Fix Covenant today by following our guide on how to solve your problems, get answers, and return more streams in Kodi.

November 16th: The Colossus Repo is currently DOWN. Covenant is down for those trying to install it. Click here for more information.


The Covenant Kodi addon is a powerful tool that searches the public internet for media files that are freely available. Sometimes, isolated users may find that everything is broken and media that would normally be unavailable is not present. Instead of complaining and being apart of the problem, fix Covenant and be apart of the solution at the same time!

Users don’t realize that Covenant has an official forum on Github that is meant to be used to bug submissions. By submitting your case to the Covenant development team, you may save and help out a lot of people.



How to Fix Covenant

  1. First, enable debugging on Kodi. From the main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > SYSTEM > Logging  (make sure your Settings level is Standard or Expert if you don’t see this) > Turn on the “Enable Debug Logging” option.
  2. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install From Repository > Kodi Add-on Repository.
  3. Select Program Add-ons > Kodi Log Uploader > Install and wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  4. Restart Kodi
  5. Launch Covenant and go through the process of launching a specific title that was previously not working.
  6. When you are done, launch Kodi Log Uploader from your Program add-ons folder.
  7. Wait a moment and the Kodi Log Updater program will automatically upload your log to the internet. It will give you an ubuntu.com address you can copy down.
  8. Visit the Covenant Github Issues Page.
  9. Click on the green New Issue button.
  10. Give your issue a description title and in the comment section, explain what you were trying to do and provide as much information as possible such as OS, Kodi version, build, etc. Make sure to paste the log file address you copied above. When you are done, click on Submit New Issue.

And that’s it! Covenant developers will be able to read through your log file, diagnose your issues, and provide feedback on how to fix Covenant for not just you, but everyone else who visits the issues page!

Be apart of the solution and post your log using the instructions above if you feel that Covenant is not working and should be.

Here are some other common problems and solutions that may help you get answers before taking the steps above:

  • Lots of streaming websites are blocked in the UK and users from that area will always see less selection unless using a VPN. Click here for more information.
  • Some file hosts, such a Gvideo, are more volatile than others and have the tendency for links to go down. This is not the fault of Covenant and there is no fix.
  • Free media streams will always have more volatility and will be prone to buffer and links being removed. Check out Real-Debrid for more reliable HD content.
  • Older and more obscure content is probably not available on the public internet, so expect to see more “No Stream Available” errors.
  • If you’ve installed a build, you can’t control how Covenant or its repo were installed. We recommend trying a fresh install of Covenant from factory reset to see if that fixes your issues.
  • Covenant is not available from a repo http source and the only official way to install the repo is by manually downloading the zip file from Github. If you installed Covenant from an unofficial source, all of the right dependencies may not have been installed.


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