The Ultimate Guide to Real Debrid: All You Need to Know

Real Debrid is the most popular option for Kodi users who want to access HD media with less buffer and more selections. If you want more HD links in Kodi today, then you need to subscribe to Real Debrid and read this Kodi guide below.

We always see tons of questions and comments on Twitter such as:

“Why can’t I find any HD links in (addon name)?”


“How come (addon name) is always buffering my streams?”

The truth is, the majority of file hosts in today’s Kodi addons are provided for free and have limited bandwidth capabilities. These sites limit the download speed you are allowed to access them with and limit the quality of files that can be uploaded.

As well, the most popular Kodi addons have thousands of people trying to use the same streams at the same time.

All of these factors cause routine buffering.

Enter Real Debrid.

NOTE: If you already know what Real Debrid is about and you are just here to get an account, then click here to sign up and then come back for instructions on how to setup Real Debrid in Kodi!

In this article, I’ll cover the following:

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a paid service that gives you premium access to a large number of popular file hosts on the internet.

Your fee goes to maintaining and paying for those servers, so your download speeds are not limited and uploads are not capped to save space.

Debrid is a PREMIUM option that eliminates the issues that free file hosts have and makes addons buffer-free and high quality. It allows you access to more HD streams in Kodi.

How Does Real Debrid Work?

When you select a video stream from a Real Debrid file host, your premium account connects to that file linker instead of a basic free connection. The locker quickly verifies your account and then passes the stream to your Kodi session with all speed restrictions lifted.

Where most file locker hosts limit your download speeds to 20 mb/s, Real Debrid hosts have unlimited bandwidth for you. This makes streaming full 4K videos much easier.

How Much Does Real Debrid Cost?

The monthly Real Debrid price on Kodi is insanely economical. Following are the Read Debrid prices for different periods.

  • 3 Euros (3.68 USD) for 15 days
  • 4 Euros ($4.90USD) for 30 days
  • 9 Euros ($11.03USD) for 90 days
  • 16 Euros ($19.61) for 180 days

The risk to try the service is very low. It has been a favorite for Kodi users for over 7 years.

Click here to sign up for a Real Debrid account!

What are Real Debrid Fidelity Points?

In addition, when you buy a premium package you earn Real Debrid fidelity points.

Fidelity points can be put towards extra free premium time for Real Debrid on Kodi. The company rewards users for continuing to subscribe to their service.

The rate you can convert your fidelity points into premium days is 1000 points per 30 days.

In addition, you also receive Fidelity points when you refer your friends to the service. Each person you refer gives you an extra 5 days on your premium service, plus 50 fidelity points too.

If you are interested in trying Real Debrid, simply click here and sign up for an account!


Is there a Real Debrid Free Option?

You might be thinking “Real Debrid sounds great but I want to try it for free before I make a purchase.”

Real Debrid used to run one hour per day where free accounts could enjoy the service. This used to be at non-peak hours so that premium users were not affected.

Today, there is no Real Debrid free option on the website any longer. . However, they do allow free users to access links for a limited time between 6 am and noon.

The free version is only available for such a short time due to the good reputation and the number of users who have used the system.

If you want to get your hands on the premium features, you get the option to purchase just 15 premium days if you don’t want to commit long-term.

Trust us, the Real Debrid account is well worth it. A real Debrid subscription starts at 4 Euros ($4.68) per month. You can try it out for only a few dollars for a short trial and see for yourself!


Real Debrid Promo Code

There is no official Real Debrid coupon code or offer. The service is only a few dollars to try out, so the price point doesn’t need a promo code!

There are some verified Real Debrid resellers that sell premium time on the service for a fee. These resellers buy premium time for Real Debrid and may choose to pass on a discount to you.

Always read the fine print before going after a Real Debrid promo code or deal to make sure it is legit.

Real Debrid occasionally offers a promo code around specific holidays such as Black Friday or Christmas. We keep people updated on social media if anything is released.


How to Sign Up For A Real Debrid Kodi Account

To sign up for the Real Debrid Kodi account, follow the below steps.

Step 1:

First, head to the Real Debrid website and sign up for a free account. You will have to pick a username and password and confirm your account via email. Standard stuff.

Step 2:

Once you have a Real Debrid account and you sign in, you will see that your account banner shows FREE.


Step 3:

On the top banner, click on “Premium

Click on “Premium”

Step 4:

Scroll down and you will see your buying options. Select the package you want to try, and click “Subscribe“.

Select the package of your choice and hit “Subscribe”

Step 5:

Choose your payment method and follow the instructions to pay for your premium account. After your account is processed and you show as a premium user, you can set up Real Debrid on Kodi!

Choose payment method to set up Real Debrid on Kodi


How to Setup Real Debrid on Kodi

It is easy to set up and authorize Read Debrid on Kodi. Follow the below instructions to set up Real Debrid in Kodi with URLResolver and ResolveURL.

Step 1:

From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM (gear icon) > SYSTEM

Step 2:

Under the Add-ons tab, click on Manage Dependencies

Step 3:

Click on ResolveURL > Configure.

