Cartoons8 Kodi Addon Install: Cartoons & Anime on Kodi

Get the Cartoons8 Kodi addon today and enjoy cartoons and anime for all ages from multiple different animated websites on the internet. 

February 7th: The Cartoons8 Kodi addon has been brought back online by Goliath and is being maintained again! You can install it from Goliath’s repository and the latest version is v2.0.0

The Cartoons8 Kodi add-on is originally from Metalkettle, but is now developed and maintained by Goliath. It is one of the longest working Kodi cartoon addons. Featuring four different sources with animated cartoons TV shows, movies, and anime, there are a ton of sections to search through.

Included in the addon are the following sources:

  • 9Cartoon
  • Super Cartoon
  • GogoAnime
  • AnimeXD

Each source has its own favourites, popular, recently added, and category sections to search through and find what you want. As shown in the names above, some sections are focused on kids cartoons on Kodi and others are good anime Kodi sources.

Most links are single click and play. Some sections show empty because the source is down or has changed and Metalkettle is needed to update the addon, but there is enough working content in the addon to keep you interested.

Note that the Cartoons8 Kodi addon hosts no streams of its own. It simply pulls in content from websites publicly available on the internet.

If you would like to install the Cartoons8 Kodi addon, check out the information below.


How to Install Cartoons8 Kodi Addon

Incursion is available via GitHub by goliath-evolve. If you have the Git Browser Kodi addon, you can easily install the goliath-evolve Repository and the Incursion addon.

TIP: Do NOT install the video addon plugin by itself using the Git Browser. Install the repository in order to receive all dependencies and future updates.


And that’s it! Go enjoy cartoons Kodi and anime Kodi content. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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20 thoughts on “Cartoons8 Kodi Addon Install: Cartoons & Anime on Kodi”

  1. I have gogoanime on my fire stick and was working fine until resent and now I keep getting the check log errors I even have a vpnvanish, and I’m still getting the errors. Please any advise would be helpful

  2. Is anyone having problems with gogoanime? The pair thing doesn’t work for some reason…

  3. Ok update here:
    Turns out I was being a douchebag; shame on me. This addon works perfectly.
    However I understood why I was having such a hard timrlr getting anything to work.
    Lesson 1: If like me you have Superepo installed: DELETE IT NOW AND NEVER GO BACK TO IT. It mostly carries obsolete versions of the addons, and you’ll have hard time getting anything to work.
    Lesson 2: if you are looking for a specific addon, go in extra lengths to find its creator’s original repository to get the latest version. In this case the one specified in the instructions works fine.

  4. You know what is killing kodi: This clusterf***k of addons that are nor working. I’d rather have ONE working addon than this bunch of s**t. And no being free is no excuse to pollute the internet whith cr*p that is not maintained.

  5. If it worked then it is free. But it doesn’t work for shit and is a waste of time, so it’s not free. Time is money.

  6. Excellent! Since upgrading to 17.3 I lost all my Addons, and as a Kodi noob, needed to learn a bit, this worked fine for me, Cartoons8 works great! thanks 🙂

  7. I would just like to say, THANK YOU FOR THIS TUTORIAL. People need to realize this is all free, and with all aspects of technology there will be flaws here and there. Complaining about it will do nothing, just try and try again until we see results! well i just found mine, Cartoons8 works perfectly and is a fantastic app!

  8. so wasting 10 minutes to install and check whether its working or not is a serious dent in your life?.if you cant spare the time, don’t do kodi!!

  9. is there a way not to use open load as a source? I don’t want to have to pair anything. Thanks

  10. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s OK wasting our time on it. I’d rather pay and get something reliable and not frustrating.

  11. to the first poster.some work, some don’t,but that’s no excuse for your attitude. we are getting things for grateful

  12. Awesome glad to see that ye are aware of the issues and they are been looked at. This is the best cartoon add on. Has nearly everything.

  13. Dear Anonymous, these instructions are the right ones. However, because the Metal Kettle repository is apart of the TVaddons repo. It is currently offline and they are experiencing some severe server issues. Give them a few days to get everything back online.

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