How to Find Newest HD Movies in Kodi in Any Addon

Are you looking to find the newest HD movies in Kodi? Do you want to avoid low quality CAM links and old content? Do you want the latest HD releases in ANY addon you prefer to use?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, then you have found the right guide.

With the trick below, you can get the latest HD movies in Kodi, sorted by recently added and automatically updated as new releases come out.

For those of you who liked the KodiTips app, which had a feed to a scene release website for latest releases, this is a solid alternative to setup today within Kodi.

NOTE: If you are reading this on any website other than K O D I T I P S, it has been stolen and you should make sure to let the website you are on know that they are thieves.

Don’t Addons Already Have a Latest Releases Playlist?

Most multi-source Kodi addons already had a “Latest Releases” playlist which is scraped from the TMDb service.

The issue is that this playlist is for all new releases as soon as they come out in theatres. And as you should know, new movies in theatres only come out in low quality CAM streams for the first few months (usually).

It’s not until the official Blu-Ray or DVD release is a few weeks away that a movie is out in full HD quality.

This Latest Releases playlist doesn’t list quality for each film, so you don’t always know if a CAM stream is about to play when you click on a title.

Before we show you how to easily track the newest HD movies in Kodi, there’s a few important things to know:

Kodi HD Movie List Tips

The following tip requires you to have a Trakt account synced up to Kodi. If you don’t have Trakt yet, you are seriously missing out.

Trakt is a service for tracking movies and TV shows that you’ve watched or want to watch. In Kodi, you can use Trakt to load your personal library of movies and shows and look up this library in any addon.

Trakt keeps track of what you watch as well so that you know where you’ve left off in every TV series.

Once you have Trakt, you are ready to load in your HD movies list. This list is from a user who updates a Trakt playlist every day with the latest HD releases from rarbg, a popular torrent website.

All movies listed are available in full HD, plus a select handful of DVD screeners (if you don’t know what this is, don’t worry). Once this HD movies list is loaded into Kodi, it will be your daily go-to for new releases.

Just one more disclaimer before we show you how to integrate HD movies in Kodi.


If you are a newbie to Kodi, you should know that it does not host any content or know what any media is. Likewise, the HD movies list below does not store content. It is simply a list of movies and associated metadata.

Kodi addons do not store any copyrighted content either. They simply show movie and TV metadata.

When you click on a title, this title is passed into a scraper, which searches websites on the public internet not affiliated with Kodi or any Kodi developer). These websites store media files and when a file matches the title of your query, it is passed to Kodi for playback.

We have a great article on how Kodi addons work that you should read if this is confusing for you!

How to Find Latest HD Movies in Kodi

The first thing you want to do is head to the Trakt website and log into your account. You can also do this on a Trakt app on your phone. The pictures below may be a little different, but we’ll get you there!

From the Trakt website, use the search bar to search for the user giladg. Make sure you change the search type to “Users”.

Next, click on the “Gilad & Alex” user tile. Gilad and the Alex is the name of the curator who’s has built and is maintaining our HD movies list.

When you click on Gilad & Alex’s tile, you’ll want to click on the Lists section to head into a list of custom lists they’ve made. Next, click on the Latest┬áReleases┬álist.

Click on the thumbs up icon to like this list in Trakt. This will put this list into your account’s lists so that you receive all updates and sync with the list!

To find this list in Kodi, you just head into an account where you have your Trakt account setup, such as Seren or Gaia.

If you navigate in the addon to My Movies -> Lists, you will see the Latest Releases list you liked above now showing up! As this list is updated, it will update for you in Kodi.

And that’s it! Do you have any other Trakt lists that provide good HD movies in Kodi information? Comment below or get in touch with us on Twitter!

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