Step 4:

In the URLResolver Configure window, select the Universal Resolvers tab.

Step 5:

Scroll down to Real Debrid and toggle on the Enabled and Torrent Support boxes. Also, change the Priority to 90 to ensure that your Real Debrid links will appear first.

Step 6:

Click on Authorize my Account to run the Real Debrid Device pairing process.

Step 7:

When you are done, click OK to save settings and return to the main menu.

Step 8:

Addons that contain Real Debrid links will now automatically route them through your premium account!

Individual Addon Setup

Some Kodi add-ons require you to login to Real Debrid from within their specific addon settings. This is in addition to the ResolveURL and URLResolver instructions above.

When you install a multi-source Kodi addon such as Seren, Venom, or Fen, check out the addon settings. If there is an option to login to Real Debrid, take advantage and make sure you sync your account.


Real Debrid Device Pairing

During the configuration above, you’ll be asked to perform the Real Debrid device pairing procedure. 

In the addon, you’ll be asked to authorize your Real Debrid account. You’ll have to go to the Real Debrid device page and enter in a specific code.

After your account is synced, you’ll be able to access all of Real Debrid’s features.

You are now set up for Real Debrid Kodi content! You should notice that the Real Debrid source shows up first whenever you go into a movie or TV show.


Real Debrid Not Working

If you think that Real Debrid is not working for you, the number one thing we would suggest you try is re-authorizing in the URLResolver and ResolveURL settings.

This will ensure that your Kodi setup is synced back to your Real Debrid account on the web.

The second thing to try is to check your account and make sure that you are still a premium user. We’ve had tons of people online tell us the service is down, only to discover that their premium account has lapsed.


Real Debrid Alternative

If you are looking for a Real Debrid alternative, Premiumize is a very similar service that offers the same features:

  • Premium link resolving
  • Torrent and magnet support
  • HD media with less buffer

Premiumize is a little more expensive, but comes with additional features such as cloud storage and an included Kodi VPN! It also gets our recommendation if you are interested.

Other alternatives to Real Debrid are LinkSnappy and All Debrid. These are newer services that both have Kodi support. You can compare all four options in our Real Debrid vs Premiumize vs All Debrid vs LinkSnappy guide.


Real Debrid is a paid service, which will turn people off. Just remember, your favorite Kodi add-ons are FREE and you should expect FREE quality.

Real Debrid on Kodi is one option for giving yourself a more flawless Kodi experience. Hopefully, this review gives you a good idea of what to expect from the service!

Check out our guide for the Real Debrid Kodi addon, which allows you to test out the service!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a real Debrid account?

The Real Debrid account is priced at 4 Euros or $4.68 per month. The free version is available only between 6 am to noon. So if you want to seamlessly use Read Debrid to access popular hosting services, go for the subscription, it is definitely worth it.

Is Real Debrid legal?

The FAQ page on Real Debrid explains it to be legal as it doesn’t store downloaded files. Also, the service claims not to offer links to illegal files although if you end up locating and downloading one, Real Debrid disclaims liability in such situations. Overall, Real Debrid is a legal download service as far as you don’t stumble upon and download copyrighted content.

Do I need a VPN with Real Debrid?

You are ot safe online without a VPN, leave alone while using Real Debrid. Without a VPN, anyone with hacking skills could intercept and access your sensitive data. So it is highly recommended to use a VPN with Real Debrid.

How to purchase Real Debrid?

You can purchase Real Debrid on by using your credit card. Other options include Bitcoin, Amazon Pay, and PayPal debit. You can also purchase Real Debrid premium on authorized reseller websites through PayPal and card.

Which reseller should I use to buy Real Debrid?

Strictly speaking, Real Debrid’s official website should just be fine to purchase Real-Debrid premium. However, it is reported that card payments decline for some users. Also, Real Debrid offers a maximum of 6-month subscription and not yearly. So if you can relate with any of the above cases, you can opt for resellers like Kotakey, Premiumkeystore, or


Get in touch with us on Twitter if you have any questions.


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118 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Real Debrid: All You Need to Know”

  1. I have had RD for years and it’s the best service if you want your movie or show watching experience to be flawless.

    Now I’m not saying I have never had an issue with downloading speeds but I found this to be an internal buffering issue that I have cured with the ARIES add on. This add on fix’s almost all download issue I have ever had except if the provider is just to slow.

    Last all ways clear your catch and thumbnail data you want the most free memory that one can have on your device.

  2. This brings up all your failed download attempts. Find a link you want click on ‘download’ and it will download to your windows download folder, usually without error. and within 20 minutes or so for 2Gb, enjoy!!

  3. Hope this con artist bullshit never comes back. Just another bunch of crooks like those Xunity assholes.

  4. One solution is to sign in to real-debrid site click on ‘my account’ then scroll down to ‘download history’ click on ‘see’. This brings up all your failed download attempts. Find a link you want click on ‘download’ and it will download to your windows download folder, usually without error. and within 20 minutes or so for 2Gb, enjoy!!

