Real Debrid Not Working on Kodi? Try These 5 Easy Fixes!

Is your Real Debrid not working on Kodi? Are you seeing no Real Debrid streams in Kodi? Read some of the causes and solutions in our guide and get premium working media links again today.

Real Debrid is a premium file locker service, which gets you access to premium uploaded files. For a single fee, you get access to over 20 different file hosts and servers. In Kodi, these premium file hosts offer more bandwidth than free options. Using Real Debrid means that you will see faster and higher-quality links. The service is solid and most issues with Real Debrid not working are due to corrupted Kodi settings.

So, if you are having Kodi problems with Real Debrid not working, especially if you had Real Debrid working in the past and it doesn’t anymore, we have a fix for you.

Kodi services that decode these premium file locker links and grab the raw media file are called Resolvers. There are two common Kodi resolver programs: URLResolver and ResolveURL. Both essentially work the exact same and addon developers are free to pick and choose the option they would like to include. It is safe to have both installed and they work separately from each other.

The fix for Real Debrid not working can be performed in both URLResolver and ResolveURL and involves resetting the function cache. Check out the fix below and let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!

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Why is Real Debrid not working?

Real Debrid not working is a common error, but there are some easy fixes to it. If your Real Debrid is not working, one of the following could be the reason: 

  • Real Debrid server is overloaded
  • Real Debrid server is down or unreachable because of a network problem
  • Real Debrid website might be under maintenance
  • There might be a VPN pairing problem


Kodi Real-Debrid Not Working Solutions

If your Real Debrid is not working on Kodi, try these 5 quick fixes.

URLResolver Fix

  1. Launch the URLResolver settings by navigating from the home menu to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure
  2. Click the Reset Function Cache option.

ResolveURL Fix

  1. Launch the URLResolver settings by navigating from the home menu to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > ResolveURL > Configure
  2. Click the Reset Function Cache option.

Direct Addon Real Debrid Not Working Fix

If you are using a custom skin, the steps above may not work to get you into your resolver settings because menus may be different. In that case, you can usually go directly through each Kodi addon to reset the cache for Debrid. Most multi-source addon forks put links right into the settings which you can access as follows:

  1. Launch your chosen Kodi.
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Settings: Accounts
  4. Under Accounts, scroll down to Debrid Service and click on URLResolver/ResolveURL Settings.
  5. Click the Reset Function Cache option


Clear the cached data within the app

Clearing function cache can help you resolve the Real Debrid not working error. To clear function cache or reset, go to the URLResolver settings and select Clear Function Cache. Following are some instances when you should clear this cache function:

  • When you have recently updated the resolver
  • When you make changes to the addon
  • When there are playback issues or sources skipping, which happens when Real Debrid needs an update

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Reauthorize Real Debrid

Reauthorizing Real Debrid on Kodi may help you fix the Kodi not working error. Follow these simple steps to reauthorize Real Debrid on Kodi and get working links on your favorite video addon. 

Step 1:

On your Kodi, click on the Settings icon on the homepage

Go to Settings

Step 2:

Select System

Select System

Step 3:

Change the button on the right bottom to Advanced or Expert by clicking on the Basic or Standard option. Now, hover over Add-ons on the left menu and select Manage Dependencies.

Go to Advanced > Add-ons > Manage dependencies

Step 4:

Under Manage Dependencies, scroll down to URLResolver and select it. Next, click on the Configure option

Click on Configure

Step 5:

In the Settings – URLResolver window, go to Universal Resolvers and scroll down to Real Debrid

Step 6:

In Real Debrid, set the Priority to 90 and click on (Re)Authorise My Account

Set Priority to 90 and select (Re)Authorise My Account

Step 7:

Now, follow the instructions in the URLResolver Real Debrid Authorization window. Open on a browser of your choice on any device and enter the code there when prompted.

Follow the on-screen instructions

Note that the code is only valid for 120 seconds, so you have to be quick while doing this.

Step 8:

Real Debrid will be reauthorized on Kodi. Now, to get the premium links from premium sites, relaunch the Kodi app and select your favorite video add-on. 

You will find the Real Debrid links with initials the ‘RD.’ Open any link and you must be good to enjoy your favorite movies and shows. 

Note that you might face buffering issues if your internet speed doesn’t meet the requirements for the stream quality available.

