“Source Too Slow For Continuous Playback” Help

Seeing a message, “Source Too Slow, Read Rate Low For Continuous Playback” in the top right corner of Kodi when you watch a stream? Read below for the details.

If you are constantly seeing a source too slow error in Kodi, saying that the “read rate is low for continuous playback”, you are probably getting constant Kodi buffering and lots of jittery streams. But what does it mean and what can you do?

When you use a Kodi addon, it is connecting to streaming websites and file hosts in order to decode a stream to play. Addons like Covenant or Placenta tell you what the file host is right when you play a stream. Gvideo, Movshare, Rapidgator, Openload, Streamin, Vidto, are just some of the many examples you might have seen.

Unlike buffering which is the fault of your Kodi box or network, the source too slow error is the fault of the file host and it means that your connection to that host is inconsistent. This means that while making sure your Kodi box is hard-wired ethernet, resetting your router, and increasing the speed of your internet with your service provider are good tips, they will do nothing to fix your Kodi buffering in this situation.

File hosts have servers all around the world. The further you are from the server your stream is hosted on, the more latency (delay) you introduce in your stream. As well, file hosts change their encryption and server connection all the time. The source too slow error in Kodi means that the file host you are using is not giving you a fast enough connection for Kodi playback.

Try a different file host because no two are completely similar. Covenant scrapes over 40 different file hosts, giving you ample choice to find one that works well for you.

Still insist it might be something on your end?  The three main tips for faster Kodi playback and less Kodi buffering are:

  • Make sure your Kodi box is hard-wired ethernet.
  • Make sure your Kodi box is running Android 6.0+. Newer Android hardware does a better job of processing video streams. Click here to view our suggestions for new Kodi boxes.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Kodi (Kodi 17.6 as of May 2018). The latest version of Kodi comes packaged with the latest drivers and dependencies, which support new streams from each file host. Click here for our Kodi update guide.

Hopefully you’ll know longer receive the Kodi error, “Source Too Slow, Read Rate Too Low For Continuous Playback”.

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33 thoughts on ““Source Too Slow For Continuous Playback” Help”

  1. That last comment from the anonymous poster about people to stop bitching, well… to you it comes with PAID SERVICES AS WELL YOU DUMBSHIT! Know your tech BEFORE you post obnoxious comments like that. There are a lot of people here, including myself, who pay great price for streaming services that are lagging. You’re a moron!

  2. Stop your crying and bitching. Your streaming for free, watching movies and tv series for free. Like somebody said, you get what you pay for. Learn your tech people, with a little knowledge you can fix ALL your petty streaming problems. My up to date kodi works fine for me.

  3. Agree

    Kodi used to be great on firebox but now adays it just isn’t worth it. Too much buffering and slow source. Internet fast enough, just software doesn’t work.

    Why keep updating Kodi btw If it works? Never understand this

    Anyway thanks for trying to provide movies n tv but can we revert to more simpler times.

    Rather watch a show in SD than have a source too low buffering In HD

  4. Agreed with all comments, since new upgrade 17 its been nothing but ‘too slow for continuous playback’ error messages. Two thumbs down.

  5. I am inclined to agree with those who mentioned the 17.3 being an issue. Started using Kodi only about 3.5 years ago. Have watched the builds evolve however, it appears to be a race to get the builds out the door without fully testing the builds. I am experiencing more issues now with the latest kodi than ever. It takes about 5 minutes to find a working source, then it will only work for 4-5 seconds. How frustrating…then I get a source too slow. I constantly check my signal strength to be 65-110 Mbps. Clear cache, clear providers does not help. I appreciate those who work so diligently to help make the ad dons and builds available to us however adequate time needs to be spent on developing a good solid build and addon before completing change to a different build. For example, Genesis was replaced by Exodus. Exodus was working great but was then replaced by Covenant (never worked well). Tried Titanium and Pulse, which will no longer be updated (the worst). Titanium lasted less than a week on my system. BTW WHILE ALL THIS IS HAPPENING ON MY NEWER SYSTEM, I am glad I have an option to use Exodus on my older system.

    On a side note, we have developers out there pushing the adds and builds claiming that they are the latest and the best it a crock. Tried to fine at least two reliable sources… just ain’t happening… Sorry for being so long winded

  6. I think it’s about time to boot firestick in the trash and go with time Warners high price. I’ve always said you get what you paid for. Source too slow is driving me away.

