Kodi Addons Taken Offline: Repo Online/Offline Status

Check out below for the latest status of Kodi addons taken offline, new repository homes, and the online/offline status of all your favourite Kodi repos.

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Since the news broke last week that Dish Network was going after Kodi addons, there has been a lot of shuffling and tons of Kodi addons have gone offline, relocated, or still have an unsure future. Read the full list below of Kodi addons taken offline and the online/offline status of popular Kodi repositories.

Note that if you have these addons installed already, they will continue to function IF they are scraping websites on the internet for links. Playlist addons that require developers to maintain on a daily basis can be taken down instantly.

We tried to be complete on the list below as best we could. For the most part, addons not in this list after functioning as normal OR are down because of regular Kodi issues (broken addon, broken links, your Kodi box is outdated, etc).

For specific addon guides, use the search button on the upper right side of the website.

If you want to check for yourself, you can visit the repository of the addons below by following our instruction guides and you will see that the directories are currently empty. If you try to install the addons in Kodi, you will likely find the same thing.

Updated June 30th

  • Fusion (central repository) – Offline – After the Dish Network news broke, fusion went offline. There is no news on its future.
  • Blazetamer (Velocity) – Offline
  • Bubbles addon – Online
  • DandyMedia (DandyMedia, 1080p Addons, Film Emporium, HEVC, etc) – Online
  • Echo (Documentaries, Sportie, Echo Guide, etc) – Offline
  • Exodus – Intermittent – Exodus moved into its own repository, then went offline a day later. Check back for status updates.
  • Goliath (Picasso, Cartoons8) – Online
  • Made in CanadaOnline
  • Metalkettle (Decado Documentaries, Sports Mix, TV Mix, Happy Movies, Gobble, etc) – Offline. Could be coming back online soon.
  • Motor Replays addon – Online
  • Mucky Duck (M4U, FMovies, 123Movies, etc) – Online
  • Natko (Castaway) – Offline
  • NoobsAndNerds (Bob, Elysium) – Online.
  • One242415 – Offline forever.
  • Planet MMA addon – Online
  • PodGod Repo (cCloud, Pro Sport) – Offline
  • Renegades TV Guide – Online
  • Sanctuary (Quantum) – Online
  • Shani (Zem TV) – Offline
  • Sportsdevil – Offline. An unofficial copy of the addon is in the Smash Repository.
  • K3l3vra (SALTs, 1Channel) – Offline – The status of SALTs and 1Channel is tied to Exodus above.
  • Xbmchub (USTVNow, Velvet Hotdog, Phoenix) – OfflineXbmchub is still in the fusion central repository, so its status is tied to the status of Fusion above.
    • Phoenix – Offline forever 
  • UK Turk – Online – New repository. Click here to install
  • Ultimate (Ultimate IPTV) – Offline
  • Vortex – Online – New repository. Click here to install.
  • XunityTalk (Easynews, iStream, Football Replays) – Offline. iStream has moved into Mucky Duck’s repo above & renamed to Duckpool and a few others like BBC, TV Player, UKTV Play, and Football Replays have moved into NoobsandNerds.


Keep checking our home page for Kodi repo online/offline status, locations of addons, list of Kodi addons taken offline.

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163 thoughts on “Kodi Addons Taken Offline: Repo Online/Offline Status”

  1. Whoever writes these articles needs to put a date on top because who knows what year were talking about.

    For future references if anyone posts and article you need to put a date. That way at least people reading any article know how current this information is.

  2. Cord was cut since 1994, had all the fun with dish pirates, then fta, then kodi, no plans going back.

    New addition: 8 foot C/KU band dish with awesome & uncompressed 1080p S2 videos from about 50 satellites. Not much encryption since very few people still have C band.

    C band info: Google is your friend 😊

  3. I will continue piracy so long as these major entities are controlling our entertainment. Don’t fall victim to the value control of the big corps! Piracy is a form of protest and expression of disapproval. As American citizens we have every right.

  4. It was only a matter of time before they put the pressure on Kodi. Such was the case with torrents, too.

  5. OK I just found this post and was a little surprised as to how many addons are been removed. Not good at all and hope Kodi isn’t slowly been faced out

  6. I feel sorry for all of those people buying un-locked fire sticks on Ebay, because if they don’t know how to update add ons, which most don’t, half the mess installed isn’t going to work~ because a lot of the add ons are switching to different sites or being removed all together. Here lately i have been watching a lot of the movies i normally watch on Kodi on Netflix & Amazon Prime, not the new ones of course, but other ones, because half of movies won’t play or buff for ever.

