UK Turk Playlists Kodi Addon: The Ultimate Install Guide

Are you looking for a all-in-one Kodi addon that’s been around for over 4 years and is filled with thousands and thousands of links? The UK Turk Playlists Kodi addon is one of the all time greats and is worth taking a look if you don’t have it yet.

The addon has recently been given a major update and overhaul.

Our guide below has all of the information on the new update and everything else you need.

Table of Contents

  1. UK Turk Playlists Latest Version
  2. Sections
  3. How to Install UK Turk Playlists
  4. How to Generate UK Turk Pin
  5. UK Turk Alternatives
  6. UK Turk Help & Troubleshooting


UK Turk Playlists Kodi Latest Version

April 25th, 2019: UK Turk Playlists has been updated to v6.0, it’s first major version update in years! The entire guide below this point has been reviewed and overhauled to match up with the new version release.

Along with the new addon update, the UK Turks repository has been updated to v2.0. If you do not see the latest version of the addon or the repository, you need to reinstall using the instructions below.


UK Turk Playlists Sections

After you install the UK Turk Kodi addon, you’ll see the following options from the main menu:

  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Cartoons
  • Documentaries
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Concerts
  • Radio
  • CCTV
  • Turkish TV
  • Turkis Movies
  • Fitness
  • FoodPorn
  • Favourites


You really have to just install and use UK Turk Playlists add-on to appreciate the effort gone into making it.

NOTE: UK Turk Playlists hosts and stores no content.


How to Install UK Turk Playlists Kodi Add-on

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like ukturk and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > ukturk > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Select Install from Repository > UKTurk Addon repository > Video Add-ons > UK Turk Playlists > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification


How to Generate UK Turk Playlists Pin

This addon utilizes a pin in order to give access to content. When you generate a pin and enter it into the addon, you will be given 4 hours of viewing time.

This pin is ad supported and goes to support UK Turk for his time and effort in maintaining the addon over the last four years. It is a small, 20 second, inconvenience for the quality of links and content that the addon offers!

To go through the pin process,

  1. Launch the UK Turk Playlists addon:
  2. You will be asked to visit
  3. Click on the yellow Generate Pin button halfway down the page.
  4. A 5 or 6 digit code will be generated, which you enter into Kodi in order to gain access.

For those familiar with the pin process inside of other Kodi addons, the UK Turk process is much less intrusive. You don’t get popups for clicking the generate button and all ads are shown in front of you on the screen.


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UK Turk Playlists Kodi Alternatives

The UK Turk Playlists Kodi addon is a playlist Kodi addon. This means that UK Turk is a content curator, creataing specific playlists of metadata. The addon pulls streams from the public internet that match this data. If you want to check out other similar Kodi addons, check out the following:

  1. Maverick TV
  2. Nemesis
  3. Supremacy
  4. Deathstar
  5. Limitless

UK Turk Playlists Kodi Installation Failed

If you have issues downloading and installing the UK Turk Kodi addon, it most likely means two things:

  1. You don’t have the latest version of the repository.
  2. The repository is broke or down for maintenance.


When you go to install a Kodi addon, it retrieves an addon zip from an internet address. If the repository is down, the “installation failed” Kodi error is a common message.

One solution for this problem is to make sure that you can access the repository address on the internet. Take the http address of the addon and try to access it from your phone or computer. If it is unaccessible, there is nothing you can do until it is back only.

As well, make sure that you are only installing Kodi addons from their original repository.


UK Turk Playlists Kodi Error Check Log

Sometimes you may get a message telling you to check your Kodi error log. If you see this error while streaming video, it can mean that your cache is full.

If this appears while trying to navigate menus in the UK Turk Kodi addon, it means that the link you are trying to access does not exist anymore. If you are trying to start a stream from the addon, select another stream.


How to Fix UK Turk Playlists Kodi No Stream Available

If you see the error “stream not available” in Kodi while using this addon, it means that the addon was unable to retrieve results for your query. Kodi addons are simply search engines into the public internet and do not host any content of their own.

