Is your Exodus Trakt not working, causing you to lose viewing progress, history, and collection information? Read our Exodus Trakt fix in Kodi below.

Yesterday (June 17th), users started reporting Exodus Trakt not working. For those that don’t know, Trakt in Exodus allows you to keep a collection of movies and TV shows in a library, keeps track of progress watching, and historical information.

It appears that Trakt has banned the Exodus API key from working. An API key is a communication key between an application (Exodus) and the Trakt servers. Every time you launch Exodus, the API key validates itself with Trakt and allows built-in Trakt features, like those mentioned above, to work.

Trakt has always had the following test in their terms and conditions: data cannot be used in apps or websites that promote copyright infringement or piracy.

It appears that Trakt has finally exercised this part of their terms and has revoked Exodus’ API key. Luckily, Exodus library integration with Kodi does now work, so you can create your own Kodi collection or TV and movies.

If you want to fix Trakt, their is a fix, however it does require some file editing so if you are uncomfortable, then don’t try.


Exodus Trakt Not Working Fix

  1. Head over to and login with your account.
  2. Click on Settings Your API Apps > + New Application. Enter in a name and skip the description.
  3. In Redirect URI, put: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob for device authentication.
  4. Skip Javascript origins, check the permissions /checkin and /scrobble boxes and click on SAVE App. 
  5. Write down your API Key and Secret key numbers and save them.
  6. On your Kodi box, navigate to the following file ~/.kodi/addons/ (use ES File Explorer on Android or navigate on your computer via a network connection) and open up the file in a text editor.
  7. Replace the following two lines: V2API_KEY = ‘Your New API Key Here’ and CLIENT_SECRET = ‘New Secret Key Here’ and save the file. Note that if Exodus updates and does not fix Trakt, you will have to edit this file again.
  8. Back in Exodus, go into the Trakt settings, click on your username, and follow the instructions on screen to re-authenticate Trakt again.


And that’s how you fix the Exodus Trakt not working issues.

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