Kodi Stream All The Sources (SALTs) Add-on Update

The Stream All The Sources (SALTs) Kodi addon is an excellent multi-source option for movies and TV shows. Read below for updated information.

June 19th Update: The Stream All The Sources addon has moved away from tknorris and is now being maintained by k3l3vra. The addon is available in the K3l3vra Repository on Github. K3l3vra will only be updating one single version (instead of an official and a beta version like tknorris used to). Uninstall the Stream All The Sources addon you currently have installed. The current version is v2.0.195.

Stream All The Source is a multi-source movies and TV addon for Kodi. It pulls in links from over 50 sources on the internet and is one of the best options for links. Stream All The Sources doesn’t host or provide any content, it is simply a search engine into the public internet.

Consider it a great Exodus alternative if you are looking to try something new.

Stream All The Sources works best with the Trakt add-on, which allows you to track your favorite shows and movies and what you’ve watched. Sync your Trakt account with your Trakt add-on in Kodi and to the Trakt settings in SALTs to take advantage of all features.

NOTE: Stream All The Sources hasn’t been updated since May and is now considered obsolete.


How to Install Stream All The Sources Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t story any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for KodiTips.com because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those.

KodiTips.com has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.


That’s it! How is SALTs working for you? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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319 thoughts on “Kodi Stream All The Sources (SALTs) Add-on Update”

  1. If I select a source and it fails, the list of sources disappear, meaning you have to search again.
    This never used to happen, is there a fix in settings please?

  2. I have the same problem than others, fresh install from K3l3vra repo, when clicking on movies or shows I get an error and nothing more.
    Anyone can help ?

  3. Does anyone know how you find the default folder where salts saves a downloaded film?
    Apparently it’s special/userdata but I can’t even locate the special folder

  4. Anonymous, under both the Movies and TV Shows’ tabs you can HARD PRESS your select/OK button on your remote to either “Clear All Saved Searches” (Saved Searches tab) or “Clear All Recent Searches” (Recent Searched tab).

  5. It dosent work any more tried both verisions get no errors but when i click on a realdebrid link it wont play. Resldebrid links plays in other addons think ill give up on salts was a good addon .

  6. It’s working as intended, the watch list in kodi is meant to remove shows once you watch an episode.

    Use my collection if you don’t want shows dissapearing

  7. JT, that’s a great question that I don’t have answer for. I’m thinking that there must be certain needed dependencies that get pulled from the Kodil (Kodisrael) Repo that aren’t under the Cypher’s Locker Repo, however I’m not certain. I just noticed a week or so back that I wasn’t able to install SALTS from the Cypher repo w/o the Kodil repo already is place. Again, weird stuff however it works 🙂

    Good luck with Trakt and I hope that my previous suggestion helps you with your dilemma.

  8. Dave…it was from Cypher’s repo that I downloaded SALTS…working fine (except for the problem I mentioned…i’ll see what I can do about it thru trakt.tv as you suggested, if the problem continues). In the meantime, your fix seems to work, though I don’t get what the Israel repo list has to do with anything. Have you been able to figure out if it’s really necessary and why?

  9. Regarding my previous comment, I’m not sure why “koditips” (not kodiapps) removed my post regarding Cypher’s Locker Repo and their version of SALTS, however I’m glad that K3l3vra has an updated version that works now.

  10. JT, I’m not sure why kodiapps removed my post regarding Cypher’s Locker Repo and their version of SALTS, however I’m glad that K3l3vra has an updated version that works now. In regards to your Trakt list not populating all your TV Shows/Movies, I’m not exactly sure as to why you’re running into a problem with your list being altered. If reauthorizing your Trakt account under SALTS doesn’t do the trick, have you tried utilizing a custom list(s) under Trakt.tv instead of their default “Watchlist”? If not, maybe consider loading a custom Trakt list(s) under SALTS instead and see if you’re still running into problems. Wish I could help you out more and best of luck!

  11. Dave…never mind…just updated and found SALTS…now .203. Had an initial problem with trakt.tv, but re-authorized. Will now check out SALTS and see what is still there (after deleting it from my kodi). Re-upped by script with Real-Debrid.

    Looks like things are up and running (for now at least)! My Watchlist is more or less intact, other than the problem that every time I open the list, one or more shows or films have somehow been deleted! Any idea what causes that or how to fix it? This has been a longstanding problem for me with SALTS. Thx for the help…jt

  12. Dave…so I take it there was a problem with your “fix”…? I see the post was removed. I was just trying to install the Cypher repo but got no confirmation from kodi that it was installed. Was the post removed b/c this is not a fix or for some other reason? Thx…jt

  13. I too am having issues with Salts generating an error when loading.

    Looked at the suggestion from Dave about reauthorizing Trakt but any attempt to access that feature results in an error.

    Uninstalled and re-installed but with the same result.

    Even a fresh installation on a fresh Kodi installation has the same results.

  14. in july 2017 all my adult stuff and perhaps other places? say cant find stream or doesn’t pull anything at all. do you have any idea if this fix will work? i am running 17.3 everything was working fine but then….

  15. Oark, in reply to your inquiry… please try reauthorizing Trakt under your SALTS’ addon settings. Hopefully that will fix your dilemma. (sometimes your issue will arise when you update SALTS to a newer version)

  16. Has Salts gone offline?

    It was working earlier today but suddenly when I try to load it, it states that there is an error and to check the log, which doesn’t seem to say anything.

  17. Dave, your post July 24th figuring out SALTS, Kodi Israel, I just tried it & it worked perfectly. It’s weird it has to be done this way, but whatever works.
    I’ve been trying for days in vain. All the YouTube videos, suggestions, install, uninstall; you name it.
    Thank you so much!

  18. Hi.

    I have followed the first few steps but when I try to go onto the exodus repository it comes up with

    Could not connect to repository

    Can anyone help.
    Sorry if it has already been answered.