  5. KodiDas:
    In my opinion it all has to do with traffic, the more traffic the more buffering 🙁 it is really strange that you get banned for asking a question about Kodi due to the fact that I would think many people get RD to work with Kodi. Well at least you got support because I hear most people say they are not able to get support at all, a further reason not to use them IMO. I think streaming is not much different than just using the internet, I also got crazy fast speed and it can still take some time to load some web pages while others load very fast. All in all I can live with a lil buffering so I don’t have to pay the over priced scum sucking cable company, although I do wish it didn’t happen. What I do is for example I was trying to watch ST Discovery and it was really buffering so I moved on and found another site that worked find. I also set paly mode at 480 because most are looking for the “best” or highest setting, anyway good luck to all and I’m pretty sure all this will improve as time goes on, even though it a hassle its something I can deal with.

  6. Real Debrid is a hit or miss for me. Starting at the end of Oct, beginning of Nov it seems to have gotten new providers but most of them don’t work at all (XstreamSeries or XwatchSeries). Reauthorize a couple of times but to no avail… either it finds SD (480p at least) or the 1080/720 don’t even open. Got banned from their forum for asking a Kodi question (ok so I did not read the rules, my fault). Their English is not very good so I am not able to understand their answers when I ask for support… I guess my english is not that good either.

    I’m on a 300 Mbps fiber line and my router/switch.androidBox are Gigabit capable so I don’t understand where the buffering, freezes or complete dead movement would come from when sporadically I am able to get a 1080p stream.
    I mostly watch TV shows and I am ok with 480p but I sure would like to get to see some of them at least on 720p, yet, no RD links showing me any.

    I have set RD in urlresolver for 90 and all providers are enabled. I’m thinking that once my membership is over I am just going to use a VPN and use the regular streams as sometimes I am luckier with them than with RD. It could easily be a case where everyone moved on to RD and the free streams are less congested now.

  7. For all the people that say it works fine for them can you please tell me how do you know that without Real-Debrid you wouldn’t have the same results? Maybe the placebo is in effect here or wishful thinking or even worse is fake comments…… I’m just sayin and after 3 attempts at using RD I found it to be worthless and on one occasion was even worse while using. But find out for yourself, due your homework and check things out remember its only money!! Although I’m glad its your money being wasted and not mine lol

  8. If you want the basic, kodi truly is free. You want quality and real 1080p 9£ For 90 days is much better than cable😉 Its like having a Pay per view with everything that was ever produced. There will always be haters but come on, Kodi with a debrid account worth a few dollars per month for someone looking for true hd with 5.1 DTS.

  9. what’s all the bitching about?
    you can use rd for free between 6a.m. and 11.59 a.m. (in the uk) and see for yourself.
    works gr8 for me.

  10. I’ve only had Real Debrid for 24 hours, but so glad I read this article. I had no idea there was such a thing. For $5 a month, I don’t have to put up with source not found and non-stop buffering. Over the past day I’ve watched about 10 shows and out of the 10 only 2 of them acted up. Picked a new server and was good to go.

  11. John — need help – Go to Salts or Death Streams and cant open links for URL Resolver also under video addons I cant open links – no way to get authorization code. – Went to web site and loged into my account – I need to reset as real debrid not working on any sources on my Kodi Android TV Box

  12. I have tried Real-Debrid three times over the last few years and each time I found no improvement and one time was a lot worse than before using. I believe if you have a good connection and speed from your ISP then this type of program is not needed. One of the tricks they try is to make you pair your system or have many sites that will only let the link be use if you have this service. Two points that I consider, is it really gonna help my watching needs and two if I start paying for things after awhile it gets outta hand and I may as well go back to the scum sucking bottom feeding cable companies. Look anyone that streams knows that streaming is different than channel surfing, it can take a minute or two before your choice appears on screen. The up side is it cable companies show the same shows many times a day for at least a month, with Kodi I have never run out of things to watch, as you know there are always hundreds of things to stream. Another really cool thing is I get to watch movies while they are still playing in the cinema, sometimes I see before it gets there. The best part 4me is that I am not paying over 200 bucks a month, my bill is 1/3 of what it used to be, my speed is over 150 Mbps (DL) and usually higher so I experience very little buffering and when I do its not from my end so I usually go find same stream from a different site. OK, OK I know I gotta work to watch but given the choices I have its well worth the effort at least 4me.KODI works fine with a good Android box and good ISP connection so in my opinion Real-Debrid or any other option like this is a waste of money, of course if you don’t have a good connection and all the rest maybe it will help you but I sure don’t need and everyone else I know that doesn’t use is happy with their streaming. My stubborn brother in law is only one that uses and has told me on more than one occasion that he isn’t really sure if it helps or not, so if ya wanna be like him and waste money every month go 4it.

  13. I dont understand all these negative comments. Im in a movie group on fb and everyone loves real debrid and says its def worth the money. I havent set mine up yet.

  14. I Use Real Debrid using Windows 10 and have a decent backup from hardware, No issues at all.
    The links work really well, solid and stream heaps faster than the free links.
    Using Debrid did take some setting up and I did change a lot of settings in the advanced settings also used Ares project to set up the basic settings.