When you select a title or stream in Kodi, it searches the internet for media streams matching the title you’ve select. If it cannot find anything, you get the “stream not available” error. Most likely, you will have to try a different addon or select more popular content that is more likely to be available.


How to Fix UK Turk Playlists Kodi Script Failed

The Kodi script failed error occurs when your addon fails to execute its function in a proper manner. The most likely cause of this error is because you are running an old or outdated version of Kodi. The addon is trying to use a dependency or script newer that what is installed on your machine and is giving you an error.

Always look to upgrade Kodi to its latest version to maximize success with your Kodi addons.


How do you like the new UK Turk Playlists update? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook today!


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We have no control over and do not host or upload any video, films, media file, or live streams. KodiTips is not responsible for the accuracy, compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of streamed from your device. If you have any legal issues please contact the appropriate media file owners or host sites.


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254 thoughts on “UK Turk Playlists Kodi Addon: The Ultimate Install Guide”

  1. Can anybody tell me where i can get a PIN number from and why i have to do this every dam time i use it.

  2. The new pin method unfortunately is a real pain. How about an approach similar to openload pairing?

  3. How the hell do you make a pin? It doesn’t give you any options. I’m stuck and can’t get out of this page

  4. Better than its ever been & now even quicker since they have gone to a faster server
    The pin is not a problem either only takes 2mins to do but found it easier to go to the pin page on my phone

  5. all i get is uk turks error error says check the logs how do you do that . Why wont it work only thing i get to work is classic tv if i go to tv and hit it e thing else i get uk turks error

  6. it says I can’t connect to the network server I have tried loads of times to load uk turks and nothing happens.

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  8. Installed Uk Turks July 18th and all worked well, now all I get is a spinning blue ball and then a ‘check log file’ error. I really love this addon and hope things get sorted soon.

  9. please sort your server out cause its works for one min then just get error and your search is useless

  10. Anyone have an update when Turks will be up and running again? Any other addons just as good as Turks?

  11. Ever so slow now also more log fails than ever.
    Tried to watch a movie 6 times and gave up in the end.What has happened to uk turk

  12. took a few attempts and eventually installed (kodi 17.3) bit slow to load and run, but gets there eventualy …. love this addon!

  13. Like you I was going round in circles until I installed Ares Wizard and then installed UK Turks from there

  14. Having a zero luck with this, still getting failed to install dependency. Anyone got any ideas

  15. Glad I come across this guide for installing the updated uk turks playlist add-on, everything working perfectly, so cool to have uk turks working again.

  16. nope cant find ukturks playlist … oh well just checked on hallow and its working ok so things aint that bad

  17. gona try installing uk turks now ….hope it works cos there is only so much skin left on me finger tips

  18. got as far as step 6, but nothing happens when I try to click on UKTurk Addon Respository. Have installed and uninstalled, rebooted and cleared everything several times, but no joy.
    I’m running 15.2 Isengard. Any suggestions?

  19. Yip straight in on new addie above on laptop and box, a lot quicker as well, well done, lets hope this one stays…big thumbs up from me..

  20. The report listed is not working any new ones? Prev had metalkettle and mats build but neither working now

  21. Kodi abuse started with firestick. Box producers also cashed in. Now what ?
    Yes you will go and buy new sticks !!!! and more abuse. Why don’t you go and ask Amazon, whay don’t you sue Amazon , or your box seller now !!!!

  22. its all wank – just like it was last time i tried – fuck it – hack the shite – or ban it –

  23. UK Turks has went belly up AGAIN I am afraid, goes through a forced update, which completes, but alas itstill will not work…

  24. none of the new repos work only works if you had it working before all the changes recently and didn’t uninstall it. But so slow its not worth watching so best wait until its fixed or dies completely.