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Browser-related issues

Sometimes the issue might be with the browser you are using. To resolve browser-related issues, try the below fixes: 

Perform a full site refresh

To force refresh the full site, press the Ctrl + F5 keys simultaneously with the browser open. Or, you can do it manually by following the below steps on your Chrome browser:

Step 1:

On your Chrome browser, click on the menu button on the top right corner in the browser toolbar

Step 2:

Go to Tools and select Clear browsing data

Step 3:

Select the data you want to remove in the dialog box that appears

Step 4:

On the top, select the time range of the data to be deleted. Back up all the important passwords and information and select All time.

Step 5:

Finally, click Clear browsing data

Tip: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and close your browser before you log back into Real Debrid. This is done to make sure you are on the most recent version of the page. 

DNS error

A Domain Name System (DNS) is typically a directory for websites. It stores site IP addresses in an alphabetical format for easy reference. The DNS is usually provided by Internet Service Providers. 

DNS problems can often lead to Real Debrid not working issues. You may try the below fixes to resolve the error:

Clear local DNS cache

Clearing the local DNS cache is critical for ensuring you have the most recent cache your ISP provides. To clear the local DNS cache on Windows, go to Start > Command Prompt, and type in “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter. 

And then wait for the “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache” message. 

If you find that the Real Debrid is not working on your device, but you can access it from another device or even on a 3G network, consider choosing an alternative DNS service like Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. These are highly reliable and free public DNS services. 

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How to Reauthorize Real Debrid in Kodi

If resetting your cache does not fix your Real Debrid not working issues, you can manually reauthorize your account again as follows

  1. Launch your URLResolver/ResolveURL settings by using step 1 in the first two guides above or by going through the direct addon method also posted above.
  2. Under Universal Resolvers scroll down to Real-Debrid and click on (Re)Authorize My Account.

Follow the instructions on your screen to visit the Real Debrid authorization page and re-sync your account. When you are done authorizing, make sure you set the Real-Debrid priority to 99 or less (so that they appear at the top).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Real Debrid needs resolve error on Cinema HD?

Try the below steps to fix the Real Debrid needs resolve error on Cinema HD.
1. Log out of Real Debrid on Cinema HD
2. Turn off the enabled VPN
3. Log in to Real Debrid on Cinema HD
4. Go to Real Debrid website and enter the code for the new device (if you’re using Real Debrid on Cinema HD on a new device)
5. Finally, check if the Cinema HD links load. If yes, turn the VPN back on.

What are the best Real Debrid alternatives?

There are lots of Real Debrid-like downloaders available to download files instantly. Some of them are: (Paid), (Paid), LinkSnappy (Paid), Alldebrid (Paid), (Paid), Leech Space (Free), and PLG (Free). Check out our guide on the comparison of Real Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, and LinkSnappy.

What is ResolveURL in Kodi?

ResolveURL is an essential dependency most Kodi video add-ons use these days. It is used to resolve media links from file hosters to video streams into Kodi addons. It is a part of URL Resolver that scrapes links from different sources. It has been discontinued and replaced with ResolveURL.

Hopefully, now your Real Debrid not working errors are fixed and you no longer get Kodi no stream available either.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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30 thoughts on “Real Debrid Not Working on Kodi? Try These 5 Easy Fixes!”

  1. Getting Real Debrid(RD) links is not a problem. In many cases, I get hundreds of RD links. My problem is that none of these links work. Sometimes they look like they are going to work, but stop.
    I have reconfigured and reauthorize both URLResolver and ResolverURL countless times and this problem continues.
    I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you

  2. One solution is to sign in to real-debrid site click on ‘my account’ then scroll down to ‘download history’ click on ‘see’. This brings up all your failed download attempts. Find a link you want click on ‘download’ and it will download to your windows download folder, usually without error. and within 20 minutes or so for 2Gb, enjoy!!

  3. Unfortunately, Real-Debrid is a poor service & shouldn’t be relied upon, I got banned from the support forum for asking a valid question and support just ignore you most of the time, they don’t offer ANY support for KODI either so forget about asking as you will be served with a cut & paste from the ‘T&Cs’.