    I am not getting why people are having issues with RealDebrid, maybe it’s just dumb fucks that don’t know how to use the software available to them.

  15. I was about to try this until I read the comments…
    Sounds like it’s not worth the hassle.
    I can deal with finding solutions or communicating with the dev in order to find a solution…but bad customer service is a deal breaker for me.
    When the links in Kodi are sluggish, there’s plenty of alternatives… No DB for me.

  16. As a KODI user I want to enrich my viewing experience
    that’s why I subscribed real debrid
    My problem is this:
    When I choose a movie, the source shows me 1080(HD) but the playerplay the movie as a 480(SD)
    In series it does not happen the source 1080(HD) also plays 1080(HD).
    I tried several addons -the same result.
    Can anyone help me or direct me to the source of the problem?
    (I am using kodi 17.3 . on windows )

  17. Read debrid worked for me, the first few days I tried it, but ever since then it’s a constant fail – tons of links but none actually works, goes into buffering 5 seconds into the video and never gets out of it. Don’t be tempted, just work with the free resolver, and when they are gone – go find a nice book… RD will not help you

  18. A lot of fake comments and testimonials here haha! Save your money realdebrid is not worth paying for. You don’t need to spend money!!

  19. I have a nvidia shield which has a gigabit ethernet to stream, it’s hardline to my router getting a 1,000Mbps fiber connection. This is for 4k content only.
    Kodi 17.3 using apollo build

    Real debrid w/out vpn – 2 seconds in it freezes and leaving alone on pause or letting it sort itself out doesn’t work waited 15 min.

    realdebrid vpn – same issue

    Just vpn – buffers maybe 3-4 times in beginning then works fine rest of movie

    no vpn, no realdebrid- freezes and never plays again

  20. Don’t get the service. If you need to use a VPN (For privacy, like my case) the streams wont work (Forbidden IP) unless you pay an extra fee for another service inside Real Debrid. And they gave me very lame excuses about the ammount of traffic, when the ammount of traffic would be exactly the same (Whether I am on a VPN or not).
    Worst part is that I bought the longest package.

  21. Just a friendly warning.
    Real-debrid is a great service.
    Customer service is an hell.

    Basically see it as 1 kid with a short fuse.
    (I got banned from the forums, when I asked why someone got banned, as the banned person made a good statement)
    Just check the forums and when you see a topic about an host not online. You are in banfest.

  22. I have real debrid, and none of the links will play without massive buffering. The free hosters play better….

  23. Here we are, 06/17 and with all the latest fallout of ‘trusted services’ acquainted with Kodi, who is still providing a great working service ? Yeah, same as always, Real Debrid. Try it.

  24. RD: Just started using RD on Kodi 17.1 in Exodus/Zen, etc. Really impressed with the 1080p and 5.1 audio. Not all links work all the time. Also if I want 5.1 audio I have to try different links since they are not labeled for different audio. Some of the Movies that are CAM are the same as the free ones. Nothing is perfect and sometimes you just have to be patient. Another thing I have done is tweak my cache and also since Real Debrid servers are in Europe, I select a vpn server also in Europe. I don’t know if that is relevant or not but I just try to make sure I give it the best chance to work well. I test my Download speed before I stream to make sure my vpn server is running well. If it is slow, I switch it to a better one. While this is more hands on than most plug & Play if you get familiar with the software and how to maximize it – Real Debrid is a teriffic solution with really no downside in my opinion.

  25. Loved real debrid in 16 but now in 17 plays 5 minutes and freezes have priority set on 90 in URL Resolver and have reauthorized account numerous times , download is close to 200 Mbps on an isp that doesn’t throttle speeds , any ideas have reset modem and router have cleared cache and providers in exodus loved RD but frustrated on 17.1

  26. Followed tutorial on linking Real-Debrid account to Salts with no problem. Tutorial said to disable all scrapers under Scraper Sort Order. Tutorial then said to “enable the following” and lists 20 (out of 115 choices) to enable. A number of those listed to be enabled are not present on the latest Salts list. There are 115 listings under “Scraper Sort Order”. I can’t determine the date the tutorial was posted. Is this the proper procedure to “disable all scrapers” then enable some on the list? If so does anyone have a updated list of scrapers to enable?

  27. I really can’t get alall the bitchin about the service. So cheap and most likley better than most cable. I’ve never had debrid, but can’t wait.9

  28. Have any of you been seeing the march madness basketball? If so how is the games because with ours it starts & stops so much you can’t see the play

  29. I am loving Real Debrid with Exodus and Kodi 17 BUT I cannot Download anything when using it. I can download perfectly from other hosts (left click-Download). Have I missed something in the setup, please?

  30. OK, comments are stripping tags instead of just escaping them.


    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

  31. For anyone having issues with skipping/pausing with real-debrid links in the new version of Kodi.

    In Kodi v17 the changed the tagname in advancedsettings.xml from to , and to

    …so you’ll need to change your advancedsetting.xml file appropriately.