  25. Managed to do all 7 steps but mine also says Playlist error and check log for more information. Where is this log? And do I need to uninstall again and then keep installing it? Thank you

  26. Hi tried to install on 17.3 but says after trying from the repository that it failed to install a dependency, what does that mean please??

  27. Great worked I’m back

    People be patient I tried at least 8 times to connect and download from the zip repo
    Eventually it worked
    The site is likely inundated with everyone loading the new turks

    Keep trying and if you have to do it at a silly time in the morning
    Good luck

  28. Yep so on my old faithful box with kodi 15.2 I can’t see the add on in the repo but on a box I’m working on with kodi 17 the add on is visible in the repo. Hope they make 15.2 compatible again as it was a great add on.

  29. They are still having some issues and not only that a lot of people will be trying to get back on to UK Turks so the servers might be getting a battering it does work I’ve managed to get on just be patient with it.

  30. managed to install it on kodi box, but not on phone – both kodi 17.3 – any ideas? “failed to install from zip file”

  31. I followed the above instructions twice and it won’t work. :-(. What am I doing wrong? Again, I followed the instructions to the letter.

  32. I have installed from zip file and now I’m in the repository… I am now waiting for uk turk add on repository to open but it just says working in bottom corner. Why won’t the poxy thing open up??? Getting really pissed off now

  33. I still can’t see it in the repository, only f4mtester still, is it because I’m still running kodi 15.2? I had the add on before it went down through the old zip file?

  34. I did just like you posted and I have it back up and running. Thank you very much. I’m based in the US 🙂

  35. Failed to install add-on based at zip…..

    Finds the zip in the repo but fails everytime.
    UK based.

    I’d be happy to pay for something like Turks, I pay for Netflix and Amazon but only find stuff I want to watch on kodi, 99.9% of it old as well not new releases. Netflix etc push loads of American shows I have no interest in, give me father Ted and the young ones etc any day.

  36. This fucked up my machine!!!! When i try and control via the amazon control, it just doesn’t stop flicking on its own. Whats this? You asked to switch on unknown sources to yes. Does that mean my mashine has been hacked now?

  37. It’s a wonderful addon. I was able to install it tjust like any other addon. To the lot that’s saying it’s not working…. which region are you guys from? If you’re not from UK, I’m not sure if you guys will be able to run it without changing your region to UK via something like ivacy vpn or hss proxy. If it still doesn’t work, check out the logs.

  38. Brilliant add on. Uninstalled previous version and followed link above, straight in all my channels are back. Great addon

  39. I have just done these steps and i still get the error code saying playlist error. If i go through the depository and open uk turks that way it will come on but not through the normal menu. Anyone got any ideas i can try. Thanks

  40. I cannot get this to work on Kodi 17! When I try to install from zip file it just says add on failed to install? Any tips?

  41. Does anybody know if UK turks will be back? Also any good tips for documentary addons? This was an excellent addon

  42. Devastated Turks has gone. It was by far my favourite add on for the classic british TV etc. Don’t know what’s happening but hope it’s not gone forever, come back soon Turks TV coz I really miss it 🙁

  43. please come back to our kodi we need you uk turk playlist you must come back we cant live with out you nooooooooooooooo!

  44. We want uk turka playlist back…. come on dudes i was watching with my wholr family turkisch tv and different movies… can you please fix the problems…. ty guys….

  45. can you please put uk turks back on or i will not use my fire stick any more we love you please bring it back.

  46. Been gone for couple days now… Please contact e back we miss you best add on out there!!

  47. Noooooooooo UK Turks off even uninstalled to reinstall and now error downloading the addon ☹

  48. UK Turks is down temporarily while he looks for another host. Previous one has let him down. Should be back up soon.

  49. UK Turks and Phoenix went down yesterday – Turks is showing error code 404 which suggests it has been taken offline? Hope it is back up and running soon as it’s one of the best Add ons out there , and we all appreciate the hard work UK Turks puts in to provide us with this great Add on.

