but cannot upload the new version. Also, root explorer function is not allowed in the Fire TV. Thanks for the help!

  64. @Bill Swindell, I think the easiest way to put the keys in is locate an exodus zip install file (do a google search, I think github has 3.1.9, or locate the version you’re using), use a zip manager to locate trakt.py, extract it so you can edit it. Use Notepad++ to edit it. Locate V2_API_KEY & CLIENT_SECRET keys. It should look like this

    V2_API_KEY = ‘…’

    Replace with your own keys. Put the file back into the zip file. Now it’s just matter of install from zip file.

    I had multiple devices, firestick, PC, android, etc. and it was too much trouble to try to figure out where trakt.py is located in relation to its platform. Not to mention you need root access on some. This was the easiest solution for me. Do remember to restart Kodi & reauthorize trakt in Exodus.

    BTW, you should really update your Kodi & Exodus to the latest.

  65. Works brilliant Thank You very much. Take your time and follow instructions carefully My Takt Tv collection back in Exodus :-))

  66. The stated procedure works if you have access to all of the files on your system. I am running Kodi 16.3 on my . I am also not running the very latest Exodus. I have not found any way to access trakt.py. I also can not figure out how to get ES File Manager. Does anyone else have one of the Kodi boxes? If so, how did you fix this on your system?

  67. Update : finally got this to work for me. Tested on 1 of my machines and copied the trakt.py file to the others. DON”T FORGET to CLEAR the CACHE and the PROVIDERS. On my previous attempts I did not do this..so I never got it to work the authorize code wouldn’t pop up for me. Until I cleared both CACHE and PROVIDERS. Thanks again to OP. Kudos

  68. If you have the zip file, edit trakt.py with your own keys and put it back to the zip, then reinstall Exodus addon. Reset trakt account.

  69. Ok finaly got it to work.
    1. Did all the steps above including reactivating with no joy.
    2. Uninstall exodus.
    3.reinstal latest version 3.1.19 from exodus repo.
    4.went to trakt website and removed ALL activations (left list empty).
    5. Went to kodi-> exodus -> settings. And reset trakt account.
    6. Restart kodi.
    7. In exodus clear cash.

    Thats it.

    Maybe some steps were unnecessary but thats what i did.

  70. Additional Information BobFlyer is using Kodi 17.1 and Exodus version 3.1.13, I have not updated due to the number of issues users are having. Not sure what benefits of moving to 3.1.18 at this point in time. Just hoping the great developers work out solutions.

    Great Posts and Thanks

  71. Does this fix take care of the tv shows, and movies auto checking off the video’s you have watched. In my case all is working, but not the check marks as I watch shows, either movies or tv shows.

    When I look at my account at Tract.tv it shows what I have watched, but Exodus and Specto are not updating with the check marks.

  72. I go into the Kodi file on my android box and there is no file to get into Trakt.py to edit the API key?!?

  73. Problem solved!
    Exodus would not allow Trakt to re-autherize. After following the above steps.

    Screen would flash and return to accounts

    Fire TV
    ES Explorer
    Filezilla ftp
    Kodi 16.1
    Exodus 3.1.16

    Bottom line:
    I was not properly saving the new trakt.py file in Filezilla

    After editing the new file and saving, Filezilla would ask if I wanted to transfer the file back. Say :YES (This where I was misunderstanding )

    Then I went to …../.kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.exodus
    And deleted casche.db (This step may not be necessary but leaving nothing out at this point)

    Launched kodi/exodus/tools
    Clear casche
    Clear providers

    Went to accounts/Trakt

    And it popped up with an newauthorization code
    Reautherized and now everything back like it was.

    All these steps may not be necessary but after spending a lot of time I wasn’t leaving anything to chance.

    Read the comments here on using
    ES Explorer

  74. billi how did you fix the collection not populating? I am having that issue. Everything else went fine.

  75. I have an Android box running Kodi. How do I get ES File Explorer so that I can find trakt.py? I got this fix working on my laptop but I can’t fix it on my Kodi box.