    On OSMC that file is located at: /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

    These are the setting I’m using on my Raspberry Pi2 and it’s working perfectly again.


  32.’s accessing links you won’t get anywhere else,50 mbs won’t make real debrid quicker.i.e. I use it to get links I couldn’t get before on some USA tv shows,and now I can get links for every show,nice proper hd links in salts.

  33. Although REALDEBRID gives you much higher quality viewing, it takes forever to deliver it. Load times have slowed down a lot since I got my realdebrid account ( 1.5 – 2 minute load time). I’ve adjust some settings in tools and that has helped, but still takes too long. I have a brand new high end machine, running Lolipop with 50 Mbps download. Any suggestions?



  34. A couple months ago I would be the first one say real debris she buffering WAS terrible. I mean literally nothing work. For the past it’s been incredible. The links run the buffering is well ahead of the show and I watch about four hours of television a day. I don’t know what they did to improve but I’m very happy. I mean for months it wasn’t good. If you’re having those issues the freezer I think it’s your system or is it for your Internet isn’t fast. I’m no expert but I know how wonderful it’s working for me

  35. First, I’ve only had RD for a few days now but I must say I am extremely disappointed, not only in the service but in the customer service as well…

    For starters, almost 90% or more so far of the (RD) 1080p links I try completely freeze my android box and usually require me to unplug it completely and restart, the times it actually gets out of the freeze I lose my internet and have to unplug, and plug back in, my ethernet cable to get it to work again.

    Read Debrids response to this was to tell me it doesn’t work with Kodi (I guess people are supposed to watch all their stuff directly from their website?), the links the addons are finding are not theirs despite the fact it says RD and they only showed up after I inserted my account info into URLResolver and Salts/Exodus?? and to go Google it myself to figure out what is wrong, nice.

    I am glad I only went with the 30 day sub for 4 Euros or I would be really pissed off right now.

    I did read something earlier about advanced settings in Kodi, would have been nice if RD customer service could have mentioned something along those lines at least, so I am going to fiddle with my settings and see if there is some magic combo that gets things working but for now I would have to say, like most people have before me, stay away from this service… stay far far away from it.

  36. ryadre,
    Its common for some people to not have any issues and for others to have many issues. There are so many variables to look at that sometimes its just the way it is. For me and several people I know and have seen no improvement with debrid, and for the people that see improvement I’m happy for them. Sadly there is no one size fits all fix to streaming or computers in general. I am happy overall and I have way fast internet speed 150 Mbps, although that doesn’t guarantee me no buffering. For the most part when I get buffering its the same servers, and I also get sites that I watch that never or rarely buffer. I aint bitching just stating a fact cuz for my money (free) streaming is well worth any slight inconvenience I may have. I have no doubt that over time this will all get much much better. I’m of the belief that if I or others are willing to start paying for any of this it will eventually get out of hand, and we may as well go back to the bottom feeding scum sucking cable companies! Yeah yeah I know its only a few bucks…but a few bucks here a few there the next thing ya know we are talking real money, at least that’s what I think.

  37. Maybe all you guys need to look at your advanced xml settings and your hardware? I use a shield with slow Internet via ether net and it is great.

  38. Not sure why so many have issues. Rd works well for me. Only have about 10mb download speed. The video quality is better than the free links and most have 5.1 sound. Premiumize is good to but more expensive so I just use Rd. I do mainly only watch new release shows though.

  39. This the worse service ever. The video won’t buffer or even play and choose any server not from RealDebride and it plays fast with no issues. What a waste of money. We need to spread the word about this ripe off of no service.

  40. I’m happy for the people that saw improvement using Real Debrid but that was not my experience.I tried for a few days and saw no or very little improvement, the fact is I got way crazy bandwidth @ 165 Mbps so the real problem is not me but the site I’m watching. For example Exodus, now its got good stuff but a lot of buffer time. When I use Specto-Fork I rarely see any buffer and in my opinion its one of the best sites to get TV shows, movies etc. I have little or no doubt the real problem is the amount of bandwidth a site has I’m streaming from. The problem comes from the number of people and the amount of bandwidth being used at any one time. I have some friends that also tried Real Debrid with little or no improvement and I think that will be most peoples experience. Yeah yeah I know its only 4 Euro’s a month but I think its a placebo and nothing more….. at least that’s how I see it and several friends see it. Being a fairly new way of watching TV I’m pretty sure things will change in the future, I’m just not sure when that is but in the meantime I can live with a lil buffering cuz the price is right, and if I’m really having a problem I move on just as I would if I were watching something from the bottom feeding scum sucking cable company. Streaming is not watching regular TV ya gotta work for something to watch and channel surfing is now way different but its all doable at least 4me. I recommend trying anything you think can improve your watching experience after doing some research, so your not spiting into the wind and then enjoy your free entertainment experience and tell the ass klown cable companies to bite it.

  41. Got the box…..
    Got IPVanish
    Got RealDebrid

    Followed all instructions as said, and still didn’t work as promised by previous companies mentioned….