  7. Am in this 4 the sports can not c it go 4 long just waiting 4 next season of football 2 kic off 2 c how long it will last i hope it can thank 2 everone 4 hard work

  8. At the moment smash repo still isn’t working.
    Everything fails to install … Hopefully it will be back up and running soon after the DDoS attack.

  9. Mucky Ducks is a freakin’ mess. Put out this Duckpool repo while the other stuff is dying. 123Movies and YesMovies are the best and just doesn’t seem to fix them / update them much. 2017 has been bad for many addons but Mucky’s sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Very inconsistent lately. Too much talk about Exodus not as good or down. Not once have I truly ever had it down during the so called down period. Few parts of it like TRAKT or SEARCH may not have worked but updated in the Smash repo. But I really wouldn’t say Mucky’s is completely ONLINE when lots of stuff just doesn’t work right.

  10. Anonymous on June 23, 2017 at 6:49 am

    @ I smell bullshit. I think those methane fumes are getting to you. The only drama I see is from you. The fact is tvaddons is down. We don’t care why. Perhaps a foil hat will better protect you.

    Get your boyfriends dick out of your mouth because you’re talking shit. Ignorance is bliss and you’re the poster child!

  11. Cord cutter from Canada here… and a really really old guy…. I have cut the cord about 8 years back for all the reasons mentioned above…. Now i have an ota antenna, a Tablo box , a roku , a raspberry pi, a router with ddwrt installed and a vpn on board (PIA) and a NAS external
    hard drive mounted. just ordered a chromecast ultra….all devices mentioned above are ethernet hard wired network for file sharing
    ….All my 6 adult kids have cut the cord with my help…… the kodi repos will move around a bit but kodi will never disappear totally….As long as i can punch a keyboard i refuse to go back to any cable option

  12. don’t understand people why talking about kodi is pirate. you know what biggest pirate is cable company’s. they want you to pay but they want you to watch add on every f…g 10 min they can get f..k

  13. Do Kodi builds auto update the repo links that have changed like UK Turks, SALTS and 1Channel? My No Limits Magic build addons do not work for those. Do i have to reinstall the build or physically change the repo links? How do i implement all these changes?

  14. I just discovered the terrarium tv app. I have it on my phone and it had native Chromecast support.

    Seems to be at least as good as Exodus

  15. Kodi 17 – really? Amazon has not released any such update, lol. Stop posting bs. I was able to install Kodi right now (17.3) after updating my stick and Exodus, cCloud tv work fine. Other add ons will probably come back online once they’ve moved their servers offshore. You just want to market your blog and increase the hit count.

  16. I’m glad I never bought one of those stupid fire sticks. I run the android app on my phone and use either localcast or megacast to send it to the Chromecast on my T.V.

  17. Maybe it’s time to embrace I2P, or we should all run Tor relays, provide a safe home for TVaddons

  18. I don’t condone what we do streaming illegal content. It’s shady at best and illegal at worst. Copyright holders have every right to sue, and I would too in their shoes. However, our hands feel tied as I’m sure most of us are only doing this because of being mistreated by cable providers for years on end. It’s not even necessarily about the price, or the channels we are forced to pay for that we don’t use. My biggest complaint is being lied to over and over about my rate plan and what my bill will be and having to call and dispute charges month after month. Enough was enough. Paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon got it right; flat fee with no strings attached and no surprise charges. Why is this so difficult for cable companies to comprehend? You’d gain a ton more cord cutters back.

  19. @ I smell bullshit. I think those methane fumes are getting to you. The only drama I see is from you. The fact is tvaddons is down. We don’t care why. Perhaps a foil hat will better protect you.

  20. It seems that many posting here are missing a key point. It is not just the cable companies that are sucking us dry. Look at your cost for any tv service BEFORE taxes. The government – Federal and local – are taxing the hell out of cable/satellite services. If we only had to pay the cost of the service, the situation would be almost cost prohibitive but with taxes it is simply something that many cannot afford.

  21. Replying to “Anonymous on June 5, 2017 at 8:08 pm” with comment in part “Disappointing that everyone is happy with pirated streams” IF you find use of Kodi so distasteful, why are you looking at this site? Are you just visiting. The only things worse than an anonymous post is a biting dog and a bitching wife. If you don’t have the cojones to sign your statement, you should keep your thoughts to yourself in my humble opinion.

    Ron Jones

  22. Mike, something like SUPER REPO hopefully works for Easy Advanced Settings. Also for someone that asked about BOB. When I authorized my REAL DEBRID it all shows up

  23. With Fusion unavailable, is there any way to install Easy Advanced Settings currently?

    Or is there another addon that is currently available that allows the modification of cache size to reduce buffering?