  76. Tried using putty to access the ~/.kodi….. directory as outlined above but it says permission denied. Using openelec on a repurposed PC. Any ideas?!?

  77. If doing this on firestick just download the firestick remote app for your phone. It works with your keyboard!

  78. riuryK, I’m stuck at step 6. I’ve tried a couple ways to go about performing the step but I can’t seem to complete the step. Please advise with more detailed instructions if possible?
    I’m running kodi 17.3 on a Amazon fire tv 4K if you’re wondering. Thank you.

  79. Thanks a maximum bunch. This worked like a charm for me. I was able to get Trakt to work without losing any of my history on any of the boxes that we have. I edited the Nvidia Shield box, then copied the same file to the Amazon Fire TV boxes and all is well. Thanks a heap to the author.

    Now if we can just survive the dust storm that Dish Network caused this past week. Not sure about any other areas, but Dish Network along with DirecTV and the local cable companies are hurting and hurting extremely hard.

  80. Hi Tried this fix, but unable to access trakt.py file I’m using firestick not kodi box Newbie sorry

  81. cheri: I’m using Kodi on a Raspberry Pi. I had to connect remotely to it via my Windows laptop with a program called PuTTY. You log in (user and passwords are “osmc” by default – well I’m using OSMC, that is). Then once in you simply navigate to it using linux/unix commands, i.e.:

    cd .kodi
    cd addons
    cd plugin.video.exodus
    cd resources
    cd lib
    cd modules

    …and now you edit the file with the command…

    vi trakt.py

    For using VI editor you can google the simplest commands (i.e. to save ESC, plus colon to access the command line, then w writes/saves the file and q quits).

  82. UPDATE: I uninstall the Exodus addon (originally installed from TVAddons.ag repository), and reinstalled it from SuperRepo. I edited the trakt.py, saved, and this time I could re-authorize from My Addons – Video Addons – Exodus – Configure – Accounts. Hope that helps someone.

  83. I got through step number 5 I can’t find where to look for the file in Kodi in step number 6 can you help me out with that I really want my trakt back on Kodi thanks

  84. Didn’t work for me either after all steps. The information is correctly saved in the trakt.py file, deleted providers, cache, rebooted a couple of times… I even deleted the first API, and created a brand new one… nothing helped – when trying to re-authorize my Trakt account the screenflashed, and no popup. Didn’t work from inside Exodus – Tools – Accounts nor from My Addons – Video Addons – Exodus – Configure – Accounts. I might be missing something. My username is not there, by the way, I deleted it, and tried to re-authorize by myself before finding this fix. That might be it – it’s the only thing different.

  85. Can someone please explain where to go to navigate to thay file on the Kodi box? “On your Kodi box, navigate to the following file ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules (use ES File Explorer on Android or navigate on your computer via a network connection) and open up the trakt.py file in a text editor.” thank you

  86. Easy on my Windows laptop, trickier on my Firetv. Ultimately I used adblink and backed up Kodi to my laptop, edited the py file and restored. Worked.

  87. Carried out all of the changes but unable to add my Trakt account back in, what am I doing wrong?


  88. Thank you SO much! Finally did it…took me 4 hours. Thanks to people who commented too, the comments helped make things much cleaer.

  89. also, why isn’t collections visible afterwards….just tv show lists (cache and providers were emptied)

  90. I got adblink downloaded, got to the file and changed the codes/keys as stated. It allowed me to re authorize trakt which opened for me but my tv shows collections & watchlist are empty. I have history though. How can I get my shows back in my collection and watchlist?
    Thanks in advance

  91. yup. did all of this last night. these instructions do not provide information on THE LAST STEP OR THIS FIX DOESN’T WORK

    Joe this is your call – THANK YOU

    Inside Exodus, clear your tools, clear your providors, they’re wiping all of our trakt tv lists out hur.

  92. This procedure worked like a charm. Thank you so much for this fix! Seems like Exodus would create an update immediately to fix it.

  93. After you do this fix, you have to go to tools in exodus and clear the cache and providers. Otherwise it won’t work. Just thought I’d let you guys know in case you thought you did a bunch of stuff for nothing. It works, they just forgot the last step.

