What is the Covenant Module Kodi Addon

Have you noticed a new Covenant Module Kodi addon added to your Kodi system? Find out what it is below and why it is a good thing.

November 6th: The Covenant Module Kodi dependency received a fairly large update today to v1.0.22. Amongst the changes listed below, this update fixes the issue in Covenant where a “No Stream Available” would pop up even though the dialog box showed that streams were being return. Other changes include:

  • 7 new providers added
  • 7 providers updated
  • 3 providers deleted (sources don’t exist anymore)
  • Improved quality descriptors for Real-Debrid sources



Original Post:

If you have either the Covenant or the Bennu Kodi addon, you may have noticed a new dependency added to your Kodi system called Covenant Module. Have no fear, this dependency is a good thing!

Multi-source Kodi addons need two things in order to display and playback streams: a scraper and a resolver. The resolver is the actual file host that stores video files. Some common resolvers you may have seen in Kodi are openload, vidzi, and gvideo. The URLResolver dependency universally takes care of resolvers, so a single update to it can update every addon that uses it.

The new Covenant Module dependency uses a similar concept but for the scrapers in Kodi. Scrapers are the websites on the internet that store media metadata and listings of media files. Some popular scrapers are Primewire/1channel and 123movies.

Because both the Covenant and Bennu Kodi addons use the same developers and base, Covenant Module will allow a single update to fix scrapers in both addons.

Both Covenant and Bennu can be found within the Colossus Repository.

So, if you recently noticed and were curious about the Covenant Module Kodi dependency, you now know what its purpose is on your Kodi box.

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24 thoughts on “What is the Covenant Module Kodi Addon”

  1. MuviBoxes.com is hard to get help with fixes for my muvibox. Does anyone know what I can todo it will not stream now and the normal menu view page. I screwed it up somehow.

  2. It free !!!!!!!!!and the devs work hard in there free time so say nice one, thank u .not give them shit so no 1080 so i still got my 1st gen fireatick had now 4 2 years working well get a life or pissoff

  3. I have a VPN and use convent. While using both sometimes I’m asked to pair my phone with my device but my Amazon firestick has a different IP address. How do I sink up both?

  4. installed alluc and still having buffering problems. prior to installing, i never had buffer problems with an app called plutotv but now i am. i am a huge fan of older tv shows such as china beach, combat ,blacksheep squadron to name a few. can never watch them without it buffering. how do i download a movie or tv show?

  5. SALT is trash. Covenant is the best Addon for TV shows. Some HD, but most of the SD links run and the quality is good. Nothing better out there right now and Exodus is gone so we got to work with what is available

  6. SALTS is not better. In fact, SALTS is worse. All SALTS streams are 480p and with tons of buffering lag, which would have been OK in 2001 but times have changed.

  7. I posted Saturday about problems with Bennu after the new module was added.
    I am running a raspberry 3, and OSMC. I’ve had to delete Covenent and Bennu because my system started crashing -locking up- badly until I had a corrupted micro sd which I fixed with fsck – bad bit in boot sector.

    I hope the developers read these comments and fix the issue-If so thanks for all your work. I love Bennu!!! and miss it already.

  8. Why is this addon so crap? I miss when Genesis or Exodus used to be so consistent with 1080p streams. Covenant is totally unreliable and shitty in comparison.

  9. More HD links in Kodi than SPMC. Also I’m using real debrid and get loads more HD links and/or 1080 links in Terrarium thank in Covenant even with the same providers. I’m not complaining just highlighting what I’ve noticed. I use covenant all the time but if I don’t get the HD links I use Terrarium.

  10. Hi Mranhell You say that you download all the time. There is no download function in the context menu when a movie is selected. If you do this all the time, please tell me how.

  11. Keepsweeping

    You can already download from Covenant, but you must set your Download path in the addon settings menu.

    I do it all the time 🙂

  12. When watching a movie in Covenant, I always check the same movie in SALTS.
    I find more HD links in SALTS than Covenant. Also, Covenant has less Fan Art for the movie lists than SALTS

  13. Since this update, gvideo streams are gone and most streams don’t work, even with pairing. I have current version. I’ve cleared cache. Is there something else we are supposed do? Thanks in advance.

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