TVAddons & Offshoregit Future Update

A letter sent out to developers who hosted repositories on Offshoregit gives hints on the TVAddons and Offshoregit future and hints about what is to come.

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Earlier this week, an email was sent out addressing Offshoregit future to all developers and it also hints at the future of TVaddons and what changes to the community may be coming following the Dish Network complaint filed in course at the end of May.

As we reported earlier, it appears that TVAddons will be returning in an understandably modified capacity in the near future. As well, it is also correct that TorrentFreak was sensationalizing their reporting on the whole situation. This created confusion and pessimism in the Kodi community. Both of these things should make Kodi users breath a sigh of relief, at least a little bit.

The ten page document outlining the future of Offshoregit begins with a one page letter, which is shown below. It addresses “playlist” add-ons where users manually upload and hotlink to media content as being prohibited in the future for legal reasons. It also pushes the idea of legitimate add-on development, which grabs streams from legal sources on the internet such as FilmOn and USTVNow. This is good for all Kodi users, as these sources have servers that can handle the large amount of Kodi traffic. In turn, this should mean more reliable and better quality streams.

The rest of the document outlines specific information on how to setup a secure and proper Kodi repository, including encrypting git information, minimizing bandwidth load, and optimizing dependencies and images within a repo.

So, the Kodi community continues to wait for an update on the TVAddons and Offshoregit future. Our home page will update users as soon as something happens, however read the letter below for some reassurance that the Kodi community will continue on strong.

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Letter Addressing Offshoregit Future:

Dear Developer:

No one likes to read a ten (page) letter, I know that. I really spent a lot of time writing this, and truly care about our community. I hope that for that reason you will take the information in here seriously, because even the most advanced developers make mistakes in regards to their privacy.

I’m not going to comment anything from last week, but will note that pretty much everything you’ll read online (including the TorrentFreak article) are highly sensationalized and spread all kinds of incorrect information.

As for the future, it’s important for us all to ensure that everyone is in compliance with the law. That means that you can’t publicize any time of specific content titles anywhere. It would also be nice to see people come up with fun and unique add-on names.

We are unable to associate with anything to do with direct linking, and strongly discourage you all from associating with those who do. Playlist add-ons are basically the same thing as running your own Primewire site, definitely not a good idea.

I’m personally looking very forward to seeing new legitimate add-on development, some of the most popular add-ons are legitimate ones, think FilmOn and USTVNOW, and there are definitely more sources to be found.

In closing, I’d like to assure everyone that TV ADDONS is not going anywhere, moving forward things are going to be more efficient, stronger, and more peaceful. Thank you all for supporting our community for so long, much love to all of you.


Eleazar Coding


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55 thoughts on “TVAddons & Offshoregit Future Update”

  1. Tvaddons repo is working again, legal addons only from what I can see. The main website however is still down. That’s weird.

  2. Dish Network Sues ‘ZemTV’ and ‘TV Addons’ For Copyright Infringement By Ernesto on June 5, 2017 Google search
    There isn’t one creditable source to back this claim up. This is all Bull Shit and crap hole places like this keep spreading the hearsay. What’s the court case number? I’ve been following this from day one and why are half the responses missing. Why? How the hell are they sending notices to the developers when they don’t know who they are? What? Law suit in care or Sports devil or Mucky ducks? I keep downloading sports devil on to a build as a zip, not repo, it tells me there’s an update, it fails, but when I check it’s not the 6-3 update but the 5-31. Hum, how the fuck is that possible if they’re totally of line? Once again pony up some proof or STFU. Who’s trying to pull what on who. TV addons isn’t going around spreading the hearsay, you are!

  3. @zemelya, alot of addons took source from filmon also before it went paid, filmon is legal, maybe you did not know or was aware, so please stop posting as all was illegal. Freeview, USTVNOW and filmon was legal.

  4. zemelya USTVnow and freeview, UStvnow has 9 free channels, freeview as long as you are in UK it was free and legal.