    Thanks for any help.

  24. I just want to watch Reshet TV (Israel TV channel 2). Ever since Fusion.tvaddon down I cannot watch it. Is there a way to watch them again? Please someone help. There must be another way to watch them.

  25. I smell bullshit on June 21, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Dish Network Sues ‘ZemTV’ and ‘TV Addons’ For Copyright Infringement By Ernesto on June 5, 2017 Google search https://www.google.com/search?q=+Dish+Network+Sues+%E2%80%98ZemTV%E2%80%99+and+%E2%80%98TV+Addons%E2%80%99+For+Copyright+Infringement++++++By+Ernesto+on+June+5%2C+2017&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
    There isn’t one creditable source to back this claim up. This is all Bull Shit and crap hole places like this keep spreading the hearsay. What’s the court case number? I’ve been following this from day one. How the hell are they sending notices to the developers when they don’t know who they are? What? Law suit in care or Sports devil or Mucky ducks? I keep downloading sports devil on to a build as a zip, not repo, it tells me there’s an update, it fails, but when I check it’s not the 6-3 update but the 5-31. Hum, how the fuck is that possible if they’re totally of line? Once again pony up some proof or STFU. Who’s trying to pull what on who. TV addons isn’t going around spreading the hearsay, you are!

  26. I Smell some Kinda “Paid Premium Version: Links/Add-ons etc..Can’t be taken down” kinda bull shit coming down the Pike…Just watch..sooo predictable !!

  27. Why don’t they make it like tv over the air and have commercials , we pay for Internet , so tv stations can still make there money on advertising . Just a idea !

  28. I just up-dated all kinds of things this evening, one that’s flying is Phoenix, I up-graded to a stable 17.3 and it’s different for sure coming from Jarvis 16.1 I have a lot to learn being new at this but I’ll make it. But I just worked with it and I’d be damn if I didn’t get to finish watching Suicide Squad in 1080hd and no buffering at all, but I do have high speed internet and am hardwired to my box, have to say everything I watched was great I do have to do more, but I first un-installed my old Kodi as it said before doing the up-grade. I just cut my cable cord last Friday and never going back!

  29. This isn’t about piracy. It’s about advertising revenue. That is why bills keep going up. They want to keep that money rolling in, so they have to lie all the time to marketing types about how popular TV is and that it’s never going to stop. This is why there are more ads per hour, and even pop ups during programs. They don’t care if you watch the program, they just want to sell the ad space, and they can’t if you are not there to watch it.

    Install ad blocker on your browser, install no script to block cookies, set up anti virus, install VPN. Take away their ability to turn you into a revenue source, that is what hurts them the most.

  30. Whoa! Ayres Wizard is awesome! I just increased the default video cache from 20Mb to 170Mb

    Not to mention it also can install Exodus.

    It’s a program Add on, Google it 😊

  31. Nevermind what I said about the Simply Caz repo. Caz realised he can’t afford to get sued and took it down 😔

  32. kodi.metalkettle.co nslookup fails guess this site is also suspended along with UK Turk as of today .

    Motor Replay is ok just checked
    nslookup repo.ares-project.com
    Server: http://www.routerlogin.com

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: repo.ares-project.com

  33. You need the Simply Caz repo to install Exodus now. Also while you’re at it install Elysium as well.

    Right now my Exodus won’t search anything so it’s already starting to fall apart.

  34. lol no type of space or watever is gonna allow u to access http://fusion.tvaddons.ag period, my god ppl read its down and gonna be down 4-ever. or u could try what spotpala said “snicker” , maby some hackers have re-directed the site to suit there needs 🙂

  35. I need help i lost kodi on my android tv box so i installed 16.1 that was the only one i can get to install and noe fusion wont go on it when i type in http://fusion.tvaddons.ag i get told couldnt retrieve directory information.this could be due to the network not being connected.would u like to add it anyway?

  36. My God enough drama. Who cares what happens to TV addons. Because nothing will. They want the attention is all it is. They’ve been pulling this dish network shit before the first of the year. The repos existed before TV addons put them in there’s they’ll exist long after. Funny how all you see is hearsay from outside sources. I can’t find one legitimize source other than other crack pot internet sites like geekdistrict, wirelesshack…. Who is TV addons to speak for the developers or even here? Look at this places statement “Fusion (central repository) – Offline – After the Dish Network news broke, fusion went offline. Maintenance is currently being performed on it and we expect it to be fully back up later this week. Most of the addons and repos below were in Fusion, so we should have a clearer picture of all Kodi addons taken offline when it comes back online.” So, they’re doing maintenance, coincidental, BUT they’ll be back. If you’re offshore, all that can be done is try and block the ip address. They can’t seize the servers. Why isn’t dish suing freeview satellite box’s? Back in the Charlie and Dave years, they were and still are picking off Charlie before it was encrypted. They can’t do shit because the infringement is picking off the encrypted signal. This whole story/drama is nothing more than wanting attention. Sports devil existed outside TV addons before TV addons provided a path to their program. They’re not threatening the DEVELOPERS. OMG enough drama and START showing some real proof or shut this lame ass thread down.