    This is what its like for everyone using KODI & Real Debrid:

    1) RD NOT WORKING ON ALL ADD-ONS:- you will get some add-ons work with it and some do not, the cause is the version of Kodi vs the version of the Addon and/or the state of the install, sometimes they just dont work well together and that is why some add-ons dont work on RD even after re-authorizing, clearing providers & cache (with or without VPN), you can switch between Kodi versions and find that more (or less) add-ons might start working.

    2) LINKS NOT WORKING:- a lot (maybe 50%+) of links dont actually work, in my 12 months experience of using RD across many add-ons and builds, I have found that even when RD works that more than half the links do not.

    3) LINKS GO TO PLAY BUT STOP:- again this is to do with the Kodi version vs add-on, I’ve noticed this stop when shifting between Kodi versions, strange thing is if you enable downloads and long press (right-click) on the movie link & choose download you will find it will actually download when this happens, but won’t stream through kodi…try it!

    4) 1080p LINKS ARE ACTUALLY 720P OR SD:- yes you may have noticed (if not, check..) when playing the movie from a 1080p RD link that it is actually 720p or even a poor quality SD, this happens on a lot of the RD 1080p links, you can find working 1080p links but you have to fish around, why it’s like this I don’t know (and no its not because it is skipping the 1080p movies down to 720p or SD, I know when that happens as I watch which link it starts playing from and test it again) …obviously RD can’t answer either as they don’t provide content, it is most likely the providers trying to make their service look more lucrative than it actually is (tag more movies as 1080p than we actually have).

    The positive thing is that it is extremely cheap at £3 for 30days access, you can still get HQ content, just you may find that you have to jump between add-ons and links to find it if you are not happy with it then dont purchase it again and turn it off in your add-ons.

    ALTERNATIVE?:- if you don’t like Real-Debrid there is a FREE service called ALLUC that provides similar functionality for free, sign up, grab the API code and set it up in add-ons, be sure to reduce search results to 20 per search (for alluc only) as you are only allowed 200 search results per day, it is excellent and more reliable than Real-Debrid

    You can also use Real-Debrid + Alluc together on one or two add-ons which works very well.

  4. I get 25 real debrid links and none of them work. It will go through each one separately as it whines down to just the non dedrid links.

    I get exactly the same thing

  5. I get 25 real debrid links and none of them work. It will go through each one separately as it whines down to just the non dedrid links.

  6. followed all instructions but still no debrid links on my nvidia shield. the fix did work for my android tablet. any solutions for nvidia?

  7. My remote isn’t working anymore. I entered a code to link my device to debrid. And now I can’t do anything with my firestick. What did I do???

  8. Real Debrid is NOT working on Firestick (first edition) for weeks. I have tried every fix including complete re-install of Kodi. It was a great service but now the only good source is Phoenix> Incredible TV> let it populated then voila’! You pick link 1 or link 2 and 99% of the time perfect play. I have been loyal to Genesis, Exodus, (Lambda) and Stream All The Sources (tknorris) BUT we paid for Real-Debrid to make those sources perform well and we end up with no correct fixes and even the help desk with a service #ticket- silence from Real Debrid. (serious run on sentence- sorry)

  9. Kodi 17.3 I have tried re-authorizing & clearing providers and cache multiple times but When I pick a real debrid stream it goes through all the 40 streams and then I get the exodus no source message – it takes forever. Real Debrid does works under Stream Army and other 4K video addons

  10. Read somewhere that Real Debrid configuration has been removed from Exodus. Can someone confirm that this is true? I really hope not.

  11. Same issue…
    LLĹKPOOoads of Real-Debrid links many HDs and some normal ones but none of them seem to work.
    Have refreshed RD but still nothing. ..
    Last hope trying to Clear the Caches
    ¡ Yeah that was the problem !

  12. Tried your recommendations and nothing happened still get no stream available what else could be done ?

  13. When I pick a real debrid stream it goes through all the streams before starting and takes forever. Any help would be great

  14. Just applied the recommended fix above on NVidia shield and worked first time Thank you so much. 🙂

  15. Steps do not work for nvidea sheild on latest kodi or spmc 16.0. The newest version. Of spmc not out yet on playstore. Real debrid works fine on android box the issue is with nvidea

  16. I’ve followed your instructions and Exodus still by passes real-debrid. I’ve even updated to kodi krypton 17.1

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