Library Kodi Complete Setup Manager: Library Integration Help

Check out our complete Library Kodi setup fand get the library integration help you need to setup all your favourite movies and TV media in Kodi. This guide works for all multi-source Kodi addons which are based on the original Genesis, Exodus, or Covenant code.

Many Kodi addons have added library integration right into the addon, but a lot of users have trouble setting their Library Kodi Setup manager the way they want. Follow our guide below for complete steps on how to add library integrationinto Kodi.

This guide works for any multi-source movies + TV addon that is based on the original source code of either Genesis, Exodus, or Covenant. An incomplete list of Kodi addons you can apply library integration to today includes:


Library Kodi Setup Manager – Why Do I Want Library Integration?

Kodi has a ton of great built in features to make navigating and exploring your library of media. Traditionally this is for media stored on an attached hard drive, but multi-source Kodi addons allows you to use these features for any TV Show or Movie it can scrape.

When your library is configured, the “Movies” and “TV Shows” sections of the default Kodi skin become much more powerful. As you can see below, the TV Shows area shows all my unwatched shows, as well as content sorted by genre, TV network, year, actors, tags, recently added, and more.

When new episodes of a TV show air, your Library Kodi integration will auto-update and show you new episodes.

Instead of manually searching within Kodi addons like Covenant, library integration brings everything right to your main menu, saving you button clicks and time.

If library integration in Kodi sounds interesting to you, follow our guide below on how to configure it today.


Library Kodi Setup Part 1 – General Settings

The first thing we need to do in order to setup library integration within Kodi is setup a few settings in the Kodi settings area.

  1. Before we can sync your Kodi library to the Covenant library paths, you need to enable the showing of hidden files in Kodi.
    1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to Settings (Gear Icon)
    2. Click on Media Settings
    3. Click General
    4. Show hidden files and directories and make sure it is enabled.
  2. Back in your main menu under Movies on the left, you’ll get the message below because you have not synced your Kodi library to the Covenant media paths you saw in step 2.
    1. Click on Enter Files Section to enter Kodi’s path for library folders.
  3. covenant library kodi library integration 2Click Add Videos… Browse and navigate to the Movies folder contained within the addon’s userdata folder for the addon you want to add library integration for.
    1. On Android for most users, you can navigate to External Storage > Android > data > org.xbmc.kodi > files > .kodi > userdata > addon_data > > Movies. You should see folders for the movies you added above in step 4. Click OK.
      1. On Windows, you can find the userdata folder via: Start – type %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata – press <Enter>
      2. On Mac, the userdata folder is located in /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/
      3. On OpenELEC/LibreELEC, it is /storage/.kodi/userdata/
  4. In the next screen, select This Directory Contains and select Movies. Under Choose Information Provider, select The Movie Database. This is the location where all the metadata such as genre, network, and year are grabbed from.
  5. Go back to your main menu and under TV Shows on the left, click on Enter Files Section.
  6. Click Add Videos… Browse and navigate to the TV Shows folder contained within the addon’s userdata folder for the addon you want to add library integration for. Use the guide in step 3 above if you forgot where your folder is located.
  7. In the next screen, select This Directory Contains and select TV Shows. Under Choose Information Provider, select The TVDB. This is the location where all the metadata such as genre, network, and year are grabbed from. 


Library Kodi Setup Guide Part 2 – Specific Addon Setup

Next we have to configure our Kodi addons for library integration. The steps below work for any of the addons listed above.