  5. Ok, here is my opinion on all that. If I buy a DVD or download a movie from the open source site(not the one that created it, like SONY or Universal) and then I burn DVD from it and give it to my friend, is it legal? Yes, it is because I didn’t charge any money for it. But if I burn this movie to a DVD or will buy DVD and make a copy and the sell either of those, that’s illegal.
    The whole lawsuit started not from streaming movies or TV shows from the open sources website but because some addons had an option for the live TV channels or shows. That’s why the first addons that died were Phoenix, Zen,Navi X and such. Not exodus or SALTS. They went down because the whole TVAddons went down. Streaming movies and/or TV Shows is fine. There are thousands website that do that for monthly fees and not in Europe (and in Europe), I am using those and nobody brings it down for years and probably never will because that is literally impossible unless they block them like in China or North Korea. And in Europe.
    So bad news for live TV fans and sports(not sarcasm, my son loves “live” sport) but, hey, too bad. There will be options to get legal addons for monthly fees, there are addosn like that. Cheaper than cable but not cheap, up to $30.00-40.00 per month, why would I do that for live TV channels??? I won’t
    So, the point I was trying to make that TVAddons will be back with streaming addons and some legal live TV channels addons(read the article above) with monthly subscription. Whether to get them or not, that’s up to you, guys, it a free world(supposedly). Personally, I don’t care about those so I will have easier live. Free will, it’s a bitch. Anybody disagree?

  6. This is something that should be greatly considered. I myself have been researching this situation for the past few weeks. This is what everyone needs to understand. First, there is no right or wrong answer involved in this battle of Streaming VS. Downloading torrents or zip files, or whatever it is you do. Second, the real issue started in Europe, and the UK. So lets bring this to the attention of those of us from across the POND. For one you don’t have to have a gadget like James Bond to watch a movie/ TV show, there has always been the Internet. For two, this article sums up the issues within the plot to our current Story.

    Please take note, I have in no way commited any crime by posting the link to a site in which they clearly speak of and point out the Legality of Streaming Tech. So on that fond yet rather unique tone, Please read this carefully!

  7. Everyone who is hating on TVaddons & care about legal addons. You are all pirates cause I know you’ve used Exodus. If you had fusion report on your kodi you were all streaming content that would piss off the creators. But you did it anyway. And all of you who installed fusion and didn’t have exodust, well you are either lying or were idiots. Kodi was the best thing I found after torrents. And I support, respect and admire each and every repository owner and addon coder out there. So stop complaining and long live the age of Streaming Addons. Also if I wanted to watch live TV I would go back to the 80s and 90s. That’s when it mattered. Death to live TV 😂 long live on demand addon developers😎

  8. @Conwayguy., He is down for the maintenance, too many people connecting. I’ve heard that Exodus is on the version 3.1.18 now and with TraktTv working again. So is the SALTS

  9. @Kodifan. Really??? Name me at least one “Legal Addon”? The only addons that are legal are those that don’t have live TV links, streaming is legal, it doesn’t brake any laws since it’s an open source. But I do love to heat about legal addons from you, seriously. I don’t give a damn about live TV, totally agree with one of the Anonymous above. All I want is to stream movies and TV Shows. If I want to know the news, I got an internet. Sorry about sports TV fans, not me though.

  10. I think its good that tvaddons is down. Many user Used Addons withoug knowing they break the Law. There are many good Legal Addons. You have to pay the source, but its wrong to think “Its on the Internet it must be free”.

  11. This is truly annoying. Especially when I have saved lists of tv shows and movies in Exodus. Now I have to find them separately. When will it come bacK.

  12. sure it is free to destroy the best TV addons fusion if idiot can rub clean tvaddons kodi do not have safe guard what he did so left his foot print,
    kodi should reinstall whole fusion for free and safe guard it all tvaddons.
    if kodi want to sell vpn services it will be outrages not free like youtube.
    please fix it as you request with in few days please.

  13. Help me!! I know tvaddons and fusion is down but i would like to know how to download TV-DESIZON addons to watch indian tv shows and movie.

