Sportsdevil Not Working For You? We Tested Every Single Section!

Is Sportsdevil not working for you? We tested every single section of the popular sports Kodi addon to find out exactly which sections still work for streaming. Find out the result below!

Sportsdevil is one of the longest running Kodi addons and the most well-known live sports Kodi addon. In its prime, Sportsdevil was the #1 source for live IPTV streaming. Today, even though it hasn’t received a proper update in months, it is still listed by countless Kodi addons as a dependency for streaming applications.

Seeing lots of reports on our Facebook and Twitter pages about Sportsdevil not working caused us to do a test to find out EXACTLY which sections still have working content in them. This guide is for informational purposes only to help other users find working content in Sportsdevil.

For this test, we installed and used the version of Sportsdevil located inside of the Illuminati Repo. The version of the addon is Illuminati is 2018.06.23. We DON’T THINK there has been any real development on Sportsdevil since November of 2017, however this was the latest date of the addon we felt we could reliably test on. Repositories have been changing the version number of Sportsdevil to make theirs the latest version that is installed.

Testing for Sportsdevil not working was done on a Macbook running Kodi 17.6. Results on this version of Kodi SHOULD be consistent with your tests on any operating system AS LONG AS you are using version 17.6 or greater and the native version of Kodi only (not SPMC or another fork). If you are using another fork, your results may vary as we just don’t know how things will change.

So without further adieu, lets check out our test results for Kodi. This guide is up to date as of August 1st, 2018.


Sportsdevil Not Working Test Results

Blogs Section

Captain-Trikot = Not Working (No Stream Available)

Sport1 = Not Working (Web Request Failed)

Highlights Section

Cricfire = Not Working (No Stream Available)

Fashion TV = Working

Goalsarena (All Videos) = Not Working (empty list)

Goalsarena (Categories) = Not Working (All links show no stream available)

LiveTV (Archive) = Not Working (All links show no stream available)

LiveTV (Competitions) = Not Working (All links show no stream available)

LiveTV (Search) = Not Working

MyCricket Highlights = Not Working

Wilmaa = Not Working (Crashes Kodi when you try to launch a subsection)

Live Sports Section

Bundesliga-Streams = Not working (No stream available)

Dimsports = Working (Check Link 2)

FirstRowSports (eu) = Not Working

FirstRowSports (ge) = Not Working (Web Request Failed)

Live9 = Not Working (Web Request Failed)

LiveFootball =Working (Tons of links, both acestream and non)

LiveFootballVideo = Inconclusive

LiveTV = Working (check “now playing” section

LSHunter = Not Working

RojaDirecta = Working (lots of links to test)

SportStream365 = Not Working

StopStream = Working (check Live section)

VIPBox = Not Working

VIPGoal = Not Working (Web Request Failed)

Sports TV Section

Cricfree = Some Working (Tested: 5th “News” link)

CricHD = Not Working

Cricket = Not Working

HDFree = Not Working (Web Request Failed) = Working (Tested: first channel)

MamaHD = Not Working (No Stream Available)

ShowSport = Not Working

Sports4u = Not Working (No stream available)

StreamHD = Not Working

Live TV Section

CrinestrenosTV = Not Working (No Stream Available)

FilmOn = Working

FirstOne TV = Not Working

iBrod (USA) = Not Working (Web Request Failed)

iLive = Some Working (Test: HBO)

Live Online TV 24/7 = Not Working

OKLiveTV = Some Working (Test: USA > CBN Live)

ShadowNet (World) = Not Working

Ustreamix = Not Working (No Stream Available)

Vaughnlive TV = Working

VerCanalesTV = Working (Test: La Segunda 2)

VerDirectoTV = Not Working (No Stream Available)

Verplusonline = Not Working (No Stream Available)


In total, 11 sections out of the 47 having streamable links. The rest you can consider Sportsdevil not working.

By verifying that one link works in each section, this means that both the scraper and the resolver built for Kodi that decodes the live stream file from each site is working. If you see one link working in a section and the one below it not, this generally means that the link is not working on the real site either.

Our hope is that a Kodi developer eventually takes over SportsDevil and works to fix some of the scrapers and the resolvers in order to have a fully working addon again. Sportsdevil is a classic part of Kodi history and we hate to see Sportsdevil not working.

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