  1. First, open up your addon settings. Find your addon in your My Add-ons > Video Addons area and long press on it or click menu and then click Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Library tab on the left.
  3. On the right side, note the path of the Movies and TV library locations. They SHOULD be the same as the path you just added to Kodi above. If they are different, you will want to update them. When you add media to your library, movies automatically store into the Movies folder and TV Shows store in the TV folder.
  4. Below your folder paths, this screen also has a bunch of other options you may want to enable or disable. We left all options as default during our testing.
    • Auto update TV Shows = Automatically loads new episodes into your TV folder above.
    • Show notifications during update = Notifies you via pop up in the corner of the screen whenever new shows are added.
    • Update library after adding content = Automatically refreshes your library after new content is added.
    • Avoid creating duplicate content = When enabled, commands will be ignored if you try to add media you already have in your library.
    • Check movie before adding it = Makes sure that sources exist in Covenant before adding the movie to your library.
    • Check first episode of season before adding it = Makes sure that sources exist in Covenant before adding TV shows to your library.
    • Include episodes with unknown air dates = Ensures that all TV episodes are added to your library, even if metadata is missing.
      covenant library kodi library integration 3
  5. To add media to your Kodi library, simply hover on any title within the addon and long press (or press menu) and select Add to Library. Pointers to this content are added into the library folders you configured above. Go ahead and add the movies and TV shows you like so that you are sure content is available for the next steps in our Covenant Library Kodi setup guide.


And that’s it! In the main menu of Kodi under the Movies and TV Shows section, you’ll now see that your Library Integration is now synced into Kodi.

If you want to force library updates in Kodi, simply go into the Title section under Categories, long press (or press menu) on a title, and choose Scan For New Content.


Have questions about Kodi library integration? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out! Hopefully this guide assists you in Covenant Library Kodi setup and features.

NOTE: Due to how many skins and builds exist, the above steps are only guaranteed for the default Estuary Kodi skins. If your menus don’t line up, you’ll have to go ask the creator of your setup. We cannot provide you support.


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NOTE: KodiTips assumes that you are the owner of all media on your Kodi box.


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12 thoughts on “Library Kodi Complete Setup Manager: Library Integration Help”

  1. Hi all, great valuable tips, thanks for this. One tiny question which i could not find any answer so far. I want to add to the kodi library not only my choosen movies but also that the latest movies show up so i not always needto navigate to the addon. Could not yet figure out how to do. Anybody knows?

  2. The problem I’m having is the library updates just fine but when it pulls up providers and I pick one if the immediate provider doesn’t work I get a playback error telling me to check my log information. How do I fix this issue? Why doesn’t it just continue next provider on the list like when you’re playing it straight from the Covenant add on? I cannot seem to find an answer to this issue anywhere

    In Estuary KODI 17.3
    Go to Settings Kog
    Media Settings
    Click Allow File Renaming and Deletion

  4. Can anyone tell me how to find this in KODI

    Enable allow file renaming and deletion in kodi settings. Hoping this will allow me to delete the tv shows in Covenant. I have no manage button This tutorial tells how to enable usage of the library but not how to delete shows


  5. Same problem here, can’t get it work so what I’ve done is to populate the TV Show library with shows that don’t need weekly updates as the season or series is already over. The new shows that will be updating regularly I put in favorites for quick and easy access as they update in there.

  6. How do you delete them once you get them in there. If you hit hamburger button in android fire tv, there is no option to remove them. Also looks like adding them takes up space on your memory .

  7. @Alex

    Dumb question. What version of Covenant are you running. When covenant first came out I did have the problem you spoke about but after the updates started coming out its been working for me.

  8. @Cheffdoggy

    I have update library on and also run Watchdog to scan and check the library at startup. I *never* leave Kodi running (this is on a shield btw). I always exit kodi and even dismiss from running apps, so it is regularly getting a scan. It makes no difference. New episode of a show comes out, no matter how many days I leave it, that new episode will NEVER appear in the library unless I go into the addon and manually add it.

  9. I also turn on the Update library on Startup under Video library which is under setting/media. But this only works when you launch kodi. Not as in you have kodi running and you hit your home key to take you back to the home screen of say Amazon then you click kodi and its running already. You have to exit out of kodi which I feel is the best practice when you done using it. Works great for me. I also have my library saving to a NAS.

  10. Yup – doesn’t work properly. I have my library on my NAS and have changed the covenant folders to point to the relevant library folders. I add a film/show from Covenant into the library and that’s all good and appears in the NAS folders. However, when a new episode is out, the library is NOT updated. I have to go into Covenant, find the show, find the latest episode and ‘add to library’, at which point it then appears in the library. Auto-update/Scanning etc make no difference. If anyone has a suggestion or has it working as above, then I’s love to hear it!

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