Best Filelinked Alternatives in 2022

The Filelinked Android TV app has gone offline and is no longer working. In this guide, I will show you the best Filelinked alternatives to install today.

Specifically, I will go over:

  • Some background history on Filelinked going offline
  • The best Filelinked alternatives to install
  • Key features of some of our alternatives

Filelinked Not Working

Filelinked was a storage locker application for Android TV that is no longer working, and the website is down. It allows you to access folders of Android APKs and files with a single longer code. It made it very easy to install Android TV apps.

Filelinked stopped working in the summer of 2021. If you try to access the website, an error message reads, “The website is no longer available.”

If you try to download any APKs via Filelinked codes, this error pops up, “An error has occurred, Filelinked code could not be found.”

Android TV boxes have the Google Play Store, which has thousands of applications to download and try out. However, not every good APK is to be found in the Play Store. Filelinked codes let you download those applications that were not available.

Next, I recommend the best Filelinked alternatives available in 2022 for you.

5 Best Filelinked Alternatives are:

  1. AppLinked
  2. Aptoide TV
  3. Downloader
  4. FireDL
  5. APKTime
5 Best Filelinked Alternatives

1. AppLinked

Best Filelinked Alternatives

AppLinked is the most popular Filelinked alternative having approximately 14,400 apps as of August 2021. It is a bulk APK download manager and one of the closest alternatives to Filelinked to try out.

The control panel has been centralized in a single spot for the APK, making for easy navigation.

And you do not need to go through any registration process, which I also like about AppLinked.

Just like Filelinked, you will need to enter a valid code before you can browse and download APKs. 

For example, select “Add a Store” and enter the code “4444.” Now, go to Saved stores and select the store. Here you can find the apps for the code you entered.


AppLinked lockers contain apps divided into various categories, such as

  • Sports
  • LiveTV
  • TV shows
  • Documentaries

Click below to download AppLinked.

Check out the video below for instructions on how to install AppLinked on your Android TV box.

2. Aptoide TV

Best Filelinked Alternatives

Aptoide TV is the second-best Filelinked alternative on my list, with a massive database of 750,000 apps.

The app catalog includes:

  • Beauty
  • Art and Design
  • Dating 
  • Parenting
  • Events
  • Video players
  • Food and drinks
  • Travel and many more

You will see a green shield marking on most apps, denoting virus-free apps, showing they are safe for your device.

Aptoide TV

The fonts are large enough for the screen, with a clear crystal view and high definition for easy reading.

Aptoide TV

Popular apps, like Google Camera, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messengers, Instagram, Netflix, and Snapchat are available in the relevant category for the current day.

Many apps hosted on Aptoide TV aren’t always available in the official app store.

You don’t need to memorize any file locker codes to access the content because you can use any app instantly after installing it.

Click here to view our complete Aptoide TV guide.

Click below to download Aptoide TV.

3. Downloader

Best Filelinked Alternatives

Downloader is another great Filelinked alternative that could come in handy for you. This app gives access to your Android TV to download any file quickly, and this app gets donations from the home screen.

This app allows you to sideload APKs of third-party apps, which are not available officially in the Android TV store.

You can browse the web in full-screen mode, and the built-in browser has an excellent user interface to navigate easily.

The other important feature is you can navigate around without changing your remote to air-mouse mode, even if you have the air mouse.

Also, you can easily bookmark your favorite sites and those URLs you visit frequently. 


Click here to check out our complete Downloader install and setup guide.

Click below to download Downloader.

4. FireDL

Best Filelinked Alternatives

FireDL is another top Filelinked alternative that has been accessible for three years, and like Filelinked, you can install apps in FireDL by using a five-digit code.

This app operates as an FTP server, and you can access any file on your network using the FTP client.

FireDL has a simple and understandable interface, and the procedure for installing the apps is the same as Downloader, the Filelinked alternative mentioned above. 

Using FireDL, you can access: 

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Zip files
  • Documents

Click here to check out our complete FireDL install and setup guide.

Click below to download FireDL.

5. APKTime

Best Filelinked Alternatives

APKTime is a Filelinked alternative that you can install on the Android TV box, giving access to the APKs for downloading and installation.

You can download torrents to watch any movies or shows that are not available on any app. Also, you won’t need to buy a subscription.

The app is very comfortable to navigate and user-friendly, and you will receive automatic updates to stay free of in-app software bugs.

There is a wide variety of entertainment for you to choose from and various categories in the app like:

  • Games
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Entertainment

There is also a ranking procedure for the apps considering factors like news releases, updates, and user feedback which help you decide if you want to download the app.

Click here to view our complete APKTime guide.

Click below to download APKTime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best replacement for FileLinked?

AppLinked is the best replacement for Filelinked because it is reliable, widely used, with a better user interface. The second best is Aptoide TV, offering content with an enhanced user experience and crystal clear visuals with high definition.

Why is Filelinked not working?

Filelinked has been down since the summer of 2021. The rumor is that it was a victim of an ACE cease and desist letter. There has been no announcement or update on future plans so far. 

Is AppLinked safe to use?

AppLinked is entirely safe to use and well-received by users. Overall, there is good feedback, but I would recommend using a VPN to protect your personal data and be safe.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article can help select the best Filelinked alternatives for you. 

AppLinked is best if you are looking for a great collection of apps specific to your interests and you want to download multiple apps simultaneously with good speed.

Aptoide TV is second best if you are looking for a clean user interface and trusted apps, verified with a green shield, so you know your personal data is safe.

You can select the apps based on specific features that might help you, especially those with exemplary user interfaces and app speed.

As I previously highlighted in this article, please do not install apps from any unknown sources and use a VPN to protect your personal information from being compromised.

Comment down below and let me know more about your favorite Filelinked alternative app.

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