  50. U.K. Turks was working just fine then an error msg popped up, ever since just an error msg pops up, I’ve downloaded a maintence app and cleared everything but still the same problem, would anyone out there have a solution?

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  52. I love the fitness section but not all of the workouts play which is a pain. Some days are better than others. Love the beach body workouts please add more 😜

  53. Hi.
    Can not get uk Turks to play.i hit a channel says working than nothing happens.any ideas.

  54. All my english channels kick out after 3 minutes, Has the UK blocked s recieving these channels? Example watching ITV it will kick out after 3 minutes, when I re-enter it comes back on for another 3 minutes then kicks out again. Could Filmon have a problem?

  55. I can no longer watch sky sports on uk turk..I am using amazon fire tv through expressvpn connecting to various uk servers. My connection (wireless) is about 10MBPS. I click on sky sports news, click on a link, (try them all), and sometimes i get the circle, sometimes it just comes back to previous screen. Tried clearing cache, re-booting fire tv etc.

  56. Hello,

    I have a problem with this repo , only stream video in 720p hd , there are any idea or trick to switch in sd or 480 because my connexion very low and freezing all time i can’t view movie in continious , i tried all tricks by google and youtube no sloved ,,,,please answer me help me


  57. Why is it that while watching the grand Prix i get constant buffering .I have the virgin 200 download speed which should cope with it ,so is it Turks fault.

  58. I have UK Turks o my Kodi box, and last night viewed a Uk program, however the process of getting the episode to stream was quite different from my usual which uses a Traktv selection, “My Collection”. I used ‘search’, typed in the name and selected the episode, which played immediately without selecting a source. Can I set up UK Turks to acess my Traktv account and watch other tv prorams like that?
    Where can I read about setting up UK Turks s that I don’t need to trouble you.

  59. Yes I am having the same problem on my tablets, kodi will not shut down, I have to switch the tablets off to get out of kodi.

  60. I think the latest update to the SportsDevil add-on is causing UK Turk playlist to hang kodi upon exit. I disabled all my apps then enabled them one by one to identify which was causing the crash. I discovered it was the latest version of SportsDevil, so uninstalled it but was then surprised to see it still happening. Then i remember seeing somewhere that UK Turk uses SportsDevil, so I have uninstalled​ UK Turk playlist and now kodi exits fine (I’m running kodi 17.0 on an Amazon fire stick). Anyone else encountered this issue?

  61. Hi I can get BBC1 Wales on UK Turks live tv but not BBC1
    Has streamed perfectly but won’t now. Have tried downloading UK Turks again, but still no BBC1 any ideas?

  62. I cant get stream most of the episodes of Streets of San Francisco or Cannon I have downloaded and redownloaded and nothing, Why are these episodes listed if they are unwatchable??

  63. Hi uk turks has up to now been one of my favourite addons since your last update having problems with buffeting especially with uk gold

  64. It doesn’t work. Everything i try on UK turk playlists just comes up with error check logs. Just another waste of time and effort. I wouldn’t waste your time folks.I know of loads of friends who have the same issues and we have all got the latest updates etc on our android boxes.

  65. Hello
    When I try to watch any of the channels Link 1 does not work. If I chose link 2 it streams for about 1 min. The log file states “Warning static XFILE:IFILE*

    Can anyone help please?

  66. i cannot connect at all to any metal kettle repositorys, my uk turks tv has stopped working, i tried to update, but cant connect.

  67. I cant get UK turks to play anything i get the message “Your subscription has expired please extend” does anyone know why i get this

  68. Found that when accessing sky sports through U.K. Turk, it had turned out to be porn on one of the links, my grandchildren were horrified about this, other than that it is a good download

  69. uk_turk’s channels slowly being hi jacked by Exabyte !!! It started with sports channels, and now spreading Live TV channels (uk) . Is it possible that it was sold to Exabyte ?