  37. This is for the clown that posted:
    Anonymous on June 5, 2017 at 8:08 pm
    Disappointing that everyone is happy with pirated streams, you would be upset if they were your movies… Shameful..

    Well not everyone has a choice moron. When the federal government removed analog broadcast and replaced it with digital I completely lost my ability to receive any television broadcast unless you count the 1 channel that comes in every once in awhile and it’s in Japanese.
    Maybe the real problem is GREED ! These satellite and cable companies are getting north of $125.00 a month average per customer in Southern California. Their $49.95 or their $79.95 packages are mostly garbage that no one wants to watch anyway. There are lots of retired people that simply can not afford it. Hell…. I do not even own a cell phone ! as it is an expense I do not need. One landline plugged in the wall Period……. I have no problem paying for TV as long as I got some value for my money.

    Here’s the bottom line….. As long as these companies keep screwing people (less value than they pay for) the more coders will find a way to keep TV content alive. There are lots of other sources out there other than Kodi.
    Are the government’s of the world really so concerned about Kodi ? Well if they can not permanently shut down Isis, Al Qaeda, and all the other scumbags of the world, than GOOD LUCK trying to shut down us TV viewers.

  38. It’s not just greedy company’s it’s people who are ignorant or to stupid to stand up to these company’s but in return this lawsuit between dish and kodi and tvaddons might just might get people in gear and get the cable and satellite company’s to make some changes for the people

  39. Noobs&Nerds Website down and twitter on private. Same as what happened to xunitytalk & tvaddons which means its going to be taken offline soon. Trakt issues affecting salts and exodus. Can be fixed but too much mess about. Seems like theres a cycle started by someone which has taken downs all repos one by one. Its strange as these repos have been activate for long time.

    if you can not install salts,bubbles or exodus search simply caz on and install his repo.

  40. Man I don’t know how you all mess with this Kodi stuff all the time. Go get one of the apk boxes from http://www.get-modded.com.
    I’ve had mine for 2 years and never had any of these issues I see everyone constantly having and it’s like $100.

  41. TVAddons will be back online in a few days after a site and developer repo overhaul. Developers were already notified of the changes necessary for their addons to remain on the new TVAddons site reboot. Just wait a few days and it will be back.

  42. Otherwise i have also on my kodi:
    PodGod repo… apparently i can reach and possibly it’s not offline ?

    I thinks the next one it’s ares………….

  43. Any one notice xunitytalk is down. Twitter account is inactive and website does not load. Maybe they are next to go.

  44. Did just notice some plugins stoped working so made new version

    Now including TVADDONS.AG R.I.P background
    Tested services from 2017-06-16:

    info.jpg (showing skin and add-on shourtcut layout)
    info.txt (guide)
    folder: media (Splash screen and icons)
    folder: skin.confluence (Background image)


  45. Part 1… Install kodi and Freetelly theme

    1) Install kodi (kodi-17.3-Krypton.exe) and start it.
    3) Go to Settings > Interface settings, change skin to: Confluence (If you dont see it just chose to download it)
    4) Copy files in media folder to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\media (If asked replace existing files)
    5) Copy SKINDEFAULT.png from folder skin.confluence and paste in: C:\User\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\skin.confluence\backgrounds (If asked replace existing files)

    Part 2… Get movive add-ons and shortcuts to plugins

    1:a) Go to file manager > add source write: http://repo.cazwall.com/sc
    1:b) Name it “sc”

    2:a) Go to Settings > add-ons > install from zip
    2:b) Click “sc”
    2:c) Click “.Repository (Click Here)”
    2:d) Install “repository.simplycaz.zip”

    3:a) Go to add-ons > Install from Repository
    3:b) Chose Simply Caz Repo > Video Add Ons
    3:c) Install: Exodus
    3:d) Install: 1Channel
    3:e) Install: cCloud TV
    3:f) Install: USTVnow Plus

    4:a) Go to System > Interface > Skin > Configure Skin > Add-on shourtcut
    4:b) Add-on 1 chose: Exodus
    4:c) Add-on 2 chose: 1Channel
    4:d) Add-on 3 chose: cCloud TV
    4:e) Add-on 4 chose: USTVnow Plus
    4:f) Add-on 5 chose: Youtube

    Part 3… Small fixes etc….