  19. I don’t think that I have a trakt issue. I got the same error and the same log if I run SALTS in trakt offline mode

  20. FIX FOR SALTS 403 Forbidden Error is as follows:

    In order to get SALTS to work again, if you are getting 403 Forbidden errors, you need to create and log into a trakt.tv account and add an API key for yourself and your IP (use “urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob” as the ‘redirect uri’, and “https://yourip” as the ‘javascript origin’), then copy the newly generated api key and secret to the trakt_api.py script in the plugin’s salts_lib directory, lines 50 and 51:


  21. What do you mean “yes puse standard and reboot in context menu”. Can you be more detailed pls?

  22. tomtomclub, in regards to your reply to xalaros’ recent inquiry… how do you quote, “yes puse standard and reboot in context menu” to fix the current movie artwork issue in SALTS? currently users see Trakt’s logo for thumbnails under SALTS’ movie results

  23. Yup, me too.
    followed all above steps and get;
    “Could not connect to repository”
    Tried rebooting too.

  24. I’m an idiot when it comes to this stuff. Using an android box …my salts crashed and all it says is error check the log. I’ve uninstalled …re installed to no avail. Need help

  25. hey tomtomclub i have artwork scrape working but except from there is no clearart and logos being downloaded or scraped.do you know how to fix this?

  26. /storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.salts
    remove the old line and put the new key in it
    CLIENT_SECRET = ‘9b36d8c0db59eff5038aea7a417d73e69aea75b41aac771816d2ef1b3109cc2f&’

    now line 2 //go to /storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.salts/resources/settings.xml
    and edit xml find fanart_key and tmdb_key
    use my keys
    fanart_key= 88df768d5941bacbbb027db2df2395bb

    tmdb_key= 33eed5885ff25771a7eaac9321b58db4

    oke now you put the tmdb key also in the interface addon seting atwork scraping and safe it

  27. When trying to install from zip file… I get a message bubble: the dependency on script.module.tknorris.shared version
    I’ve Uninstalled the old Salts & disabled tknorris repository. (Wasn’t sure if I should uninstall it)
    Any suggestions how to install? I’ve never had a trakt account so that isn’t the conflict.

  28. Ree Ree, you’ll need to provide much more information than you have.
    Posts like yours are found throughout discussion forums online.
    I wish I could help. Best of luck to you.

  29. When I try to watch Atomic Blonde and a few movies, it says “no stream available. ”

    Also, the movies I can watch buffer, really bad.

    I have Specto and Salts downloaded.

    Any solutions?

  30. ASiDiE,

    You are welcome! I appreciate your gratitude.

    Just between you and me, (Hah!) I can decide to make a “quick” post on my phone that gets pretty long – taking a decent amount of time. It also drops in the occasional wrong word (auto-correct, etc.), which is quite frustrating on this comment page since you can’t edit after you’ve posted.

    Take care.

  31. Doug,

    Awesome feedback! I will give these a try and let you know what I come up with. I have been searching around but nobody seems to have this issue so it IS probably on my end.

    Thanks again!

  32. The first things I would for would be the “simple” things.
    E.G., have you checked each of the settings related to the .strm file creation – I think they are all on the “Library Integration” tab in settings.
    Are the folders set to default or are they blank for some reason?
    Has SALTS been able to write to the folders before?

    Just looking at your post again, “click on update and nothing happens”. That is strange, if indeed SALTS doesn’t even run through the list of shows looking for updates. It’s almost as if it can’t access the list, despite your setting the shows in the Subscriptions folder.

    Can another add-on like Exodus or Specto use the same list to create .strm files?
    Can you/do you run SALTS on a different device to test its ability to use the Trakt list?

    It may be that there is some corruption or conflict in the settings that would be a waste of time trying to track down.

    Instead, you could have SALTS reset its database (I’d keep a backup if poss.). You could try starting with no settings.xml file.
    Just for the heck of it, you could delete all of SALTS .pyo files (I have about 147 after running SALTS.

    I know these are not actual solutions to your problem, but via this comment list it would be impossible to diagnose.
    And again, you could get from here to up and running faster if you just reset things to defaults. I don’t like to do it myself, but there are times that I’ve had to. That’s how I know it can get it running again faster than trying to fix the one or more problems causing this.

    Best of luck to you.

  33. Anyone else having any problems with Salts Auto updating to create STRM files? I have my own trak.api in there and I can see the lists, but for the life of me, I can’t get it to create the new shows that I know are out. I go into Subscriptions and click update and nothings happens. I even added some new shows and made sure they were in the list.

    Any thoughts?

  34. To John Smith: I’m sorry that this DOES NOT WORK!!!! for you, but it works for many who have kindly posted a “thank you” to me and the others who’ve helped. Of course it also works for me, on 4 different systems that I can think of at the moment.

    To Deadpool: this is not the ideal place to work through this – a proper forum would be, but you already know those official forums are offline. I could switch my GitHub repo to Public, if I wanted to be in a lawsuit. That sucks.
    I suggest that you search for Doug® on this page, which will take you to my first post at June 16, 2017 at 11:16 pm. The next post says “This worked! You’re a legend mate!”
    Read some of the posts where others who succeeded helped to clarify my post(s); at least one of my follow-up posts was held for moderation for a day or so.
    This info will help you fix Exodus, too – once you’ve fixed one, the next will take you 2-3 minutes at the most. The first one may take a while, everyone has a different level of experience, etc.

    I don’t know where we go from here. I mention in one post that I’ve fixed one scraper, but I’m not rolling it out on GitHub now!

    Best of luck, and if you download anything scan it for viruses.