    Rip off….rip off for…


  42. Problems I’m experiencing…
    -Any stream Real-debrid related just gives me a black screen or times out.. WTF?!!?!
    Or when it does stream…
    -When using Real-Debrid the movie only buffer when its paused.. when I resume the stream it stops buffering all together..
    Free streams work just fine, only premium accounts streams giving me this headache!

  43. Theres recent articles about real debrid ,saying its the beat option. Its the worst service ever. They sont answer emails like they did a year ago. You have to go through at least 20 links before you can find one to get off the 0 buffer. I have a nvidia which is a fast processr and still sucks

    Funny thing about two weeks beforemy last expiration it started working well. A few days later it was lousy. Coincidence . Now worse than ever

  44. Been using Real-Debrid for a while now, working perfectly. The only issue I have is purevpn stops it working so I use opera vpn

  45. Real use to work very well. Last two months horrible. Im happy to pay $4 to those that hate too, but now they are bad. Wont answer emailsveither.
    About 17 min into every show it buffers and never recovers. Try several links and tet lucky sometimes after 20 min.
    Quasar was the answer, but now that no longer works.
    Anyone have another suggestion ?

  46. Anyone experiencing issues with real-debrid? ….. links within exodus worked last night and now no links will load just skips straight past them

  47. New to Real debrid. Just wondering using it with exodus why do some of the streams show a size of the stream in GBs and others do not? Does that mean if I choose one of those it will be downloading the file and taking up that much space?

  48. I paid for a 3 month subscription. I really wanted it to work but it does nothing and is a complete waste of money (I tried it in quite a few different addons).

  49. Trying to gather info bout wat I might need simple task is starting to become a job but still good info ty

  50. I was having a few issues today buffering on Exodus with Archer. Said what the heck and paid for the 30 day real debrid sub. BOOM Much better quality. Time will tell but first reaction way worth the paltry sum.

  51. Ooops sorry I didn’t realize I had written here B4, give me a break pls I’m old and retired and I don’t see a way to edit or delete. lol

  52. In my opinion this defeats the purpose of me “Cutting the Cord” from those bottom feeding scum sucking cable companies. I have had my SkyStream X5 for almost 2 months (B4 used Roku for many years) and I really love this thing. I went from over 200 bucks a month to $65.00 a month, I could go a little cheaper but I wanna keep my speed. I suppose I’m lucky or just have a good connection cuz I rarely have lag time and no matter what even on my Ethernet connection sometimes it has to buffer. I aint mad at a company providing a service to people that need it,but if I start paying to stream at some point it will get outta hand, and I may as well go back to the ass klown cable company….. which I don’t think is ever gonna happen. There are ways to watch whatever ya want and not pay, for a many years I used P2P (wink wink) to get movies and TV shows & then used a USB thumb drive on my ROKU. Which brings up a good point, rarely has Netflix ever buffered anything I watched, and I have used for several years,( 8bucks a month for a lot) so it is possible for streams to work fine. With all the new boxes available I think as time goes by streaming will get way better. Anyway sorry but I aint payin jack for something I can get for free, and really I don’t mind a little lag…. if I don’t like I just move on to another stream and enjoy myself. Anybody that aint havin a good time and enjoying missed a hell of a good chance, we don’t live in a perfect world but 2me its pretty close. Enjoy.

  53. A free account does nothing for you other than access to what they offer. Sign up for the premium account for 4$ bucks and be amazed. Makes a huge difference for Exodus salts and the General dependencies within Kodi itself all must authorized individually

  54. To try it out, I got a free account. Not happy at all.
    They say get Real Debrid and you should have little to no buffering.
    Well, I seem to be having more buffering, if it can find a good source at all.
    I’m using it on Exodus, SATLS,, and Velocity on my Android Box.

  55. PAY not me…. the whole idea of streaming for me was the fact that I didn’t have to pay for cable TV anymore….. to the ASS KLOWN cable company. Although I do still pay for internet its nothing compared to the bill I once had. My problem is if I start paying for one thing it opens a door to a few bucks for this and a few for another thing and B4 ya know it I’m back to paying a large bill each month to watch TV. I just recently changed from using my computer or ROKU 3 box to stream and watch programs or movies. Now I have a SkyStream X5 and this MOFO is way sik I love it. Of course I gotta do a lil work to watch something but the price is right 🙂 While I’m sure a Premium Real-Debrid would help, to me it defeats the purpose. I’m not really sure if doing this helps me or its in my head but, often when a stream has to buffer a lot I disconnect and reconnect and very often I have a better connection with less or no buffering. For the most part many sites have the same movie or TV show so I just look for the best site that works 4me,and a lil tweaking is better than watching all those commercials over the air or cable, I mean 4real 25% or more of a show is tryin to sell me something I don’t want and when the show resumes I gptta again watch a few minutes of what I saw B4 the commercial.For now I don’t wanna pay for anything I suppose this can change in the future but only as a last resort, if people get pissed off with to many “fees” they just might go back to the scum sucking bottom feeding cable companies.

  56. Guys- why would you want to pay for Real Debrid when those idiots can’t even have correct spelling on their web banner ads?!?!