    1:a) Go to Settings > add-ons > Installed > Skins
    1:b) Chose skin.confluence > Disable Auto updates

  46. If I have to result to using an antenna on my roof to watch tv, I will. It’s free. Fuck Dish and any others who hender my viewing pleasure.

  47. We all know and went thru the exact same thing as u Richardb, i personally (and the rest I think I can assume safely) want it free why give money to greedy mother fers the cable guy will still get his paycheck the only loser is the brainwashing dick riding illuminatic government lol get real dude every one wants FREEEE FUCK PAYING FOR NETFLIX AND HULU IF U GOT IT FREEEE HAHHAHA

  48. KODI will never shut down, there will always be something, and to the ones that are whining about illegal movies, give your head a shake, probably the same ones that made tapes off lps back in the day illegally. I don’t pay to watch them in the theatre so they do not lose a dime off me 🙂

  49. I’m seeing some positive & negative comments here. To put this in to perspective, the issue is the problem with the mainstream content providers who do not like their revenue being eaten in to. Yes, GREED! Times are changing. This first bred Netflix, which is approaching 100 million subscribers – we use it primarily to watch reruns of our favorite network series (as opposed to “On Demand”) – all without advertising – at a cost of about $10 per month. Netflix stock is soaring.
    Then, there is Amazon Prime where for $99 a year, one can get access to all their content, and get free same day shipping on purchases (I’m not there yet).
    Next, there is cutting cable for TV broadcasts, with a digital over the air (OTA) antenna that is plugged in to a Tivo OTA box which can record up to 4 network shows at a time. It has a “Skip” feature for skipping the ads. As soon as the program is finished, it can be watched ad free just by pushing a button. The investment was $400 – a one time fee that includes the channel guide for life. Other boxes require an annual fee for this service. A link to Netflix and Amazon Prime is included to paid subscribers. The cost for this box paid for itself in 7 months by cutting cable.
    So I did have sources available to me before I purchased the Kodi Android box. I use it for movies. Keep in mind that I am retired and on a fixed Social Security income, but do not spend that much time in front of my TV, except for evenings.
    So, my question is, why cannot the Kodi community strike a deal like Netflix and Amazon has done, for about $10 a month? I could live without the current “In Theatres” content until a movie is no longer showing in theatres.

  50. Steve, I completely agree 100% on your comment below.

    “Steve on June 6, 2017 at 2:09 pm
    You know maybe if all you dipshits stop self promoting they’d still be going…
    You want to keep it all alive shut the fuck up about it all!”

    Now , all of you fucking morons posting videos on YT showing everything about third party add-ons along people on FB pages doing the same…what did you expect??? It’s just a matter of time before rich corporate fat asses force everything to be shut down when you shove it I’m their face. Although, just like Napster in the past, something similar will always be around. I actually have an account with DirecTV and don’t use third party add-ons. Dont get me wrong, all tv providers are charging an outrageous amount for their subscriptions which should be illegal. What’s worse is 3/4 of the channels are shit! They pushed people too far which resulted in the creation of third party add-ons. Watching anything for free that requires payment is not right. I do understand there are so many people that are unable to afford tv subscriptions and I don’t blame them for using third party add-ons. By the way, EVERYONE PLEASE STOP SAYING KODI YOU MORONS! KODI does not provide nor support third party add-ons. Their media software is completely legal and is similar to Plex but 100 times better! Anyways, look at the bright side. This inspired people to offer paid streaming sites at low costs and you get to choose the channels you want and avoid the other 200 bullshit channels that suck! Even though viewing content illegally is wrong, I’m glad it finally happened with movies and tv shows. This just started something new which the majority of the population will be able to afford! Current tv subscriptions must end at the prices they charge! Lastly, we should have the right to walk out of a movie before it’s half way over and receive a refund if it’s shit! It’s insane that a date to the theater can’t cost close to $100 but we are not allowed a refund if the movie sucks….like the majority of T Cruise’s movies over the past several years! Fuck all greedy corporations that rip us off!
    Have a nice day.