  35. Lots of artwork is missing from salts now
    Before i could highlight the title and refresh images and it would work but now nothing happens
    Does anyone know how to fix this

  36. I don’t understand how someone can get the k3l3vra repo installed and not find SALTS in it. It is there.
    I’d be concerned about installing from these other repos that people are posting – I don’t know anything about them. k3l3vra was taking over SALTS development from tknorris according to the forum (hopefully still available in archive.org) and in the SALTS zip files that I just NOW downloaded again from the k3l3vra repo.
    If for some reason you need I direct link to plugin.video.salts-2.0.195.zip, here it is from the proper k3l3vra repo:
    It’s unfortunate that the tvaddons forums are no longer available, since the moderators what have kept out those unknown repos that people are posting.
    I’ve even fixed one of the scrapers in SALTS, but with the uncertainty regarding the lawsuits I hesitate to post a pull request to k3l3vra’s GitHub for SALTS. (Again, I’m also not a developer. Python? I only know what I’ve read online and in the addons’ scripts themselves. I have had a good bit of success modding addons and skins so far, though.)
    Besides, it seems that somehow people can’t find what they need in the zip files.
    Again, I caution against any repo that isn’t k3l3vra’s. Use your browser to get the zip files – scan for viruses, of course – then open the zip files directly.
    There really isn’t something mystical happening within Kodi, for all the noobies who are struggling. I was in the same boat months ago myself.

  37. I’ve managed to install it from the smash repo, so fingers crossed it works all as before 🙂

  38. Sorry for delay Doug, it installed the repo listed on this site, but SALTS was not in it. The repo you linked would not install at all.

  39. I have tried this twice and both times I get to the install from zip file get the notification but never get a repository option to click. I have an Apple TV.
    I am not very tech savy. Can anyone help?

  40. Tonger core I followed your directions and got this message: “Couldn’t retrieve directory information.” Have a t95z plus with 17.3 Krypton.

  41. Try This, it worked for me like a charme:

    Click the Gear (System Menu) > File manager > Add source > None > type http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff > Click Ok > Click the bottom field and name it .kodistuff > Click Ok > Then click Ok again.

    • Return to the main Kodi screen back press back on your remote a few times.

    Add-ons• Click Add-ons > Click the cardboard box (Add-ons menu) the top left of the screen.

    • Click Install from zip file > Click .kodistuff > repository.smash-x.x.x.zip > > Wait for Smash Repository Add-on Installed notification.

    • Click Install from repository > Smash Repository > Video add-ons > Salt> Install.

    Now your add-on is installed and you will be able to use the Salt add-on with your Kodi setup.

  42. Followed instructions to the letter I don’t have a done button also when clicking on addsource which side. This could be so much easier

  43. I’ve just upgraded to Kodi 17.3 on a Firestick. I’m stuck from no4, where I can’t see “web browser” and the instal from zip file option. Please advise.

  44. It’s working on my iPad from an older install. I just can’t do a fresh install of SALTS on my firetv

  45. @kevin,
    k3l3vra1’s repo is the new repo for SALTS.
    Here’s the link to download repository.k3l3vra-1.0.1.zip.
    Then install in Kodi with “Install from ZIP file”


    (It looks like that link got messed up, hence the double-post.)

  46. In exodus repo version 3.0.0 SALTS isn’t there at all and Exodus fails to install. Tried Dougs link above for k3l3vras repo as well and that doesn’t do anything when I click on it to install from zip.

  47. All I get every time I try to install from every repo there is including k3l3vra are a bunch of errors. SALTS will not work properly 😖

  48. @kevin,
    k3l3vra1’s repo is the new repo for SALTS.
    Here’s the link to download repository.k3l3vra-1.0.1.zip.
    Then install in Kodi with “Install from ZIP file


  49. @tomtomclub, how do I get the fijnard pic key?

    IIRC, SALTS uses more than one fanart sites and keys.

    Please provide more info on this key.


  50. salts works four mi
    update all providers
    add new api add new tv show api. add fijnard pic key
    update noobroom
    end more

  51. I had to install and reinstall SALTS 4 times before it worked. I found that clearing the cache helps. You can use several Kodi utilities to clear cache. I use Raw Maintenance.

    1. Uninstall SALTS
    2. Clear cache
    3. Quit Kodi and then restart
    4. Clear cache
    5. Install SALTS from repo

  52. Followed the install to a T. Getting the same as others, “Cannot connect to the repository”. Am I missing something?

  53. When trying to install from repository which seemed to install ok.. message says “Cannot connect to this repository”. *sigh*

  54. Not working. Had to re install kodi and pulse and now i can hardly evwr get it to come up when i click on it and when i click on salts to watch a movie or tv show the loading just sits there and runs and dowsnt do anything

  55. I have a problem with my firestick, everytime I try to watch something it says no streamers available, Zen, Exodus, SALTS. But on my pc it works fine. Please help.

  56. Here’s a video on how to get SALTS working again : https://youtu.be/8sZRyyUzHCk
    Should fix it by reconnecting to Trakt, which SALTS uses to populate the Movies and TV Shows menus.
    If you don’t have a Trakt account, sign up for a free one. That’s the only way to get an API.

  57. Url resolver error all the time. I have uninstalled reinstalled and still get the same message everytime? Help please

  58. I have exodus repo 3.0 installed but when I click on it, it says “could not connect to repository”. Am I doing something wrong?

  59. Exodus and salts Repos keep going down and am not aware of any working for new install. If you’ve already got the addons installed, they will work for awhile. Hopefully, after the dust settles from the dish lawsuit, some devs will pickup where they left off. In the meantime, work with what you got.

  60. It says “the SALTS DB has an issue that may be correctable by a forced DB migration,
    Should SALTS attempt a DB migration?

    Clicked yes, just comes up again

  61. having the same problem, that SALTS does not show up in the repo (on my Nexus Player, Kodi 17.3).
    On Windows it is working….

  62. No sign of SALTS in the exodus repo. Though I did find a link for K3L3vra’s Repository. But I can only get as far as the movies, TV shows, and settings. When I click on them I get an error to check the log. And I can’t authorize trakt on SALTS. but I got it working on Exodus.