  94. Easiest way to access the trakt.py file on a firestick is to use the adblink program. It’s available for both mac and pc. Use the file manager tool and the dropdown quick navigator (addons) and then click Go, and make the edit straight from your computer.

  95. So I downloaded es file explorer. I went to trakt and set up the two codes and wrote them down. I have no idea how to get to ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules (use ES File Explorer) and find trakt.py file. I just want to fix this issue so my kids can access their shows. Help please…

  96. thanks EA that did it. should have known to do that part – I do that every so often to help with the “buffering” or slow play issues

  97. For android if you download the actual plugin.exodus.X.X.X.zip file from the same place Superrepo does https://github.com/lewblack125/daisy_tulip/blob/master/zips/plugin.video.exodus/plugin.video.exodus-3.1.18.zip
    And in the zip file you go to: \plugin.video.exodus-3.1.8\plugin.video.exodus\resources\lib\modules\trakt.py
    add the new Client ID keys and Client secrets you made at trakt to all instances of it (three Client ID and two client secret) then uninstall Exodus and install your modded .zip using the “install from .zip” option it works perfectly.

  98. Cheryl, make sure you keep EXODUS in 3.16 update which is in the plugin. Also to make sure clear cache, providers in Exodus along with whichever maintenance you use in Kodi. Hopefully that works.

  99. Cheers for this – but I’m also having the same problem as a lot of people; Trakt just will not reauthorise, just flashes and nothing happens.

    Is there any fix for this at all? Just “follow the on-screen instructions” is next to worthless as a final instruction…

  100. Thanks EA, tried that and works. only thing is my tv shows – collection still won’t work. Which of course is the main one I am needing. Any suggestions???


    Rick on June 18, 2017 at 9:49 am
    ES go to settings, display settings, turn on show hidden files, come back to main menu, internal storage, Android, data, org.xbmx.kodi, files, then follow the rest in step 6


  102. When I try to reauthorize trakt in exodus the popup never comes up with the link and code… am I doing something wrong?

  103. How do you go to ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules where is located I have a x96 box btw

  104. in my case (win 10 PC) the trakt.py file is under

  105. oh hey, just found an easy way from “teverZ” repo. a youtube video “fix trakt in exodus” or salts too is there. Just a plug in fix under “repair” in his repo. It DOES work and crazy super easy. Not like this here for some of us that have no clue. 😛

  106. for those of you having problems finding the folder where the ‘trakt.py’ file is at on a Windows 10 computer and using the Windows Store version, I found it here:


    Hope this helps,

  107. wow, let me get my Phd and I’ll get back to you all, hahaha. No matter what’s said here I am lost, lost, lost. Guess I better research more since with Es Explorer I can’t find anything to get me where I need to be despite reading what’s in comments.

  108. You people are not to bright why would they make a 3rd party addon fix public its prob a tracer to track you.

  109. MAC OSX Sierra it also works, if you follow these steps:

    To find the file trakt.py: In the MAC Finder window hold down the option key and click ‘GO’ in the menu bar, then click on: Library/ApplicationSupport/Kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/lib/modules

    (in modules you will see the trakt.py file and can edit it)

    Open KODI and open EXODUS config settings and authorize Trakt.

    This worked perfect for me on Mac OS Sierra. Although I tried doing this on MINIX Android box – it did authorize in Trakt, but then the Minix box was freezing saying “loading” when I selected ‘My TV Shows’ Collection. ( I think my issue was related to Elysium installed as it was not updating my config settings – to uninstall Elysium you need to uninstall TV Portal Addon which is linked to Elysium. Now Elysium is Uninstalled EXODUS is back working! Hooray!!

  110. Does this so called “fix” also work for Kodi-Exodus running on Linux as well? I have tried the instructions. It doesn’t seem to work. As a another user mentioned above..
    “stevie1950 on June 18, 2017 at 10:18 pm
    Gee I REALLY wish you had thought to tell us to NOT reset authorization from within Exodus and NOT to click “Authorize” on the trakt webpage”

    I did both of those as well..and I’m stuck..I have Kodi running on Linux Mint 17.3 on 3 different machines..Exodus-Trakt not working on any of them yet. The solution presented seems to be for mobile users..not desktop Windows/Mac/Linux users. It’s a pain using Exodus without Trakt..lost all my progress of what was watched and what wasn’t, this is on all 3 machines running Kodi 17.3-Exodus-Trakt.

