Install Indigo Kodi Add-on: Config Wizard, Addon Installer, Maintenance, Log Uploader, Speed Test

The Indigo Kodi add-on from TVADDONS is a perfect quick-start Kodi guide, offering maintenance tools, add-ons, a log viewer, speed test, and more.

June 21st: Indigo has been updated to v4.0.5 with a new feature called No-Coin which detects if any scripts on your Kodi hardware are mining for cryptocurrencies.

There have been some reported articles of Kodi addons secretly mining cryptocurrencies in the background, using up your CPU and slowing down devices. If you have Indigo installed, you can now see if you are affected by running the No-Coin Scan option from within the main menu.

Official change log for v4.0.5 is as follows:

  • Added No-Coin Crypto-Mining detection
  • Improved Log Viewer to support No-Coin reporting
  • Improvements to and for better Error Handling
  • Minor Code Cleanup to prepare for Python 3.x


The Indigo Kodi add-on is a quick start tool for new and veteran Kodi users, providing a lot of basic options in one quick spot. You can quickly install add-ons, perform maintenance, factory reset, speed test, and work with your Kodi logs right inside of the add-on.

Here are all of the options that the Indigo Kodi add-on offers:

NOTE: If you have any of the old TVA add-ons installed, Indigo will delete them and install itself.

  • Config Wizard – Installs a selection of Kodi add-ons from TVADDONS
  • Addon Installer – Provides an “app store” style option to install Kodi add-ons from official repositories. Also contains Git Browser.
  • Maintenance Tools – Perform routine Kodi maintenance such as clearing cache, wiping add-ons, purge add-ons, etc
  • Rejuvenate Kodi – Wipes your current Kodi setup AND installs the config wizard
  • Factory Restore – Wipes your current Kodi setup and leaves you with a base installation
  • Log Uploader – Upload your Kodi log and email it to an address of your choosing
  • Network Speed Test – Test your upload/download speed in Kodi
  • System Information – A list of basic information about your Kodi setup (version, etc)
  • Sports Listings – A listing of sports events and what channel they are on to help assist you in finding a stream.
  • Backup/Restore – Backup and restore your Kodi setup
  • Log Viewer – View your current Kodi log without exiting Kodi
  • No-Coin Scan – Scan’s your Kodi directory for any crypto mining applications.
  • Notifications (Opt Out) – Disable the Indigo Kodi add-on from sending you notifications;

Interested in trying out the Indigo Kodi add-on? Follow the installation guide below:

How to Install Indigo Kodi Add-on Install Guide

ON Kodi `7 Krypton Only: From the main menu, navigate to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Turn On Unknown Sources > Click Yes.

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like “Fusion”. and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen.
    1. ON Kodi 17 Krypton: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    2. ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > begin-here > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification


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62 thoughts on “Install Indigo Kodi Add-on: Config Wizard, Addon Installer, Maintenance, Log Uploader, Speed Test”

  1. How do I fix my indigo error? It says error with my log files..
    I have deleted my cache files.
    Help please..
    Have other problems to with my KODI, like no searching available and while watching shows or movies it skips, fast forwards slows down or just stops. If anyone has any ideas please help..

  2. My kodi system has the indigo error. When I do the reboot, I get the following msg “couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?” It does not respond after thus and I still have the indigo error. Is there anything I can do?
    [email protected] please help if you are able to.

  3. I keep getting an indigo error. I have cleared the cache files and have a VPN on and running. Is anyone else having this problem? Help if you can please 🙂

  4. @K lubb

    Rather than using “Than” you really should have written “Then” dumbshit.
    It’s called Google, use it dumbass!

  5. Wow, most of you ppl are dumb as shit. First off before you go asking kodi why a tvaddon isnt working, maybe google it. Than you would know that tvaddons repo was shut down. I see a small few of you did know this but it took me five seconds to find it out when mine stopped working. Its called google dumbshits.

  6. Been trying for 2days to download version 17.3 followed all instructions get to add on from zip file click on fusion but won’t come up begin from here HELP

  7. Tv addons was shut down, like phoenix, as I understand. I had to go to other repos to reload exodus (which is in the tvaddons repo), likely same for indigo.

  8. Boy wonder on june13 2017 at 9.30 am

    Can not download indigo, put in, get to begin here, click on it and get,
    BIG UPDATES coming, in the next few days, stay tuned For the best . any idea how long

  9. Same here I can’t instal Indigo nor I can find Shani and shahid on the repo in fusion is this me only all everyone I want to see some football match tomorrow 🙁 recently bought a new tv box thought I would install them 🙁

  10. I too do not have Indigo in the folder… After I’ve clicked on “begin-here”. The next folder is blank. How to I get the link “ file” so I can continue to load Indigio?? Can Someone please help??

  11. For 3days now I’ve had no kodi
    I can’t install indigo and when it finally loads
    Add-on maintenance
    Factory restore etc us all there

  12. If you’re having any issues installing indigo, go back to the ‘downloader app’ used for Kodi. In the URL section type: – open in browser – click begin here in the index – click on the indigo zip and download it. Go back into Kodi and install from zip. Search for indigo in ‘external storage’ under the folder ‘Downloader’. Did the same thing with Exodus in the Repo section. Fyi you will not get the config wizard or rejuvenate options with indigo using this method but you can manually install add-ons. After these methods I then attempted to re install from source and indigo ‘featured addons’ and things started working better.

    Hope this helps some of y’all.