  63. Some of you having problems is your Kodi updated? I think for the new repos you need kodi 17. I’m on 17.3

  64. Also, tried re-adding the fusion repo and renamed it Fusion1 but when I try to add it I get an error saying it couldnt retrieve any directory information. This could be due to network not being connected but I am positive I am connected to the network. So is the fusion repo down right now or something and I am just not aware of it?? Everything else I have tried hasnt worked and I am thinking that this error is why!! Could anyone confirm if they are unable to add the fusion repo again??

  65. Is anyone else having a problem when you go to install from repo under exodus repo the salts not showing up just Exodus and F4mtester are the only options listed?? Am I doing something wrong because I followed the directions and have searched just about every other repo in my directory and cannot find the new SALTS even after uninstalling the old version!! Any help would be greatly apprecaited!! TIA!!

  66. When I go to install the exodus repository via the install from respositary it says ‘cannot connect to the network’ ? I am connected to the internet so can’t be that.

  67. For those who complain and claim it doesn’t work, without giving any details of what procedure you followed so someone can see where the problem is, just find another media platform. It’s working fine if you follow instructions. If not, at least help others help you instead of just blowing ish.

  68. This blows, your exodus link takes me to a download site and then i have to jinstall some chrome ext. and still don’t endup with the repo. WTF

  69. Forgot to add at the end make it check all for updates! Both my Salts and Exodus immediately updated. Salts is 2.0.196 and Exodus to 3.1.19

  70. Can you please list your source for your trakt comment rescinding? I was able to reauthorize trakt on both of my newly installed Exodus and Salts and am able to add or remove shows from trakt manager.

    Folks, I was having issues but seemed to get them all cleared up. This is what worked for me:

    Deleted All old Salts, 1channel addons and repo.
    Deleted all old Tv addons repo.
    I did leave the old Exodus addon. I then downloaded the new Exodus repo 3.0 which was from this page.

    Then, I did have problems in Salts after which “auto- config salts” in settings fixed. My Exodus problems were fixed by returning to confluence skin. I was using xonfluence.

    Finally, make sure you exit Kodi using the power button to make it save your changes when you are all done.

    Hope that helps.

  71. Reinstalled and no love. Updated, all verified, and restarted. Still nothing. Any news on what this is about? Friends with chrome sticks have same prob

  72. As I understand it, trakt decided to enforce the ‘promoting piracy’ portion of their terms and recinded exodus’ API keys. Looks like the same thing with SALTS. There is, as always, a work around.

  73. SALTS does open but when I click MOVIES or TV Shows, it shows error check log for more info. I toggled the trakt offline mode since I do not use trakt and it still isn’t working. SALTS is the only thing I use because Exodus doesn’t have links for a lot of movies.

  74. Thank you so much, after reading from top to bottom and a couple days to process and digest it, I am so happy and very appreciative to Doug and other posters! SALTS works now! A ‘bow’ from me!

  75. I had SALTS working for one day. Sometime today most of the options from “User Interface” no longer show up under Movies or TV Shows (ie “My Next Episodes”, “Watched History”, etc). The only options are “Trending TV Shows”, “Genres”, “Search”, “Recent Searches”, “Saved Searches”. I am running 2.0.196.

  76. Exodus and Salts working great except for plot summaries not showing up nor trakt progress. Should this be working yet? Will it?

  77. Jim, I had the same error but you have to do the whole trakt api thing talked about above to solve the issue.

  78. Reading Doug’s comment, I toggled trakt offline mode and I was able to access SALTS with no 403: Forbidden Error. Thanks Doug!

  79. For me SALTS does open but when I click MOVIES or TV Shows, it shows error check log for more info. When I check log it says 403: Forbidden. I use PIA and have tried different connections as well as tried on my Android phone but the same error occurs. Anyone have ideas as to why?

  80. i just updated to 2.0.196 but still slow with showing banners, fanart, thumbnails….latest fast release was from TKnoris 2.0.194 version…..

  81. @Doug(R) Awesome write up! Thanks.
    Do you know or anyone knows how to get the movie thumbnails/art work? I tried most of the write ups out there but nothing works.

  82. Mac yes replying to the polls I have installed everything up-to-date the Kik 3 whatever repo my salt is up to date the newest version and I still can’t open it up it says something about the something migration error and I haven’t tried it any suggestions

  83. @Bytet THANKS MAN! Worked perfectly! I’m back up and running again with SALTS as of the afternoon of June 19th. This was the only solution that worked for me. My subscriptions are updating and shows are streaming great again!
    I owe you a beer!

  84. The instructions tell you to download the Exodus Repo and install SALTS from within it. This won’t work because the Exodus Repo when installed won’t connect! So how about fixing that because I now have NO Exodus as I uninstalled the one I did have which was working with MY API key.

  85. Downloaded and installed from zip the Exodus 3.0 repo from the link, SALTS is not in the list of addons available to install. What am I missing please? Many thanks!


  87. Answered my own question. The file you need to enter your API keys is not in the resources folder, it’s another one in the same directory as resources salts_lib I think. The file where you enter your same two keys as you used for the exodus fix is called trakt_api.py, this fixed me back up with trakt.

  88. still salts not working even via the K313vra’s repo salts is on version 2.0.195 and all i get is error please check log when hitting the movies or tv series

  89. My Chrome thinks the zip is harmful. I can’t keep it. Waiting for someone to stick it into a repo…..

  90. To Chelsey. It actually wont work from your phone. One easy way is to set up Google Drive / Drop Box account and link it to your ES file explorer (or whatever app you use). Then you can download anything to the drive with your phone/computer/tablet and add it to Local/Downloads folder in the firestick (also done by copy and paste to that folder). Then when you open kodi, just click external and navigate to that folder.

