Is Real Debrid not working inside of Kodi for you? Are you seeing no real debrid streams in Kodi? Read some of the causes and solution in our guide and get premium working media links again today.

Real Debrid is a premium file locker service, which gets you access to premium uploaded files. For a single fee, you get access to over 20 different file hosts and servers. In Kodi, these premium file hosts offer more bandwidth than free options. Using Real Debrid means that you will see faster and higher quality links. The service is solid and most issues with Real Debrid not working is due to corrupted Kodi settings.

So, if you are having Kodi problems with Real Debrid not working, especially if you had Real Debrid working in the past and it doesn’t anymore, we have a fix for you.

Kodi services that decode these premium file locker links and grab the raw media file are called Resolvers. There are two common Kodi resolver programs: URLResolver and ResolveURL. Both essentially work the exact same and addon developers are free to pick and choose the option they would like to include. It is safe to have both installed and they work separately from each other.

The fix for Real Debrid not working can be performed in both URLResolver and ResolveURL and involves resetting the function cache. Check out the fix below and let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!

Kodi Real-Debrid Not Working Solution

URLResolver Fix

  1. Launch the URLResolver settings by navigating from the home menu to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure
  2. Click the Reset Function Cache option.


ResolveURL Fix

  1. Launch the URLResolver settings by navigating from the home menu to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > ResolveURL > Configure
  2. Click the Reset Function Cache option.

Direct Addon Real Debrid Not Working Fix

If you are using a custom skin, the steps above may not work to get you into your resolver settings because menus may be different. In that case, you can usually go directly through each Kodi addon to reset the cache for Debrid. Most multi-source addon forks put links right into the settings which you can access as follows:

  1. Launch your chosen Kodi.
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Settings: Accounts
  4. Under Accounts, scroll down to Debrid Service and click on URLResolver/ResolveURL Settings.
  5. Click the Reset Function Cache option

How to Reauthorize Real Debrid in Kodi

If resetting your cache does not fix your Real Debrid not working issues, you can manually reauthorize your account again as follows

  1. Launch your URLResolver/ResolveURL settings by using step 1 in the first two guides above or by going through the direct addon method also posted above.
  2. Under Universal Resolvers scroll down to Real-Debrid and click on (Re)Authorize My Account.

Follow the instructions on your screen to visit the Real Debrid authorization page and re-sync your account. When you are done authorizing, make sure you set the Real-Debrid priority to 99 or less (so that they appear at the top).


Hopefully now your Real Debrid not working errors are fixed and you no longer get Kodi no stream available either.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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