WalletConnect Guide: What are WalletConnect Compatible Wallets?

WalletConnect is an interesting piece of software that can allow you to quickly connect crypto games with crypto wallets. In this guide, we’ll teach out all about WalletConnect’s functionality, including:

  • What all the WalletConnect Compatible Wallets are
  • An overview of the wallets, dApps, and chains that WalletConnect can connect to
  • How to use WalletConnect

If you still have any questions after this article, comment down at the bottom of this guide and we will help you out.

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an open-source web3 software standard that makes it easy to connect crypto wallets, dapps, and chains together. We’ll get to those three in a minute, but want to highlight that WalletConnect’s popularity has exploded in the past year for a few reasons:

  1. WalletConnect is extremely easy for crypto games to implement and use.
  2. The protocol that the software uses is extremely secure
  3. The remote connection that WalletConnect creates between two apps allows for safe transfer of coins and tokens
  4. The interface is extremely easy for players, with QR codes and deep links to set everything up.

If you come across a crypto game connect screen asking you to integrate with a WalletConnect compatible wallet, it’s a good thing! It means that your game has universal support.

walletconnect qr code
Sample WalletConnect QR code

Before we show you all of the supported crypto software with WalletConnect, we want to come back to the wallets, dapps, and chains that we mentioned earlier.

Crypto Wallets

Crypto wallets store your cryptocurrency on them safely and away from exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, which could be manipulated (though unlikely).

Crypto wallets can be browser-based, application based (desktop or mobile) or hardware based (like Ledger and Trezor).

The software has over 75 WalletConnect compatible wallets that have integrated with the software. If you have an application asking you to connect with WalletConnect, you can use any of the compatible wallets to get things started.


Dapps stand for decentralized application. It is a fancy term for any application or game that is built to use the blockchain, which is decentralized. We call dapps a bunch of other things:

  • crypto games
  • blockchain games
  • play to earn games

It is usually when you are signing up for a dapp that you will be prompted to connect to a WalletConnect compatible wallet.


All crypto wallets and dapps must be built on a specific blockchain. This is the protocol of the ledger that keeps track of your application’s transactions. The bitcoin blockchain is the original crypto chain. However, a lot of new protocols are better for crypto games because they can process many more transactions per second for a lower cost.

Chains are not something you have to worry much about and WalletConnect supports all popular dapp chains.

Next, we’ll go over all of the WalletConnect compatible wallets, dapps, and chains! This list is constantly being updated on the WalletConnect website.

What are the Walletconnect Compatible Wallets?

If you see a pop up screen asking you to connect to a compatible wallet with WalletConnect, you have over 100 wallets you can use. A full list of compatible wallets is as follows:

  1. MetaMask
  2. Crypto.com (DeFi Wallet)
  3. Ledger Live
  4. Rainbow
  5. Trust Wallet
  6. Argent
  7. Gnosis Safe multisig
  8. Pillar
  9. imToken
  10. ONTO
  11. TokenPocket
  12. MathWallet
  13. BitPay
  14. WallETH
  15. Authereum
  16. Dharma
  17. 1inch Wallet
  18. Huobi Wallet
  19. Eidoo
  20. MYKEY
  21. Loopring Wallet
  22. TrustVault
  23. Atomic
  24. Coin98
  25. CoolWallet
  26. Alice
  27. AlphaWallet
  28. D’CENT Wallet
  29. ZelCore
  30. Nash
  31. Coinomi
  32. GridPlus
  33. CYBAVO Wallet
  34. Tokenary
  35. Torus
  36. Spatium
  37. SafePal
  38. Infinito
  39. wallet.io
  40. Infinity Wallet
  41. Ownbit
  42. EasyPocket
  43. Bridge Wallet
  44. SparkPoint
  45. ViaWallet
  46. BitKeep
  47. Vision
  48. PEAKDEFI Wallet
  49. Unstoppable Wallet
  50. HaloDeFi Wallet
  51. Dok Wallet
  52. AT.Wallet
  53. Midas Wallet
  54. Ellipal
  56. Aktionariat
  57. Talken Wallet
  58. XinFin XDC Network
  59. Flare Wallet
  60. KyberSwap
  61. AToken Wallet
  62. Tongue Wallet
  63. RWallet
  64. Plasma Pay
  65. O3Wallet
  66. HashKey Me
  67. Jade Wallet
  68. Guarda Wallet
  69. Defiant
  70. Trustee Wallet
  71. CoinUs
  72. cmorq
  73. Valora
  74. QuiverX
  75. Celo Wallet
  76. Elastos Essentials
  77. fuse.cash
  78. Bitpie
  79. Rabby
  80. Stasis
  81. JulWallet
  82. f(x) Wallet
  83. Bull App
  84. Anybit
  85. bitpie
  86. Minerva Wallet
  87. ArchiPage
  88. Tangem
  89. Chainge Finance
  90. ioPay
  91. Coinhub
  92. Go Pocket
  93. Wallet 3
  94. yiToken
  95. DID Wallet
  96. StarBase
  97. Shinobi Wallet
  98. Steakwallet
  99. GD Wallet
  100. Binana
  101. AirGap
  102. PayTube
  103. SecuX
  104. BlockBank
  105. Orange
  106. NEFTiPEDiA
  107. Avacus
  108. Krystal
  109. Linen
  110. CeloTerminal
  111. Ambire Wallet
  112. Spot
  113. Frontier

As you can see, nearly all popular options are WalletConnect compatible wallets. These wallets store the coins and tokens needed for popular crypto games and apps.