  51. A godd guess would be that the power structure machine was put into action against the Kodi developers they buckled under pressure and Microshat was sent in as a private contractor to get the Kodi team to implement malicious code into there last few updates to seek out the content distributors from the inside like a Trojan horse. in the end game Kodi team gets a pass and are possibly able to profit somehow in a new venture through Microsshat

  52. No one I repeat No one should pay for programming if they are forced to sit through endless commercials and mindless shit shows a chimp wouldn’t be entertained by.
    if I have to sit there and watch commercials then I am gonna need to get paid by the hour pure and simple, and if the manipulative corporate scum don’t like it go invade a 3rd world country and rob them cause I’m not giving you SH*T Suck My Replicator.

  53. We the people outnumber those greedy cable companies.
    We will not only survive but we shall also thrive.
    There is more than one to skin this cat!

  54. I find it amusing that they will call out kodi, tvaddons, ZemTv, and disguise trying to blame Google by using the genetic term android boxes, but they don’t have the actual balls to call out the biggest offenders of all as far as corporations go, Amazon. Grow a pair, it’s pretty much like your going backwards and arresting little old ladies for downloading music all over again. We will always be a step ahead of greedy 1% of the country who robs the other 99%. Sad times when the actual ppl w the talent make less than talentless businessmen leeching on ppls wallets.

  55. The will never be able to shut down streaming, how do you shut down the Internet, these big companies try to drive fear into the poor man with the threats and the money that the steal from us everyday,so I say if kodi addons go somebody is waiting in the wings with a new product to launch, remember people this stuff was going out before kodi and it will keep going, so I say to the rich keep trying and good luck.

  56. Everyone should drop the cable companies and in 3 months they will drop their prices due to all the money they lost, they want control well let us take control, for myself I will NOT put cable back on!!!

  57. They stop streaming but they can’t stop dirty fuckers downloading child pornography. It just goes to show money is more important than children’s lives.

  58. Who started this story of ban was E.U !!
    Once the money is draining with immigration, they will appeal to any means of raising money ..
    Funny how idiot pops up commenting, how easy it is to spend 20 on a movie, and do not comment that you spend with transportation to the place too !!
    Or are you content to watch one movie a month?
    I paid cable tv basic package and besides expensive in my country, sucks !!
    Watching TV is one of the few distractions we have nowadays, and even this begins to be massively controlled!

  59. I will never pay those crooked, pocket draining cable companies again. I paid $200 just for cable and internet. I didn’t even have any movie channels. Every month my bill would go up. Regardless if Kodi shuts everything down Spectrum will never get any money except for what I pay for the internet which is $104 a month (still getting over). It’s funny that these pocket draining, greedy companies don’t realize that Sling TV also dominates. I pay $30 a month and can watch the same thing that I was paying Spectrum for. I have Netflix, Amazon, and my antenna. Still cheaper than the $200+ I was paying in the past, but I am not paying all those bogus taxes and additional prices for cable boxes. I hope Kodi stays and stands their ground. I love Kodi! If the cable companies we’re really interested in making money, they wouldn’t try to drain hardworking individuals pockets. I will never pay money to those greedy companies again no matter what happens.

  60. I am glad I checked this site, as I have been trying for the last three days to get Kodi to operate, now I know why it failed to work. Pity!!! I have enjoyed my Kodi experience for a number of years, but it was only a matter of time before someone put a spanner in the works.


  62. New addons may come but who wants the risk of facing a lawsuit ? A fool . I had been warning these greedy idiot firestick and boxsellers they were to open . Fools advertising on Craiglist , Facebook ,etc. I even saw a guy with a booth in the mall advertising his boxes with a rebranded IPTV service he was offering . The content owners know they cannot prevent piracy but they do not like the fact that millions can access it by plugging in a stick or using a $40 android box. Seriously did folks think cable companies and Hollywood were going to just ignore ads like “CUT YOUR CABLE FOREVER”? If all you knew how to just install a kodi build and APKs, your “business” is in trouble.

  63. Stop your whining and learn how to get your content . Build your own server run with with Plex or Emby. Oh the 1080 p version of the new Fast and Furious leaked last night. Old school way of getting content will never die.

  64. Only A Matter Of Time People Not Happy To Use The Software On Their Own Have To Make A Buck Out Of It And Spoil It For The Rest

  65. This is not going to blow over . The company NAGRA is behind this as well. Here is a comment they posted : “The widespread emergence of Kodi and its illegal use are now the top priority for the content industry. While the Kodi open-source media player software application is legal, free third-party add-ons can allow users to access illegal streams for sports events, TV shows and films. The rise of Internet streaming has made piracy-enabled set-top boxes and similar devices available to millions of homes around the globe. Easy to use, set-top devices have opened piracy to a whole new audience. While most piracy devices have traditionally needed an expert touch to configure and then sell, in 2017 almost anyone can buy a standard Android device and set it up for piracy in a matter of minutes.”