  14. Terry & Melissa….See Neil’s post above with the link…Download the zip file and then run it in Kodi Addons, Install from Zip File (remember where you downloaded the file). Wait a while, as this site is very busy. Then install whatever addon you want from Simply Caz Repo. It will take a while, so do not be impatient….

  15. Help!! I deleted fusion and exodus from kodi. With fusion down I’m unable to reinstall. From what I understand I need fusion to download any other repositories. Is this true? Is there anyway to make my kodi work again?

  16. What Netflix and all the other broadcasters fail to realise is that if we spent 100 dollars a month and subscribed to all of them, we could get 85 percent of everything they have for free on kodi. The broadcaster who can come up with Exodus content for 10 bucks a month can have my money.

  17. Put the servers in Russia, they can’t do anything in Russia, most people do who don’t wanna get caught, XD

  18. I am I’m full support of of TA and Kodi. I watch mostly movies and love the wrk u guys r doing. Keep up the excellent job and thank u for go to bat for us.

  19. They won’t be back anytime soon. Both the Exodus and SALTS Trakt API keys have been deleted from the Trakt website, done to obviously prevent either of the addons working with Trakt anymore.

  20. I loved TVAddons… Now I”m scrambling to find new sources… I would gladly pay for the content I can get from TVaddons sources. I don’t need live TV… I Just want to be able to stream all my favorite shows from one place. Netflix doesn’t have them all, CraveTV doesn’t have them all… and supposedly they are the best two streaming services in Canada.

  21. Great content and best of all…it is FREE! People will find ways to complain about everything, but the truth is that TV Addons provided a great free service to everyone and I am truly thankful for redeeming the thousands of dollars wasted with the cable company by connecting with Kodi and TV Addons.

    Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome!

  22. Seems that Tva thought the community could not survive without them. They leave there is a little hiccup and right back to business as usual. Now they want back in. No thanks.

  23. From what I understand Dish Network has a lot of problems. For years people were able to watch satellite TV for free because of the Dishnet card hack and from what I understand it’s going to be happening again

  24. Grey site going dark for “maintenance” without prior warning and promising to come back stronger than ever? Right, what can be wrong…

    Reminds me of brick-and-mortar shops being closed for refurbishing… weeks long 😉

  25. What makes me incredibly angry is the lack of respect TVA /EC has for its members. As before, they just went offline with no warning whatsoever. Many of its members donate whenever they can and to not be warned about going offline and removing their Facebook page is just kicking them in the teeth.
    Shame on you EC.

  26. Forget all this garbage and forget TVA. I don’t use kodi for live tv, just shows and movies, so I installed Bob from noobsandnerds and called it a day.

  27. ANN, you are correct. They have provided a great service. I appreciate them. Thx guys. Faithful till the end.

  28. @Keith good point.

    EC and TVA do a bunch of articles with TF all ok and then suddenly they’re supposed to be reporting hype? I don’t buy the turnaround.


  30. I believe Eleazar is talking about Live TV Playlists such as the ones Shani was using in Zem.

    Addons that link directly to Live TV channel links are the same as hosting them yourself from a Developer standpoint.

    Addons such as Primewire link to a website, but not a direct link. Think of the Primewire addon as a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, where the user must browse through it in order to get to a link.

    In the case of an Addon with different Live TV sections, the developer of that addon has created a Playlist of Live TV links directly to the source.

    I can see why Shani got snagged and they basically tagged TVADDONS as an accessory to it for promoting it on their website.

  31. The whack a mole of kodi addons has begun. For Dish TV to claim victory would be premature. Developers will just get more clever and do more to hide their identity and put layers of protection between them and those that intend to sue them. Expect more piracy not less with television content

  32. Let me get this straight? TVA disappears but EC won’t talk about what happened. We all know: LAWSUIT

    And TVA isn’t going anywhere? It’s already gone and good reason as well. All this talk of being legal is a bit pointless no? have a file on EC a mile thick, too little too late.

  33. Love KODI and the features you have provided me for the past year and a half. Love the British Shows and mysteries the most…but also have been able to see movies I missed over the years of hard work and now retired and almost 81 so this KODI Thingie is absolutely GREAT! Thanks, Don Crabill

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