    The other way is to download a browser on the firestick, navigate back to this page and download the zip file direct to firestick. Assuming you know exactly where the file has downloaded, you can open kodi and do the same. Cheers

  91. hi, Doug….do you have any solution, fix how to speed up geting images, fanart from trakt.tv servers? if i choose one tv show or movie I have to wait 30 seconds to get all images for selected tv show or movie…

  92. I am reading this article on my phone while I’m trying to add on this repository on my amazon firestick. I am new at this so I’m confused by the article saying “click here” to download the repository. I do that, the zip file obviously opens/downloads to my phone but I am confused on how to get this zip file onto the firestick, as the next step says to “install from zip you just downloaded”? But I can’t download a zip on the firestick that is on my phone?! Help, please!

  93. As someone mentioned, there are instructions on how to do this for Exodus that are laid out pretty well – better than you can posting to a forum.

    Here’s one: https://goo.gl/EziZ9U

    Be sure to delete the .pyo file.

  94. Actually, with no Trakt account, even the API Offline mode might still cripple SALTS. It would have little data stored in its database, and you couldn’t search for anything since SALTS searches Trakt.

    If I didn’t have a Trakt account and used SALTS, I doubt I’d be motivated to get a Trakt account to use this fix.

    After noticing a post about Exodus, I gave it a try. I had not noticed this (I mostly use SALTS), but Exodus has been relying on cached data from Trakt.

    One benefit of this fix though, is that you can use the same API key to fix Exodus – that’s what I’m going to do now, instead of other important things that I should be doing.

  95. Niijo, you aren’t supposed to need Trakt to use SALTS, but it is built around the Trakt site.

    I haven’t done a fresh installation of SALTS with no existing settings (i.e., a Trakt account already authorized).

    Since the SALTS FAQ says that you can use it without Trakt, you should.

    Come to think of it, this issue may well have broken SALTS even if the user had no Trakt account. I am thinking of the “Trending” and “Popular” lists – they are pulled from SALTS.

    One fix for anyone wanting to use SALTS without a Trakt account would be to go to the Addon Browser and open SALTS settings. On the Trakt.tv tab, select “Trakt API Offline Mode”.

    This *should* run SALTS without attempting to access Trakt. For regular users with Trakt accounts, SALTS has a database that it must rely upon with its cached data.

    As some users may know, SALTS doesn’t always access Trakt or even scrape websites every time you click something. TK setup a system where SALTS would use stored data from the web for a certain amount of time before hitting the servers again.
    You can see this in the places where there is a “Force Refresh” option.
    Had you been using SALTS without Trakt before this issue came up?

  96. Apparently my comment is still waiting to be moderated.
    The moderators must be taking the weekend off.

    That sucks, because I put a decent amount of time to address the remaining questions – as of the time I tried to post.

    Kodi Tips – when they feel like it, I guess.

  97. I have Kodi 17 on my fire stick how can I install the new update if the repository can only be manually downloaded? Please explain I’m tech stupid lol

  98. I’m having the same problem as Dallas. I do not have access to directory files (using Android TV), so cannot edit logs etc. A fix to this would be much appreciated. Running Kodi 17.3, Salts Version 2.0.195 installed from k3l3vra Zip file on USB

  99. Hey mac. I am also having the problem of it giving me an error whenever I attempt to search movies or tv shows from the main menu screen. It says “stream all the sources error. Check the log for more information” how do I check the log? I am running this on a max pro 4k box. And don’t have all the options that a computer would grant me.

    I have installed through the k3l3vra repo and I have version 2.0.195

    Thank you for any additional information.

  100. I have installed salts from k3l3vra it’s v2.0.195, keeps telling me ‘urlresolver failed to load. try settings repair urlresolver’ I go to “repair urlresolver” in SALTS then it says ‘addon required, would I like to download this addon’ I tap yes, then it tells me to restart kodi, I do then it just says URLR it must be downloaded. In kodi settings I have ‘Mrknow URLResolver v2017.06.14.1 by mrknow’ I don’t have just ‘URLResolver’ and I can’t access fusion to install URLResolver….can anyone help me?

  101. Niijo, you don’t need trakt to use the new one, it’s pretty much identical to the last version just a new developer and repo for it. You said you can’t open Movies or TV Shows; is there an error it’s showing at the top of the screen? Did you install k3l3vra’s repo? And is your SALTS v2.0.195?

    Andy, did you install the repo through fusion before it went down or did you install k3l3vra’s repo from a zip file? If you installed it using the zip file for k3l3vra’s repo then it works perfectly, just tested it and it’s not down.

  102. I read over all the posts before submitting this comment. It seems that most of the solutions are tied with tract. I however, do not have a tract account nor wish to subscribe at this time. I would like to use salts but like Clarissa (above) I cannot open neither TV shows or movies. Does this latest version require having an integrated tract account? I am not a noob and can handle any technical advice you throw at me. Thanks.

  103. Rudy mentioned that a few comments up .

    “Redirect uri: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob (pasted from suggestion on page)
    Javascript (cors) origins: {left blank}
    Permissions: both checked”

  104. Mine says Streamall the sources error. How do I fix it? I can’t stream tv shows or movies right now.

  105. AVR, I know almost nothing about Raspberry Pis. What I know of OSMC is what I just read after Googling it.
    Their site says “OSMC sports an App Store which lets you customise your OSMC experience to your liking. All from your remote.”
    If you can get apps installed, I would imagine that you could do this.
    Don’t try to do this with Kodi running, though.
    If you have to, and you’re like me, I’d still give it a try. But disable SALTS before trying.

    I wish I could be of more help. Surely there are support forums for Pis and OSMC that could help you to edit a text file.

  106. “Use the same URI, for devices. The Client Secret is your CLIENT_SECRET.
    The other thing that has an odd name is your V2_API_KEY.”

    Okay, So I’vegone through the steps to creat a new API app, and after doing so I received “Client ID” and “Client Secret”. The question I have is where do I get the V2_API_Key? Or is that the same as “Client ID”?