    Happy streaming

  13. Well I was able to add Exodus but I had to go into Indigo video add-ons, Addon Installer, Featured Addons, and select Exodus, also in system settings I have it set to advance, without the config wizard selection have to manually add each 🙁 and it’s loading somewhat slower now

  14. Indigo in 17.3 has no, zero, nadda config wiz today. Useful, like a paperweight. Indigo, psssssst hey Indigo, wake up!

  15. Hi, I have installed 17.3, then installed Fusion for the Indigo install. On opening there is no Config wizard on the Indigo app. has it been removed due to some of the devs leaving their add ons

  16. June 7. Reinstall of Kodi 17.3 on FS. No trouble until trying to do Indigo. Fails to download. I just did this with another until a couple days ago.

  17. I accidentally cleared my data from kodi and had to re install indigo . Kept getting the error no zip file when I clicked on config wizard . After hours of searching , what I did was install kodi 17.0 , installed indigo but didn’t run it . Followed on how to update to kodi 17.3 . Updated kodi to 17.3 & then opened indigo and ran config wizard . It still did not add all the apps like the wizard is supposed to . And for that , u can add them manually & find most in the featured apps section . But for exodus this is what I did next: I followed this website’s steps : from step #10 & it finally put exodus on there . Now exodus is running correctly with kodi 17.3 . I’m electronically challenged so this was a huge nightmare for me , but hopefully it helps others trying to put exodus back on their kodi.

  18. I just got Kodi 17.3v and stuck on adding Indigo, I keep getting messages
    like, need support???, Slow or no download availible at this time, File is not a zip File.

  19. Yeah, right. As of 6/01/17 all I get when trying to access INDIGO is “Indigo Error”
    (most of the turtorial above didn’t work either-got different displays)

  20. So after I did config wizard and indigo reading the error…. I went back into indigo >addon istaller and started installing the addons I used most.

  21. After trying to install indigo and the shit not working….. I started doing an addons install with all the addons I use. Takes longer but still works.

  22. I have 17.3 installed now my kindle fire and I’m having troubles with exodus functioning (can’t watch any movies or anything) and indigo is just buffering for download (rotating blue circles) I’m new to all of this and need some help. I feel like I’m spinning my tires.

  23. Follow up from above…finally some good news. Went online searched for how to install Kodi 17.3. Several sites opened up, I picked one that said loading 17.3 on Fire Stick in 3 minutes. I followed the instructions and instead of using ES Explorer they used Downloader. Typed in the URL noted and 17.3 loaded and since I already had Indigo App but could not install this time when I clicked on Indigo after installing 17.3 it configured and I installed and guess what?? It worked. Loaded all my video apps. So no more hours of frustration LOL

  24. Yesterday after posting the above comment I received an email From TVAddons. With a red background and big letters they said we needed to download the new 7.3 version at once. I thought Great maybe the indigo problem has been fixed. So I did all that and guess what? Same problem. Will not install. Same error message. I do not understand with so many people experiencing the same problem why Kodi has not responded. I look on their website and find no way to contact them…surely they must read these forums….I have spent hours trying to get this to work and no matter what measures are taken nothing is working. TVADDONS are you LISTENING?

  25. I’m having the same problem did the new update and now indigo won’t install properly!! Wondering when this will be fixed or some advice on how to resolve would be great

  26. What is going on with the install of Indigo. I have been trying for the past several days with no results. You click on configure and hit install and an error message keeps coming up. TVADDONS has not responded at all with these complaints……

  27. I get indigo won’t install and says try again later. I have tried numerous times. Is this going to be fixed soon?

  28. Is there anything in indigo that will stop kodi from disabling my add-on’s?

    My ftv guide gets updated on reboot and once in a while it comes up deactivated as well as a couple of others. I have allowed installation from unknown sources.

  29. Tried using run auto maintenance,on restarting Kodi I had lost most of my build Thumbnails etc. Had start again from fresh.AVOID RUN AUTO Maintenance !!!!

  30. Can’t add any add ons. either through the config wiz, or one by one. I keep getting the SAME error! Someone please help!

  31. Where’s the Zero Cache setting? After Kripton, it seems the option disappeared from the Maintenance Tools.

  32. Installed Indigo and created full backup which work great but the restore function crashes each time I attempt to run it with an error. According to the log file there seems to be a whole bunch of files in the backup that are incompatible with the restore function. What do I do now.

  33. can not get indigo to even launch now cant connect to server and will not go past initialize at start up.
    hope this issue being worked on till then is there another (app store for my kodi) lol meaning any other trusted programs that do the same or close to the same?
    i did not care for Kodi 17 anyways other kodi 16 looked much better with skins wise buty, am hopful this one will just get better and better. i have noticed it is faster in my case anyways it was lol..
    thanks for any info

  34. nothing works now on my pi it has 16.1
    after indigo got installed nothing works i have reset to factory and tried everything and no joy for any addon
    pleases fix or go back to old config wizard

  35. successfully installed every add-on i asked it to, and the clean/clear cache seems to work fine as well… haven’t used any of the other indigo tools…. also, haven’t noticed anything in terms of it uninstalling anything, all of my add-ons are present and in good shape… what add-ons does it uninstall without permission?

  36. All I get is error message when I try and go to video addons etc… What is the deal with this.The other version was working fine

  37. This Indigo is a real SHIT!! don’t install that ,people BEWARE! just wait to back our old kodi addon , I’m so upset with this shit!!

  38. BEWEARE guys the site hasnt tested this addon, it will delete some of your pother addons. Do not install!

    Admin, please test addons before posting, it not always about posting everything. lol

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