  57. Anyone know of real-debris live PPV areas/add-ons? For the short time I’ve used RD, I love it but would really also like access to some higher quality live streaming if possible.

  58. Can anyone help me out here. I can’t see any RD links in any addon besides Exodus. They used to be there but are now gone. I’ve checked my settings, tried to reverify my RD account, made sure the settings have the links in green and I get no RD links in anything besides Exodus, which is a different setup aside from URL resolver. Seems like this happened after the URL resolver update. Any ideas???

  59. Just found this discussion. Went to on a regular pc with chrome browser to go ahead and signup (and start paying$$), and all I see is a *really* basic website with nothing but a few links and all of it is just text like a word document… Is there something else I should use, or is there a problem on their end?

  60. @Robert Mclean .. why not feed your box audio into a DJ mixer, I mix music myself and have control over 3 bands of eq, mids,highs and lows, it can be discreet if needs be and it wont break the bank, a small 2 channel, 3 band eq mixer may set you back 60 to 100 gbp

  61. STOP paying for recoded video that some kid has snaked from a usenet release group

    recode: re-compressing audio & video to make a smaller file… CRAPPY “QUALITY”

  62. I am a first time user, I have been using Kodi for months now, but according to their site, I need to have a RD account. I am trying to sign up for my account, but every time I put my username in and password, it says “too many tries”. I am not able to do anything. Can someone please help me, and tell me what I am doing wrong. All I am doing is follow the instructions on the Kodi site regarding running Exodus….which I believe has replaced Genesis

  63. @StinkyPete…you say, “RD streams are more stable (if still available) and offer 5.1 DD or DTS surround audio track.” First of all, the “if still available” is the operative phrase here, as very rarely do they have the best HD both showing up on the list and actually available to stream. Secondly, I have found few streams with 5.1 DD from RD…mostly 2 channel only. I have RD, but I would guess that I end up streaming only 1 in 3 films or episodes from RD b/c I find better streams that are NOT RD. That really shouldn’t be, and I’ve heard lots of excuses for them (like, well, it’s the scrapers’ fault). On top of that, I get the feeling that RD doesn’t give a crap about the quality of the experience Kodi users might have with RD, meaning they have little desire to improve it. Whatever, I’ve subscribed for a 6 month trial, but won’t be surprised at the end of that time if I don’t re-up.

  64. @StinkyPete – I have a bit of a hearing prob and I have used all sorts of methods to make the speech elements clearer from tweaking Realtek HD audio manager to trying a soundbar with the tv audio tweaked but I have to say that the sound quality on many of the RD streams are truly terrible! I have actually listened to the same tv clip using Exodus (G video), Ororo tv, and RD and G Video was the clearest, then Ororo with RD a very poor runner up. Most of the time it was like listening to someone speaking over a strong wind with loads of faint thumps in the background.

    I would dearly love to find a way to tweak the speech channels without the rest of the audio – as would many other people I know!

  65. I think some of you have the wrong idea about what RD really is. If the link is dead on the file server it was uploaded to then thats nothing to do with RD. They dont need to offer support for Kodi as they neevr claim that it works with Kodi inb the first place. Also remember that it is upto the addon makers whos addons scraped for links whether or not the link is reliable and/or available, it is not down to RD.

    I have had an RD account for 3 months and it has been extremely useful to me, with Kodi and without.

  66. GENESIS IS DEFUNCT. There is no service that will keep it alive. Obviously, this pay service will be useful for other addons that can utilize it.

  67. Got a 6 months premium subscription on December. Used to work ok with SALT (not with Genesis) but was getting worse day by day. Lately it is almost useless as you get too few if any 720 or 1080p links and most of them if not all do not work. Real Debrid is very relactand to offer support to kodi users and when you go through their side download they tell you “the link is dead” and thats it. I am fed up and started using free links as they are much more reliable. I only test real debrid links every other day with minimum success. I wouldn’t propose this service to kodi users at least for the moment. Hope they will resolve theis issues soon.

  68. Subscribed a month ago. What a disappointment. LOTS of choices, lots of streams, but almost NEVER do any of the HD1080 (REA) links work, when they are actually even available, and a lot of times, many of their HD720s don’t work:
    “Link Resolve Failed: No usable link from Real Debrid”…”No Usable Link from Real Debrid”…”No Usable Link from Real Debrid” over and over and over….and of course you then have to start the process over. More often than not I end up selecting a non-Real Debrid stream.
    What a bad joke…it’s like buying a ticket for an all you can eat buffet, with Shrimp!!, but when you get there, the only choices on the buffet table are meat loaf and french fries and a wilted lettuce salad.

  69. I had 6 months of real debrid and was somewhat dissatisfied. Same issues as above posters. I purchased a rapid premium account and works great with salts and some others. Get an R.P. Account you might just be surprised.

  70. The top quality streams from rapidgator oboom, etc. All buffer and barely get above 0% . Seems to be 95% of streams with Dolby digital 5.1 are unwatchable for me. Not sure if it something to do with my android tv box or what but it makes RD useless to me.