  7. I saw this and thought I should point out that it isn’t just the stream as I get this message during playback of local files too.
    I’m on the latest KODI and see this message regularly, I also get stuttering playback on about 40 % of what I play (unless I bring up the OSD, then no stuttering) . This is after uninstalling including settings, then installing fresh, I’m running this on a PC with reasonable specs, just using EMBY with the emby for Kodi addin, nothing else. There is no streaming, everything runs on the same machine. If i go back to Kodi 16, with emby addon, no issues. I’ve tried every setting I can think of and it seems that sometimes the issue disappears, but then it’s back a few days later. I’ve tried every combination of settings available and spent around 60hours trying to find the appropriate settings. when I see the message, I’ve opened performance monitor and everything is cruising along, cpu and memory are barely in use, sometimes network is high, but that is from other things.
    does KODI rely on the network card to stream even when the files are local???

  8. I’ve been doing this for years I’ve used everything from Windows PC to cheap TV boxes and all I can say is I watch whatever I want whenever I want. If I have a problem I find another link. I use a VPN and a Debrid now, been doing it to avoid the nonsense, it’s cheap enough.

  9. Upgraded from Jarvis to Krypton via PC. I have had no issue with 17.3 (now up’d to 17.4), and will only get a “slow connection” if attempting a 4K viewing using my home connection which is at the bottom rung of the VDSL spectrum i.e. am at the furtherest distance away from my exchange to get a decent VDSL speed. Use 17.3 on both P.C, laptops and tablets without issue. With VDSL (home) I can run 2-3 devices @1080p simultaneously. I note slow connect speeds when attempting to view a greatly anticipated show. I leave it for a few hours or when I think most peops are offline, and then re-connect without issue. As mentioned my Kodis are on PC, laptops and tablets. I think the Kodi boxes may not be up to the upgrading tasks necessary for todays viewing?? Just my 10cents worth.

  10. Never been here but I just purchased this system and about half the time it’s impossible to watch without really frustrating stalling and vid and audio hiccups. I think the author has a point too….you only stream what you get from a source but this is pretty consistent to poorly written upgrades as well. If the streams file host is off, why wouldn’t they be eliminated at the searching stage? I’m no geek but just asking the question. Thanks

  11. when I upgraded to the Kodi 17 I notice these issues. the three other devices in which I run the old versions work fine.

  12. Just to be clear update changed it all and caused problems I’m rolling back to 16.1 can’t even fast forward now

  13. Just to be clear ppl as it says above the Source Speed is the problem (the server’s end sided) not your internet unless you know that you happen to have very slow and expensive internet connections through a provider. And buffering and the READ too low or slow as it says above is partained to how much apps and RAM and Space you have on your Kodi Device. —KProgrammer– p.s. unless you do have a TV that is made for 4k vid. you got no reason to be watching those. If ya don’t you will have issues with that format for sure.

  14. Happens to me at times .
    Could it bw from the apps on the box , taking up space?
    I don’t need the likes of
    Twitter , skype , etc .

    And the ” clean memory ”
    Does not bring it lower than 35% .

    Will deleting undesired apps help with this ?
    My internet speed is good.
    Btw , i am on 17.1 kodi

  15. I have a 1,000mbps connection and use a nvidia shield to stream with and I still get the source is to slow. Well only with 4K content lol everything else is buttery smooth.

  16. After upgrading to 17.3 streams are dog slow. Everything worked 100% before. Reinstalled v15 and everything is back to normal speeds.

  17. I agree with this as well. I rarely had this problem before the 17.3 update. Now it is a constant issue. I can’t watch anything

  18. I just dont know what to blame…
    Whether the 17.3 upgrade,or tvaddons.sg in shit,or my 30mbps Internet speed(yes,i live in a world where government charges crazy prices for nothing called wifi/internet)….but even then the speed n everything been good till 17.3 came along…everything just went south since…also give us an app that allows auto update of Kodi since there’s frequent updates…it’ll make these updates easier…

  19. I agree with the comment above about the problem being the kodi upgrade. It never happened before that!

  20. I don’t agree with what you’ve wrote. Everything was fine until I updated to 17.3. Watching the same series etc etc as they’re saved in my favourites. They all come up saying to slow now. Your kodi update is the problem.

  21. Thank you for laying it out, in the chat rooms I just keep getting snapped at, that it’s my internet. But I’m hardwired and run test speeds of 212 to 220 every time….unfortunately I watch silent hunter, maverick, and Phoenix for the 4k content and they don’t always give another option to choose from. So I have to go back to buying uhd movies on vudu

  22. I only get that message when I fast forward, but it doesn’t affect anything, still continues to play.

  23. I’m getting it on real debris 1080s all the time.
    NVIDIA shield Kodi 17.3, hard wired to the net

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