    I’ve done the changes 4x now (just on 1 of the 3 Linux Mint 17.3 PCs) and each time I go back to the trakt.py file the API Key and Secret Key have both been reset to the original.

    I learned that saving to Kodi Favorites is more of a headache..since there is no sorting at all..All content I’ve added to Favorites is sorted in chronological order which sux.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  111. ok help – in my trakt settings there is nothing that says API Apps. I saw API on the bottom of the page with the “about/forums/blog/etc.” and clicked on that and just gives info about creating an app – do I need to do this? In my Aura media (kodi) box I’m not seeing trakt in my add-ons file should I just install it again? Thought I could just update it but didn’t see it had to search for it. Really lost – it seems like this is the problem I’m having = can’t open collection, can’t search for anything. Please help – in very simple terms.

  112. I cant get My Collection and My Watchlist to work.
    Getting this error when i click on them:
    ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory – Error getting plugin://plugin.video.exodus/?action=tvshows&url=traktcollection
    ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.video.exodus/?action=tvshows&url=traktcollection) failed

  113. Not sure what I initially did wrong, or if there is something missing in the instructions but after clicking on reset authorization in Exodus it wouldn’t give me a new code to activate it on the trakt website so I double checked the py file and I had input the info properly…. decided to redo the entire steps including a new API in trakt, re edited the py file again with the new info from trakt and went back to Exodus to reauthorize trakt again, this time it worked like a charm, my collection is back up to date and everything looks great!

  114. Trying to Fix trakt on a Firestick via ES..but, am lost..cannot find how to do this part
    ” On your Kodi box, navigate to the following file ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules (use ES File Explorer on Android or navigate on your computer via a network connection) and open up the trakt.py file in a text editor.
    Replace the following two lines: V2API_KEY = ‘Your New API Key Here’ and CLIENT_SECRET = ‘New Secret Key Here’ and save the file. ”
    ANY help AT ALL… thanks.

  115. On MacOS Sierra there’s no way to find the traktv.py file. Anyone with a MacOS was able to find it?

  116. Yesterday trakt has stopped working with exodus for me on my phone however it was working on my kodi box, luckily 8 had a new backup of my kodi box stored on a shared drive, if you have done the same the easiest way is to restore your backup (it will restore all your data backup to you device thats having the issie with trakt including the settings), that worked for me, thats an easier solution if you have a back up ready for such cases.

  117. Fantastic, you guys are great. Worked perfectly. Can anyone tell me how to fix second device on same network. Do I use the same keys or do I generate new ones? Please

  118. Gee I REALLY wish you had thought to tell us to NOT reset authorization from within Exodus and NOT to click “Authorize” on the trakt webpage

  119. Am I supposed to do step 6 on a computer? Or on the box?
    I’m still so lost. Thanks for putting up with my lack of knowledge. The easier it’s explained the better. I’m using a mxbc box. I think that’s what it is.

  120. Note on the firestick you do not have to jailbreak the firestick if you use adblink to install Kodi.

    Adblink will also let you connect to the firestick, and then hit File Manager, use that to navigate to the file, highlight it and click the Edit button, then paste in your new keys and hit save. Done except for reauthorizing Trakt. For adblink to be able to connect to the firestick you have to go into Network (or Info – Network) under settings to find the IP address of the Firestick, and you have to click “developer options” and “allow install from unknown sources” in the settings as well. I really like using it for these purposes and the Firestick stays factory except for the extra app added on.