  71. I have a real-debrid account and it’s well worth it..I use it for the hub addons(release,entertainment,and adults only)..I can say for those addons you get more links to access than if you just had a free account.adults hub doesn’t even work without it..and when you do access a real-debrid link it rarely buffers so it’s worth it for me.considering how much you pay for cable monthly,17 bucks for 6 months to me is a low risk high reward perk..

  72. you recommend real debrid at the same time you recommend ipvanish. but im finding that when using ipvanish because youre using a different ip everytime…it doesnt work…

  73. This works a lot better with The Royal We add on than with the Genesis add on. Genesis used to be my top add on, but now SALTS is my number one, followed by The Royal We, and Ororo. Genesis has slowly been declining. I don’t recommend for Genesis but I do recomend it for The Royal We. Just my 2 cents.

  74. Gotta say, what disappoints me most is that this article is dated Dec. 2, comments are dated all the back to the first half of November (perhaps this is a re-post of the article?), but there still are NO responses to all these problems with realdebrid. The cost is reasonable, and I don’t think most have any problem paying a little per month for a service that does what it should. The problem is that it does not work as advertised. ANY RESPONSES, DEVELOPERS?? As said, no problems with paying a reasonable fee…REAL problems with failure to function as advertised and failure to respond to complaints/questions. HELLO!!?

  75. Okay so I’ve been trying realdebrid for a few weeks now and I have to say that I’m really quite disappointed. Most of their stream are low quality and many of them don’t work when you select them. I really enjoy using Genesis but many episodes of tv shows do not have rd links at all and many on the non rd links perform much better than the rd ones. I think when my account is up I’ll be looking for another premium link provider!

  76. I have a real-debrid premium account and cant say that Im a satisfied customer. The real-debrid streams I was able to find are not working.

  77. So just to be clear, does this actually download the file to your htpc, or simply stream it? Seeing that download is illegal in Sweden, but streaming is not (yet), I’d rather just stream stuff.

  78. Got a RealDebrid account for 15 days but have to admit I am mostly dissapointed as well. Most of the TV shows are not available, only the last and most popular TV shows come up with real Debrid links of which 75% wasn’ t even working. For example, Criminal Minds and Battlestar Galactica both do not show Any RealDebrid links. Than Hand of God showed them, Uptobox, but these weren’ t working. I think you’ re paying for a service that does most likely have very few of the TV shows you want to stream unless you only watch things like Arrow, Flash, Agent’ s of Shield etc. Which are extremely recent and popular. But then again, these popular series don’ t have problems providing any proper free streams either. So why pay for a realdebrid? I have to admit that of all the streams available Dizilab is by far the best, most reliable and highest quality. Unfortunately Dizilab seems to be having issues to keep up with the huge amount of connections and therefor often does not show up in the list. So I’ m definately keeping my eye out for an alternative for Real Debrid which is affordable.

  79. Got 30 day account and am mostly disappointed. 1080 and 720 sources in genesis and icefilms buffer especially with 5.1 audio. Much more working links in Genesis and icefilms is useful again but pretty much just sd.

  80. Got help in tvaddons forum. The issue was advanced settings. Here is the exact message:

    “Apparently on some platforms setting the cache size too high can lead to this issue. You can still use it if you lower the value you were using”

    I had mine set to the max. Real Debrid link started without any issue…

  81. The Url Resolver has been updated (version 2.10.8) and now has the toggle. But it’s still a no go for me. I got the auth #, entered it into the real-debrid webpage and logged in without issue. When in Kodi I see all the links for Real Debrid. After I select one it just times out. It only got to the working part once. Anyone have any suggestions.

  82. In this article it says “Scroll down to realdebrid and toggle on the Enabled and Ask for Authorization When Needed boxes.” My version of Url Resolver (version 2.10.6) does not have this toggle. How can I get prompted to authorize Real Debrid on Kodi without it…

  83. Long time user of Real Debrid(tried all debrid and premiuize me but keep coming back) ~ 2 years +, just started using kodi last year , and once I found you can integrate real debrid it was a no brainer.

    As for those asking about sharing the account, you can share the account in the same household. However you cannot share it with another person in a different house. Well you can , but you can not be using the account at the same time, you will receive a message, and a password reset.

  84. I signed up for 15 days. When the Real Debrid links come up in Genesis, none of them work. I doubled checked the password in the URL resolver and in Genesis to no avail. I tried Icefilms and SALTS, same thing. Nothing. In Icefilms I get a notification that says Real Debrid login successful, when I select the RD links it gets to “working” and the stops every time….Any suggestions….

  85. As asked previously, Can you share a real debrid account with another family member or is only 1 IP address allowed per account?

  86. I don’t stream often. My buddy streams about the same and we arent always home. Can you share a real debrid account? We probably would not be accessing it at any of the same times through Kodi becuase of different work schedules. Will this help with any of the live streams like Redzone of NFL network?

  87. Nice Article but Kodi’s been sold to people on the premise of free access but in reality your viewing quality is always dictated by how much you can afford to pay for it.

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