Are you seeing a “Web Request Failed” Kodi error and aren’t sure what to do? Read on below for information on how to fix your issues!

Are you trying to access live streams in Kodi but are seeing a “Web Request Failed” Kodi error message? If you are running Kodi 17, there is an easy fix to this: enable RTMP in Kodi.

RTMP is a protocol that works in the backend of Kodi to translate web video content into a format that Kodi can read and playback. By default, Kodi 17 disables RTMP by default, so you’ll get this “Web Request Failed” Kodi error when you try to watch live streams from addons such as Sportie, SportsDevil, and others.

To fix this error, simply enable RTMP using our guide below. For more information on RTMP, refer to our guide here.


How to Enable RTMP in Kodi (“Web Request Failed” Kodi Error Fix)

  1. From the Kodi main menu, click on Addons. If you are using a skin or build, this is probably found by going to Settings > Add-ons.
  2. Click on My Add-ons and then go into the VideoPlayer InputStream section.
  3. Click on the RTMP Input option and click on Enable. 
  4. As well if it isn’t already, click on InputStream Adaptive and click Enable.
  5. That’s it! Try to enable RTMP in Kodi and see if this fixes your Kodi streaming issues.


And that’s it! Hopefully you can now stream live video from your favorite Kodi addons.

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