What Dapps Use WalletConnect?

More and more crypto games are turning to WalletConnect to simplify the process of transferring the game’s coins in and out of the platform. Here is a winter 202 list of all 120 dapps that use WalletConnect today:

  1. Opensea
  2. Rarible
  3. Decentraland
  4. Etherscan
  5. Uniswap
  6. Binance DEX
  7. Compound
  8. Zapper
  9. Aave
  10. Xerion
  11. LocalCryptos
  12. DeBank
  13. Unstoppable Domains
  14. 1inch Exchange
  15. yearn
  16. Nash
  17. Curve
  18. Adex Network
  19. dYdX
  20. MyCrypto
  21. Oasis App
  22. TokenSets
  24. Matcha
  25. KyberSwap
  26. DeFi Prime
  27. Loopring
  28. InstaDapp
  29. Matic Network
  30. 3Box
  31. DDEX
  32. Totle
  33. Bamboo Relay
  34. Synthetix
  35. dex.blue
  36. PoolTogether
  37. Sablier
  38. DEX.AG
  39. ENS Domains
  40. Gnosis Safe Multisig
  41. Idle Finance
  42. learn.finance
  43. RCN Finance
  44. Hegic
  45. Kickback
  46. 88mph
  47. Mooni
  48. Clovers
  49. Mintbase
  50. DAOstack
  51. KnownOrigin
  52. MyEtherWallet
  53. Affogato
  54. StablePay
  55. DeFi Saver
  56. ThorChain
  57. BulkSender
  58. Betoken
  59. Linkdrop
  60. HelioWallet
  61. Escaroo
  62. TokenMarket
  63. Mesa
  64. MCDEX
  65. Furucombo
  66. Melon
  67. Chainsfr
  68. AKA3 Email Alias
  69. 2Key
  70. Pitch
  71. SushiSwap
  72. Unagii
  73. Cream Finance
  74. zkSync
  75. Shell Exchange
  76. Index Coop
  77. SwapX
  78. Starname
  79. Space
  80. Maskbook
  81. Snapshot
  82. Invoice.build
  83. Ankr
  84. DODO
  85. zLOT
  86. Actus Protocol
  87. AstroTools.io
  88. Harvest Finance
  89. OctoFi
  90. Bitfrost Finance
  91. Orchid Protocol
  92. Datamine Network
  93. Streamr
  94. SuperRare
  95. Arbitrum
  96. HoneySwap
  97. Fleek
  98. Proof of Humanity
  99. Livepeer Explorer
  100. Axion
  101. PlotX
  102. MoonCat World
  103. Mulan Finance
  104. Flexa
  105. PancakeSwap
  106. Twinci
  107. Moonkat
  108. Punk Finance
  109. GhostMarket
  110. YFX
  111. NFTY Connect
  112. NFTBank.ai
  113. Trinity Feeds
  114. Fuse Staking
  115. Tyrell-Yutani HUB
  116. eyesfi
  117. Raven Protocol
  118. Krystal
  119. SpookySwap
  120. Dogs of Elon
list of walletconnect compatible dapps

What Chains Does WalletConnect Support?

All of the most popular dapp chains are supported by this tool and the team promises that more support is coming soon. The crypto blockchain’s supported by WalletConnect are:

  • Ethereum
  • Cosmos
  • Polkadot
  • Celo
  • Solana
  • Near
list of walletconnect chains

WalletConnect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What wallets work with WalletConnect?

WalletConnect currently supports at least 113 compatible wallets that you can connect to. When you find a Dapp that supports WalletConnect, you will be able to sync your wallet by scanning the QR code shown to you.

Is Coinbase wallet compatible with WalletConnect?

Coinbase Wallet support is not currently listed on the official WalletConnect website. Coinbase has designed their own software protocol bridge called “Coinbase WalletLink” which allows you to easily connect Coinbase to a dapp. Coinbase WalletLink is a WalletConnect alternative.

Is Binance compatible with WalletConnect?

Binance is listed as a WalletConnect compatible wallet according to the official website. You can connect your Binance wallet to any Dapp that has WalletConnect support.

Do you have any other questions about WalletConnect compatible wallets, dapps, chains, or other components? Comment down below and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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