  70. Keep getting exabytes TV lists de canals & guys TV message when loading sky sports…. any ideas how to bypass???

  71. and the fucking idiots who say crock of shit….you dont know what youre doing…this was and i hope it will be the best add on again…try ….if it comes back changing the log….oh to much for you..when you buy a BLANK ANDROID BOX DO SOME HOMEWORK…

  72. the best has to rest….this add on as been stolen by money making thieves get rid and it shall return

  73. Actually, its been a total crock of sh*t for the last 2 months. All the free to air stuff still works but *surprise surprise* the premium stuff doesnt. stop promoting an add on that isnt working

  74. My uk Turks will only work after 9 at night anybody any idea why this is and how I could possibly sort it, any help or advice appreciated

  75. No sports channels working on Turks UK. Message saying ” check log” all else working fine. Any advice welcome

  76. Uk turk play list won’t connect just saying goes check log !!!!
    Any help solving this would be appreciated.

  77. Hi,

    New to kodi, uk turks playlist not working, advising me to check log? anyone any ideas how to get this sorted?

  78. Hi,I cannot watch uk Turks during the daytime,it comes up as error and to check log,but approx 10.30 pm every night I can watch it ok.Has anybody else had this problem,if so,how did you fix it.Would really appreciate any help,cos when we do watch it,it looks an excellent add-on.Thanks

  79. Hi to anyone that can help. The Fox Sports US links are all down in UK Turk, Phoenix and eCloud.
    I assume they are all coming from the one source.
    Can someone please fix them please

    Thank you from all NHRA fans around the world.

  80. i have been getting (uk turk playlists error check the log for more information) can anyone help

  81. Hi
    I’m love your add-on, but at the moment i found a bit difficult to watch some TV Shows,can you help me pleae

  82. Getting a ‘could not connect to repository’ error message on following the install from repository directive. Please help 🙁

  83. See the link that’s been given above, it’s been pulled for the time being as a guy called Marc Mitchelli has “stolen” his work

  84. I have installed uk turks and it keeps coming up uk tv turks playlist error how do i get it to work because i love using this add on

  85. Getting more peed off by the minute, no info, no resolution having to watch basic TV etc, can’t watch catch up programmed!!!!!!

  86. Hi All
    Has anybody had any feedback as to what the problem is and how to rectify it.Annoying isn’t it!!!

  87. UK turks will not install – get message as others have about script error – any ideas to get it going again please

  88. UK turks not working, check log, error???? What log and where no body here seems to have the answer!!!!!

  89. Mick B Guernsey
    Uk Turks was working great up until 19 April now it isnt working and wont let me reinstall ??
    any ideas

  90. Have installed but getting playlist error, check log. ?????? Wish I hadn’t updated. Worked OK before. Somethings changed for the worst.

  91. I have installed UK Turks but comes up with playlist error check the log.Any suggestions please.

  92. I,ve lost the UK turks playlist by accidently deleting it when screen said something about incompatibilty issue and asked me to delete. how can i get it back please?

  93. Hi
    Since the new list came out I have not been xble to acesss any of the sky sports channels, also I tried to update the list but this too did not work. Can anyone point me in the direction of a solution

  94. Hi
    Since the new list came out I have not been xble to acesss any of the sky sports channels, also I tried to update the list but this too did not work. Can anyone point me in the direction of a solution

  95. All sports streams working perfectly after update on 15th . It wa updated yesterday again and now only Sky Sports 5 is working . Great add on , I was wondering why update again when it was working perfectly

  96. Hi
    I have this installed and it has stopped connecting to lots of the streams and I get the message to check the log (which I can’t find) any ideas on what could be wrong?

  97. Have installed uk Turk but all shows have error message and am told to check the log? Any ideas wot I am doing wrong?

  98. how do you close the channels down properly? are the ticks(checks) next to the channel supposed to stay on? thanks in advance 🙂

  99. Hi
    I have this installed and it has stopped connecting to lots of the streams and I get the message to check the log (which I can’t find) any ideas on what could be wrong?


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