  121. • Head over to Trakt.tv and login with your account.
    • Click on Settings > Your API Apps > + New Application
    • Enter in a Name and skip the Icon and description.
    • In Redirect URI, put: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob for device authentication.
    • Skip Javascript origins, check the permissions /checkin and /scrobble boxes and click on SAVE App.
    • Write down your Client ID: AKA “API Key” and Client Secret: numbers and save them.
    • On your Kodi box, navigate to the following file with a Windows text editor like note++ or ES File Explorer on Android:
    WINDOWS-EXODUS C:\Users\%Userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.exodus\resources\lib\modules\trakt.py
    WINDOWS-SPECTO C:\Users\%Userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.specto\resources\lib\libraries\old\trakt_api2.py
    • Replace the following two lines: V2_API_KEY = ‘Your New API Key Here’ and CLIENT_SECRET = ‘New Secret Key Here’ and save the file. Note that if Exodus updates and does not fix Trakt, you will have to edit this file again.
    • Back in Exodus or Secto and go into the Trakt settings, click on your username, and follow the instructions on screen to re-authenticate Trakt again.

  122. I have Windows 10, where is trakt.py on it ? Before finding this webpage I tried re-authorizing, which asked if I wanted to reset, which wiped out the authorization and I could not get it back. So, finally I found this webpage and followed the instructions – by the way at trakt after saving the client id and secret I saw “authorize” which gave me a PIN to enter, boy oh boy that part is not in your instructions above. Anyways I have tried to search for trakt.py on my laptop hard drive and it’s not there – so now I am assuming that my authorization reset deleted that file off my computer and I am totally screwed. I cannot edit trakt.py because it no longer exists. Is there anything I can do now at this stage ?

  123. Thank you! Followed the process using FTP via ES File Explorer on my Fire TV stick and it has worked perfectly.

  124. I’m not very good with all this. But I’m learning. How do I do step 6? I’ve gone thru every setting on Kodi.
    Please help. Thanks

  125. Julie:
    I have no been able to use the search function either today. Exodus seems to still be experience some issue although it sounds like most people are still able to use it. It is part of the fusion repo which is having a lot of issues itself right now. I have noticed that people that uninstall and then reinstall some addons, or reset their systems start to encounter problems after that. I`m not sure why.
    I`m no expert either, but I was able to get trakt working again by following the instruction in this post. I`m not familiar with firestick I`m afraid. I run kodi on openelec and used a FTP client to edit that trakt.py file mentioned here.

  126. Ive done all of this but exodus wont authorize trakt. When i click authorize nothing happens

  127. Thanks Keith, followed your instructions verbatim from a PUTTY/SSH session and it’s working again. Saved me a bunch of time!

  128. Please, someone explain this is “trakt for dummies” speak. This is like greek to me. I got a firestick preloaded with the software on it. Trakt was working just fine for me today until I “reset” it because I had been having troubles finding sources for some TV shows on Exodus. I “cleared cache” on Exodus and then “reset” Trakt, and that’s when the trouble started. I had no idea the trakt/Exodus issues. But, not I really NEED to get my trakt back. I’m also not able to do a “search” on Exodus for any TV or Movie. Is this all related?

  129. Worked perfectly. I had trouble at first, I was always use to backing up or updating my kodi device by simply connecting to my kodi device via windows explorer by typing in the IP address. But this time even with ‘show hidden files and directories’ turned on I couldn’t access the correct directory.
    I had to use a FTP client, just like someone mentioned earlier, there are many free ones available to download. I had to try a couple before I found one that worked best, which was FileZillia.
    Just follow the instructions exactly and you should be good to go.

  130. Ok I got it to work just wondering can I use the same API Key and Secret key on my other devices or do they have to be different

  131. Just did the process on my fire stick and it worked! Thank you so much for the fix.
    Question – my hubbie and I had separate kodi logins so that we could use trakt and keep our watch lists separate. I guess this fix will only work with one account?

  132. At first it would not authorize in Kodi after I edited the .py file. I went back and rechecked the keys. One was missing a number. It then authorized right away back in Kodi.

    Works now!

  133. How do I get to ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules
    On my PC I cant find this anywhere.

  134. This didn’t work every time I launch Exodus I receive a no track account found. Before I found this article I removed the track account auth from exodus. Now it won’t let me add one back.