  107. Hi Doug,
    My problem is how do you browse through the file system from kodi itself. I’m on a pi running osmc and I have no way to browse to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.salts/salts_lib/
    Is there a file browser app we should download and the a text editor app that we can use in kodi using a remote or mouse?

    The other problem I have is I can click on the api link in trackt but it takes me to http://docs.trakt.apiary.io/# and from there we can download api blueprint and see a whole manual on APIs. Do we have to have an apiary account?

    Thank you for any help. Really appreciate it.

  108. I have upgraded to the latest version, 2.0.195.
    Every update will overwrite the trakt_api.py file, and this version has the same API key as the last: still broken. I assume the key was working when the new dev released 2.0.195.

    I have to believe that the dev understands this problem and will change the API key.
    If Trakt invalidates that new key (it will have a lot of use), it may be necessary to have the user provide his own key.

    There is something like this now for fanart – I don’t know much about the changes TK made for this. I just know that it makes getting thumbnails for episodes a major hassle for me. I wasted plenty of time figuring out how to mod the code so that “refresh images” does so for every episode in a season. I suspect this is exactly what TK was trying to avoid – load on the servers. But the load on this user of refreshing each episode of a series because of some change the dev made was, to say the least, time consuming.

    Please don’t take those comments to be derogatory of TK. I said that I don’t know much about the changes. I just know that it had some problems in the way I was using SALTS.

  109. ***Path Details***

    Use a text editor on trakt_api.py, and delete trakt_api.pyo.
    (.pyo files are created the first time a Python file is used.)

    On my Windows PCs, the path is:

    On my Android devices, the path is:

    I hope that is helpful. Clearly the path info was an oversight on my part.

  110. Hi Doug, I think the issue starts for most people with the following:

    “Also, look in special://home/addons/plugin.video.salts/salts_lib/ for trakt_api.py. (Delete its .pyo file while you’re there.)”

    Where is this file located, and what do we noobs use to edit it? I have all of the other stuff done, and know what info I need to edit in… but I can’t locate this damned file in order to do so.


  111. ok, got it working…. i reread all post here again and now working….but yes, what will be with trakt.api when will be SALTS update? btw, thanks Doug and others…..

  112. Once you have your Trakt app API codes edited into trakt_api.py, go into SALTs settings and authorize SALTS for trakt account (like in the past). It will present a code/pin to be entered in the trakt.tv/activate site from a system on the same network. You will then be promted to click YES to approve SALTS (which is the name you gave your app).


  113. Thx Rudy

    ” ********
    Return to the app and enter this PIN to connect your account. Each PIN is one time use.”

    Where do i need to enter it

  114. Here is what mine looks like:

    Name: SALTS
    Description: Kodi Salts
    Redirect uri: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob (pasted from suggestion on page)
    Javascript (cors) origins: {left blank}
    Permissions: both checked


  115. Anonymous on June 17, 2017 at 11:45 am is my post.

    Doug, do you think SALTs future update will restore the API to a working general app profile? I am thinking SALTs auto update should be disabled?


  116. Thanks Doug, your instructions work. After setting up a Trakt App which provides API key and secret code, then modifying the trakt_api.py file with updated data, SALTs trakt accout activation/authentication works like in the past.

  117. To those who understood the fix: you’re welcome!

    To those who didn’t:
    I can’t include screenshots here so further explanation may be difficult.
    Where are you getting lost? Is it at the “Login to trakt.tv” step?
    Give me something to go on.

  118. I am still using SALTS 2.0.194, but I encountered the problem that caused it to stop working.
    The log showed api.trakt.tv sending a 403 Error: Access Denied.

    I thought, I’ll bet those pesky Trakt people have revoked SALTS’ API key.

    This reminded me of back when the YouTube add-on was not working: the solution was to generate your own API key for YouTube.

    Fixing SALTS was much easier than I remember the hassle with YouTube.

    Login to trakt.tv, and click the API link at the bottom of the page. Also, look in special://home/addons/plugin.video.salts/salts_lib/ for trakt_api.py. (Delete its .pyo file while you’re there.)
    At line 49, you start to see exactly what you need to get for yourself. Getting your own API key on the Trakt site is very easy.

    Use the same URI, for devices. The Client Secret is your CLIENT_SECRET.
    The other thing that has an odd name is your V2_API_KEY.

    Drop those two things into the trakt_api.py file, and you’re set!

    I registered with Trakt from the add-on browser, since the SALTS icon would not sore me to get to settings.

  119. Just done the automatic update, got the SALTS error message, tried going on to it, just throws me back. Says to check the log but I haven’t the foggiest idea what to do.

  120. How do I do this on fire stick? My salts keeps saying error. I tried to update and it failed. Help please

  121. A lot of sites have taken offline, fusion is GONE!! TV addons.ag is gone, we’ll just have to wait on work arounds

  122. I tried all of the above….I get a “Could not connect to server” message. Ugh. Do I need to change my skin? I am very very extremely KODI illiterate!! Lol forgive me Kodi Gods for thou not know diddly squat.

  123. I get failed to
    Install dependency , salts context tool failed to load every time I try. Anyone know what’s this is all about?

  124. every time i try to play a movie in salts (using the new repo) via kodi on my laptop my anti virus blocks it as a threat . never ever had this happen before with any addon .

  125. I have tried to “Uninstall the Stream All The Sources addon” I currently have to install the beta version that is suppose to play. This might sound dumb but where do you find the Estuary skin? Is it the regular add-on that you hit when installing from zip files and repositories? When I do this however I do not see SALTS listed. I installed SALTS using fusiontvaddons.ag And if I am downloading the new beta for SALTS where would I download it to so it’s in the zip files when you go to ‘install from zip files’ Thank you

  126. I downloaded the zip and installed the k313vra repo. But then “couldn’t connect” to the repo.

  127. Me & wife have had the fire stick about six months no problem watching the new releases, we have been buying are xxx porn from the emporiom very expensive, one night we came across this fuck vids called white cream nice but we want xxx black porn, we keep getting required authorization crap openload pairing etc I’m 57years old she is 58years old? How can we make this crap go away.