  66. I love Kodi but before it I used other things and as others have said there will ALWAYS be something else. Let’s all speak with our wallets, DO NOT PAY THE CABLE COMPANY’S BLACKMAIL DEMANDS! I have not had cable for over a decade, just use some research and you will manage fine without it.
    If enough of us tell the cable companies to fuck off they will have to react to market forces.
    One person complaining is annoying but many, many people complaining leads to action.

  67. Rich..you sound like a really good citizen..but like you said if you want good in the supermarket..you can’t just STEAL it..but what about when the supermarket unjustly charge you $10 for a rotten carrot. That’s what the Cable and Satellite companies are getting away with! But I guess you don’t see anything wrong with that! People are just tired of getting screwed WORLD WIDE my friend! STOP BEING A GOOD LITTLE SHEEP “RICH” and OPEN YOUR 👀

  68. Kodi and third party addons made it easy for the masses to get content. That is a big problem for Hollywood . When folks are openly advertising on the internet , I knew it was a matter of time . I feel bad for folks who do not know how to get content outside of Kodi addons and APK. The content is available and folks are going to have to do it the old fashioned way .

  69. Isn’t it odd the xbmc now called kodi was just chugging along fine.
    New adons were being developed and upgraded regularly and so on. Then kodi for what ever idiotic reason decided to jump in bed with Microsoft. A short time later look what’s happening. I suspect that within a year or so Microsoft will make their next move and take over kodi compleatly. And yes I know it’s open software. But that has never stoped them before. Remember a little OS called OS 2. And Vista

  70. I am going to miss SPORTIE. Since echo repo no longer avail SPORTIE won’t work or can’t even install it.

  71. Sadly a lot of channels are being removed, but like everything, something else better will pop up & you’ll forgot about the one’s that have disappeared.

  72. Note, Salts and One Channel have been saved and will be back today according to the person that is responsible now.

  73. It never really goes away though. Over the years I have utilized news groups, Napster, web sites, various peer to peer services, torrents, Popcorn, Play On, apks, and Kodi. Each one has had its individual pros and cons, I like how Kodi has made it almost on a level of Netflix in ease of use. At the same time this ease of use has hurt the service as well. No doubt it will continue under another name and title. And Kodi will go on as well. No doubt new add-ons will come out as time goes on.

  74. You know maybe if all you dipshits stop self promoting they’d still be going…

    I hope all returns back to how it was a year ago and this recent shutdown kills all the dodgy Asians on eBay pumping it for a quick buck, doing so is killing it for all.

    You want to keep it all alive shut the fuck up about it all!

  75. Oh, because internet piracy is obviously the biggest problem on the planet. Not that silly radicalized Islamic people, ISIS. That’s silly, they don’t do anything obviously.

    That’s a joke, this is fucking ridiculous, you can’t end something that people will do regardless of how they attack it.

  76. I’m in the USA and just discovered BAMF last week. It’s one of the best connections I’ve had and it seems to have been taken offline as well.

  77. the crappy part is the uncertainty but the loss of old shows and fights and things that are not aired on any kind of TV is very disappointing.

  78. Whether these Kodi add ons fall to their knees to not means nothing to me. I’ll use any ad-on that services me and my needs sitting safely behind a VPN.

  79. Rich you can go eat a bag of dicks, when you figure in TV licenses, cable packages etc… why not try and cut your costs? No be a goodie two shoes cunt like you…

    Oh and America isn’t the only country sucking everything dry, add in the entire EU as well.

  80. Some of that is happening in the United States as well I know the better part of it is in the UK but I went to look at velvet hot dog and Phoenix last night and they were both gone

  81. I live in Canada and use Vaders, it’s a paid subscription, $20/month, but worth every penny!

  82. That’s all fine and dandy to watch tv “legally” but why the hell should I pay to watch advertisements every 7 minutes?

  83. To the commentor about the movies. I go watch good movies at the theater. Quit producing crap that is junk, and I’ll go more. Paying 25.00 for movies and 20 dollars for popcorn and a drink to see a crappy flick doesn’t add up.

  84. Cable TV is not a given right. If you want to watch it you should pay for it. You all are giving Kodi, something that has been developed open source for 13+ years, a bad name. If you want food you can’t just go to the store and steal it. The same with cable. If you want it you should budget for it.

  85. While I enjoy the luxury of Canadian copyright protection allowing me to stream whatever I want, I would greatly prefer to have valid, reasonable paid options available. Face it, half the “illegal” steeams are either terrible quality or don’t have the bandwidth to support the client demand.