  135. Thanks for this. I made the changes to the .py file on the version of Kodi I had installed on my PC. Then I saved a copy of the .py file onto the PC desktop which I then copy pasted into Kodi and into SPMC on my Shield. Worked like a charm and now have Trakt back in Exodus on the PC’s Kodi and the Shield Kodi and SPMC! Brilliant.

  136. those who are not able to reauthorize, a potential issue is that you mistakenly edited the .pyo file and not the .py file. I made this mistake and experienced this issue until I added back .pyo file as before I edited and then edited the correct .py file. After that my authorization window opened as expected.

  137. @Dan maybe I did the same thing as you? But when I click on Trakt in Exodus it just flashes that screen as it did for you?

  138. Did not work for me. Under indicators in the general tab, others is not even a trait option. Just local.

  139. -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Specto Add-on
    Copyright (C) 2015 lambda

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program. If not, see .

    import json,urlparse,base64
    import re, time

    from resources.lib.libraries import cache
    from resources.lib.libraries import control
    from resources.lib.libraries import client
    from resources.lib.libraries import cleandate


    def getTrakt(url, post=None):
    url = urlparse.urljoin(‘http://api-v2launch.trakt.tv’, url)

    headers = {‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’, ‘trakt-api-key’: control.trakt_key, ‘trakt-api-version’: ‘2’}

    #if not post == None: post = json.dumps(post)
    if not post == None: post = json.dumps(post)

    if getTraktCredentialsInfo() == False:

    result = client.request(url, post=post, headers=headers)
    return result

    headers[‘Authorization’] = ‘Bearer %s’ % control.setting(‘trakt.token’)

    #result = client.request(url, post=post, headers=headers, output=’response’, error=True)
    result = client.request(url, post=post, headers=headers, output=’extended’, error=True)
    if not (result[1] == ‘401’ or result[1] == ‘405’): return result[0]

    oauth = ‘http://api-v2launch.trakt.tv/oauth/token’
    opost = {‘client_id’: control.trakt_key , ‘client_secret’: control.trakt_secret, ‘redirect_uri’: ‘urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob’, ‘grant_type’: ‘refresh_token’, ‘refresh_token’: control.setting(‘trakt.refresh’)}

    #result = client.request(oauth, post=json.dumps(opost), headers=headers)
    result = client.request(oauth, post=json.dumps(opost), headers=headers)
    result = json.loads(result)

    token, refresh = result[‘access_token’], result[‘refresh_token’]

    control.set_setting(‘trakt.token’, token)
    control.set_setting(‘trakt.refresh’, refresh)

    headers[‘Authorization’] = ‘Bearer %s’ % token

    result = client.request(url, post=post, headers=headers)
    return result

    def authTrakt():
    if getTraktCredentialsInfo() == True:
    if control.yesnoDialog(control.lang(32511).encode(‘utf-8’), control.lang(32512).encode(‘utf-8’), ”, ‘Trakt’, control.lang(30483).encode(‘utf-8’), control.lang(30482).encode(‘utf-8’)):
    control.set_setting(‘trakt.user’, ”)

  140. i found this line is this whare the key gos
    ‘application/json’, ‘trakt-api-key’: control.trakt_key, ‘trakt-api-version’: ‘2’}
    how should it look with key

  141. ive never installed a key what do i do whare do i put in the key i opened the trakt.py and thare is no line with the v2-api in it

  142. Yes it does work, I have a Firestick

    I found using ESFE to export the py file to Dropbox and then editing it with my PC using notepad… sticking it back into Dropbox…

    Then on FS use ESFE and Dropbox to replace the original PY file with the edited file into the Kodi directory

    I replaced all instances of the api key and secret client no.

    Backup the original PY file just in case!

  143. Worked great, thanks a lot, saved the day! Do I need to generate a new key for every KODI instance that I use, or can I reuse the generated keys?

  144. OK so DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from this article
    As Dirk said:
    Instead of V2API_KEY

    That almost sank me.
    Works now, nice work guys, thanks a ton!

  145. ” Luckily, Exodus library integration with Kodi does now work, so you can create your own Kodi collection or TV and movies.”