  128. this is the log when salts crashes.. any advice please 🙁 :

    ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : –>Python callback/script returned the following error<— NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS!
    Error Type:
    Error Contents: incomplete format
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Users\Dima\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.salts\default.py”, line 2750, in
    File “C:\Users\Dima\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.salts\default.py”, line 2741, in main
    url_dispatcher.dispatch(mode, queries)
    File “C:\Users\Dima\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.module.tknorris.shared\lib\url_dispatcher.py”, line 97, in dispatch
    self.func_registry[mode](*args, **kwargs)
    File “C:\Users\Dima\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.salts\default.py”, line 1250, in get_sources
    line3 = i18n(‘remaining_under’) % (‘, ‘.join([name for name in fails]))
    ValueError: incomplete format
    –>End of Python script error report<–

  129. Salts.go into your settings and go to source management and under auto play make sure it says directory so wen u press stop ,all your sources are still there,ya need to tweak the settings in salts to get it working great.my favourite add on by a mile,it has a better search function than any add on,add real debrid,and you will get programs and sources you,d never normally get..

  130. Is there any chance salts will remember the source list so that if one doesn’t work the list doesn’t have to be scanned all over again? It is maddening trying 5-10 sources for a good one and having to wait 60-100 seconds every time for the list to be regenerated.

  131. Mine is showing version 2.0.155 but, it’s not working. It keeps showing “URL Resolver failed to update”.

  132. Hi. Is there a known issue with salts? If I go to my next episodes it shows an error and tells me to check the log. I installed the addon several times without any effect.

  133. SALTS used to allow you to scroll down to the next option after a failed source, but now it backs out of the “Choose your stream” section entirely, to the main title selection screen.

    Is there any way to fix it like it used to be? I hate having to wait for the sources to all reload after a failed link.

  134. The new update works but the option to clear cache has been removed. It’s no longer under the programs tab when I open up Kodi.

  135. Keep having same issue SALTS keeps crashing on me. I’ve even tried the Beta Repo and still crashes ? I have SALTS installed on my Nvidia Shield running Jarvis 16.1. Have both Kodi and SPMC and it keeps crashing on both whenever I try searching a movie.

    Any ideas on what can be causing this ? I’ve tried different settings and inputted my Trakt and Real-Debrid info as well

  136. No links will play on a fresh updated install. Various errors…… Having problems with all of my other Kodi addons too…

  137. Anyone know what happen to the artwork for all tv shows and movies? no more covers. is there a fix for this?
    thank you

  138. SALTS has worked seamlessly for weeks now. The last week or so now, it has been giving me issues. First the movie/tv show artwork didn’t work (which was annoying but no big deal)… now I’m having database issues? Uninstalled it, cleared cache, restarted fire stick, then reuploaded it. Nothing. Anyone found a solution to this?

  139. Same problem. SALTS not working. It seems to be a database problem. Even making a new search or a recent search that few weeks ago worked, it causes an error.

  140. We have searched for a solution to SALTS not working to no avail. We can get to the point where we click on a recent search item, and then we get the error “script failed” or similar.
    I have uninstalled, cleared the cache (manually), and reinstalled SALTS several times to no avail.
    We would love to have SALTS working again, and any assistance would be most appreciated!

  141. Hello, first of all I love SALTS. Secondly I can’t download files to my GBox Q. Is there any other way to update the app? Plse help, I am lost without SALTS. Thanks in advance.

  142. Salts recently only seems to collect results from Phoenix, Specto and Exodus with 2 links each (sometimes a few others) instead of listing all the links for manual selection with universal resolver listings in green. Salts is set with autoplay off and to list Universals in green. Any assistance in changing the settings back?

  143. I was getting the error too, but here was my fix…I just uninstalled SALTS in Kodi, cleared my cache on the firestick app, and reinstalled tknorris from fusion. From there I installed the updated version of SALTS.

  144. Hi, I know a few people have mentioned about the information option not being available, the same has happened to mine, is there a way to get this back please ? also can I get back the tick showing me what episode has been watched ?


  145. This app has changed, I don’t get notified about new updates and in not signing in wen I never used to.then I go to read about salts update and just talks about exodus? ?wtf?

  146. My Kodi fire stick has this come up its only just happened
    Stream all the sources error,check the log in for more information .
    I have no idea of how to even check log in information to do this,can you help please.

  147. I have a same problem as jt.
    Please tell us how we can get back the MOVIE INFORMATION” AND “SHOW INFORMATION” button

  148. on June 5, 2016 at 9:06 am I asked…

    What happened to “Movie Information” and “Show Information”…? They were there up until the past few months, and is very helpful information. Please put it back on the menu. Thx.

    and got no response…so I’ll ask again today (I’ll try being a little louder)…

    WHAT HAPPENED TO “MOVIE INFORMATION” AND “SHOW INFORMATION”…? THEY WERE THERE UP UNTIL MAYBE APRIL OR MAY…and then just disappeared. Please put that information back in the menu. Thx

  149. I am getting no streams coming up on my movie or tv section with this add on n and even exodus .. any ideas how to fix this ???

  150. Lastest update seems to have problems. When getting sources for a movie it gets stuck at 97% and never brings up the list of available sources.

  151. For some reason SALTS was working perfectly and now in the last 2 weeks won’t allow me to go to past the second page, now getting error log. System automatically updated me to 2.0.52. Is their a fix to this issue?

  152. What happened to “Movie Information” and “Show Information”…? They were there up until the past few months, and is very helpful information. Please put it back on the menu. Thx.

  153. Still the PROBLEM of shows and films simply DISAPPEARING from the Watch List. The last time there were four series (active) that were missing from the TV Watch List. Why? How does that happen? If it can be fixed (why couldn’t it be?), please fix it. I know I’m not the first to have this happen. Thanks.