  86. I wish modified would just disable add ons and be a media player then force the update to all users. The only alternative will be banning modified all together

  87. Being old and on Social Security I can’t afford to pay for cable or satellite I totally love Kodi and I hope it stays here forever

  88. Cord cutting??? Just when you tell the cable jacka$$ to stickit.. Sounds to me the Big Cable company got In some people’s pockets. Shutting down add-ons mean a lot of people will have to go back to cable/sat.. I refuse to be raped any longer.

  89. I use Kodi and pay for Xfinity high speed internet and cable. I mainly use Kodi for all the shows and movies that have been out. I dont even watch sports. And I pay for netflix. So not everyone is JUST using Kodi. Greedy fucken cable companies so worried about losing money. How about lowering your prices and stop charging for every channel that once was free that you see people like just to make a few more bucks.

  90. Even in Canada the companies are greedy for money. Bell has started its own stream service called alt. They are trying to get people who are using Kodi to switch, but its another money grab. I’m on disability pension so my funds are limited and with bad credit history. Guess what? No cable, no satellite, no legal streaming because no real credit card. So my options are limited.

  91. Been checking out all this Kodi info( I’m a newbie to this)was interested in buying a box( been studying that to) Now with channels exiting Kodi en masse is it still worth getting a box if developers leaving. PS I’m from Canada

  92. All you need is a good antenna and YouTube and Netflix! Do not, I repeat DO NOT PAY FOR CABLE or SATELLITE!!!

  93. Eric Cole..my thoughts exactly..America is so greedy towards its own citizens..they SUCK US DRY..Never giving a break to the common man. Corporations never get enough while the rest of us STARVES!!

  94. I use an OTA antenna by lava to get the network channels + and Youtube to fill in interest areas. paid TV is full of trash and not worth any money.

  95. …..and another thing, I was paying $90 a month, then the 2nd year kicked in & my bill rose to $179 per month for Directv! That’s with no premium channels! That’s insane! And, It was a headache almost every month calling in to cancel these so-called billing mistakes Directv was charging me & add the long waits! I think they hoped I wouldn’t notice my bill or grow impatient with waiting on hold!….recently, I also tried to get Time Warner/Spectrum to watch Dodger baseball! $79 just for basic cable, & that’s the price for just the service! Taxes & rental box fees weren’t added yet! They tried pushing the bundle crap on me & actually said they wanted me to have the bundle or nothin! Corrupt!

  96. This is scary! I went to some torrent sites, & all the good ones are gone, now including extratorrent.com! These cable Companys are greedy & relentless! I will never give them my business! Before Kodi, I went a year without Directv! I downloaded torrents, but never sold any movies or Tv, just for personal use! I just have to hope Kodi can survive the Gov, Foreign interests, & the media’s attorneys raging war on the people that have been screwed for years with pay services!

  97. u have to pay a t.v. licence fee 145 a year in uk then for tv provoders on top then internet fee no wonder people love kodi

  98. Would you wonder people are streaming its the cost that all these big companies are charging for tv channels

  99. If Comcast, and satellite service
    wouldn’t be so dam expensive then maybe people wouldn’t need products like Kodi.

  100. America is greedy everybody elese gets break and discounts plus we pay more for stuff that we don’t watch and its reruns really America your that damn greedy wow!!!!

  101. shame the powers that be don’t concentrate on stopping Islamic extremism being hosted on the internet !

  102. Instead of every friggin nee streaming service trying to suck more money out of us, come up with a great low cost ALL INCLUSIVE streaming service. Use the Kodi platform and make a great legit service. It’s a no brainer, problem is it is not profitable enough for all of the greedy content providers.

  103. 77Nostrand you777plus you77777777777plus is you777plus to get a car so I can drive down there go sort out go sort out 77th 777777777you77777th you7777777777777777th you77th you7777th I jus woke 777th you777th a 7777O87 oooOk beb but

  104. Not everyone using kodi is streaming illegal content. I personally pay a lot for cable service every month but don’t have a dvr. So if I miss an episode on cable and decide to stream it on kodi because it is not available to watch “on demand” yet, I don’t see that as doing anything illegal considering I pay for the cable service that it is originally aired on.

  105. Everyone is backing out of Kodi now that the media has given it so much negative attention.

  106. It’s 2017 TV Addons is doing to the TV and Movie industry what Napster did for the music industry. Embrace the change.

  107. Dissapointing that everyone is happy with pirated streams, you would be upset if they were your movies… Shameful..

  108. There are other options – Terrarium TV – check out Troypoint on FB – he knows everything KODI

  109. I live in Australia and we c have more or less just found out about Kodi and i love it ,it would be ashame to see it go

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