    How do i do that?

  146. I get the same result in Exodus: clicking Trakt ==> Authorization
    The window flashes but nothing happens and still not connected to trakt account.
    Am I missing needing to enter the 8 hex digits somewhere?

  147. Couple of tips…

    1) ES File manager (or something like it) is a must. Make sure you have “show hidden files” turned on before you begin or you won’t be able to find the files you’re looking for.

    2) Make sure you have a simple text editing program installed. I used Quick Edit. Worked fine.

    3) Make sure you give a each API app a unique name that’s easy to identify if you’re doing this on multiple devices, ie: Exodus Rec Room, Exodus Bed Room, etc.

    4) Your setup may vary, but I recommend making sure Kodi is not running while doing this and rebooting your device once you’re done.

  148. dummy that I am, using ftp program, FileZilla on (AFTV), typed in the address per ES. the whole thing including the :xxxx/ then ending at the IP and using the XXXX as the port. no go. Fixed this on my pc and worked great.

  149. Anyone can help to do step 6? I’m using MXQPro box and couldn’t seem to find a way to find this file..

  150. Works perfectly. Thanks!

    Make sure that you in ES File Explorer enable “show hidden files” in the display settings. Then just search for .kodi and follow the path in the description.

  151. LIn, you need to download and install an FTP program on your computer, otherwise, your browser is viewing the file system in read-only. There are numerous free FTP out there. Once installed give the FTP program that address from remote manager and (if like the one I used for Chromebook) I was able to right click the file and edit directly inside the ftp.

  152. Thanks, Steve. I was able to open the file from my PC via the Remote Manager, but now I can’t edit it from there (it appears to be view only and I don’t see any options for editing). Any further suggestions?

  153. Anyone know how to do this with a second Kodi profile? I can find a settings.xml file with keys in it for a second user, but updating those didn’t work.

  154. in ES Explorer enable remote management, use your computer with an FTP program and connect to the IP address shown in ES Explorer, you will then have access to the Fire’s file system.

  155. Any ideas on how I can manage to edit the text in trakt.py file without a bluetooth keyboard on Fire TV? When I put the cursor where I want to edit and hit select, it automatically takes me to the end of the document (not where I want to edit). I can’t figure it out!

  156. For those using a firestick or perhaps even others. this is my experience and it did work. With ES Explorer installed on firestick enable remote management. Then using an FTP client (I have a Chromebook and used the trial version of sFTP that includes a built-in editor) follow all directions above. My issue initially was that I was not able to move or edit files between PC (Chromebook) and Firestick, sFTP allowed me to do this and once the new settings were in the reauthorization did work and I was able to sync my progress in “my tv”

  157. Jeff. Go to top right corner and select edit.

    Once complete go to left corner to back out and select save

  158. How do i create a new API key can i just edit the current one by a few letters or do is to need to be recreated?

  159. I followed Rick’s instructions to follow the path (in order to complete step 6), but when I go to org.xbmx.kodi > files, there is no trakt.py file in there. Might it be elsewhere? Or am I missing something after going into “files”?

  160. ok found the path/file to change but i cant figure out how to edit it. i open trakt.py a box comes up with open as: text, audio, video, etc, i choose text right? then ES Note Editor? if i do that i cant hightlight anything to change it

  161. Marie, in ES go to settings, display settings, turn on show hidden files, come back to main menu, internal storage, Android, data, org.xbmx.kodi, files, then follow the rest in step 6

  162. Please can someone tell me how I do step 6. I have no idea where to find that. I’m using an android box. I have a build on in plus ES. Please help.

  163. In LibreELEC I used SSH/SAMBA.

    SSH to IP:
    cd ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus/resources/lib/modules
    scp trakt.py ~/backup

    Connect to SAMBA .\Backup folder from my PC
    Edited trakt.py (as per above instructions)

    Back over to SSH session:
    rm trakt.py
    scp ~/backup/trakt.py . (note the period to copy the file to the current dir)

  164. Does this actually work I dont mind gambling. But not if there’s a possibility of losing it all

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