  154. This is a great app, but too often it just craps out. It is a PITA to manually try source after source trying to find one that’ll actually stream. Two features I’d like to see are 1) if source fails, immediately try the next one without requiring user intervention and 2) automatically download copies of watched shows as they become available, keeping them for 7-10 days by default with the option of keeping forever.

  155. Thank you, my SALTS were stopped working, but after installing beta tknorris everything is great again. Very thankful for your job.

  156. Does anyone know how to fix “stream all the sources error” check the log for more information – I installed add on Salts on kodi (T95) today and keep getting this message!

  157. can som 1 help me with the tv shows via salts? the movies works normal but when i go on sals to watch any tv show, all the shows are there but when i go on any like arrow the seasons comes up but when i go in seasons its all blank.

  158. Every movie gives me a URL resolver fault and won’t play, used SALTS yesterday and it was fine, did the auto configure today and now it won’t work, help????!!!!????

  159. I need help please. Since about 3 weeks ago my Trakt user ratings and watched shows aren’t working anymore. I can watch episodes but after each episode where I use to get the rating box I don’t get that anymore. Any ideas?

  160. After further investigation since my last posting on 2/28/16 I think I found the trigger to the problem I reported. It appears that SALTS will remove a show from the saved list be it a subscription, favorite, or what have you if after watching a show you mark it as watched. Great App but very annoying bug. Here is hoping you read this, look into it, and fix it as I think it would be an easy fix.

  161. I love the SALTS app. One of the more reliable apps in my stream box. Although I wanted to know if you are aware of a very annoying bug that cropped up several weeks ago? The subscription list linked to trakt.tv is unstable. I will have say 15 shows in my subscription list. Next time I log in i will have maybe 12. The other 3 disappeared on their own. Next time I am down to 8. it seems to happen more often to shows I watch more then others. Logging into trakt.tv the shows are still listed there, just not in the SALTS app. I just ran the updater on my box yesterday so it should be on latest version. Please let me know if you are aware of this and perhaps if it will get fixed soon. TY

  162. And Guy, do you have the beta version of SALTS or the official? Check your tknorris repository to see if it says “beta testing repository” or “release repository”

  163. This addon is amazing and remains #1 for me despite the entry of exodus. The only thing that could really improve the experience further would be if it were possible to try different links without rescanning for sources each attempt.

  164. Hi
    My salts wont update past 2.01 my daughters is 2.06 I believe. Is there something I need to do. I deleted spr for the tvaddons. Its up to date as when it loaded it was isrengard 15.2 and had exodus

  165. Salts 2.0.5 gives me me nothing but Tract 503, Service Unavailable errors even though track is fine with other addons

  166. At this point, SALTS remains my go-to favorite–most dependable addon for good sources/streams w most useful options for optimizing. Kudos & thx to tk (?and gang)…jt PS–Exodus looking good as a possible second…kudos and thx to lambda (?and gang), and who knows how much better it might get? Genesis was my go-to in the past…hope to see some (friendly) competition between them (and among the rest as well)–seems to stimulate the creative juices and hone the skills. You developers just keep on making this thing better and better. (Now it would appear we need trakt.tv to be a little more stable and to keep improving, too. Maybe it needs some competition?)

  167. I love SALTS.Wish I had downloaded it sooner. Also installed it on daughters android box and she can now get HD quality whereas using other repos had to watch in medium or low quality

  168. Tk is the man, I love SALTS with Trakt, keeps track of all my shows. And no, this doesn’t do the torrent thing. Just wanted to put out some positive comments for a wonderful addon.

  169. anyone help i have the version 1.0.96 but when i click on tv shows or movies i get script failed other addons are working fine ive uninstalled it and reinstalled it

  170. Do you guys know tk was gonna walk away it is bc of all the complaining if something doesn’t work for you then you don’t have to complain.

  171. Tk I love your app thank you for keeping up this wonderful app instead of people complaining thank these ppl who them we would have to watch a bunch o boring commercials and not see half what we want. Ty to i love you for this.

  172. I am having the same issue Tyler. It was working flawlessly 24 hours or so ago, now almost all of the HD links are gone, and the links either time out or just give me an error. It looks like the sources have been changed, yet I never had an issue before and everything I played was a minimum of 720p flawlessly. Now I am struggling to watch anything and get SD quality if it plays at all.

    I am glad it is not just me. I also have 3 paid debrid accounts and even they are giving me errors on SALTS.

  173. I used SALTS the other day and movies worked great but I cannot stream any TV shows. No links come up. Anybody have issues with this?

  174. I have noticed that SALTS confuses links on some movies. For example the new Steve Jobs film… it brings up links from another Steve Jobs films. The same with Legend (2015) and a few others. Any way to solve this?

  175. I can’t find a way to install the beta on my Amazon Fire, the only methods I can find are to download a zip file but obviously I can’t do this, is there a url I can enter to get the beta repo?

  176. After the last update I’m no longer getting the check mark next to episodes I’ve already watched. It was very handy and I’d like to turn that feature back on. I’ve tried resetting all the add-on’s defaults. Any thoughts?

  177. hey for those of you who are getting script errors, i too had the same problem. in order to fix this issue go into settings and reset db and then restart and you should be back up and running in no time. cheers

  178. Salts was fine until it updated to 1.0.79. Now when it runs to either movies or tv, it comes up with a script error. Now it wont work at all.
    Any ideas?

  179. Hi, my library don’t update at all i have to delete the tvshow and re add it… i have th same issue with Genesis…

  180. With Genesis and SALTS one needs nothing else! You can set them both to download to a NAS so everyone can have a mega media server!

    Both work best with Trakt.tv

  181. You need to SALTs beta version. 1.0.0 is the official release. I find the beta kept more up to date and worth it as a trade off for a few bugs. Instructions above are for the beta

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