Xbox One Kodi Download & Install Guide:

You can now fully install Kodi on your Xbox One console, including all addons and features available on other devices. Check out our Xbox One Kodi install guide below.

June 17th: We are seeing reports that Kodi for the Xbox One has been updated this morning to alpha #3. We don’t have a change log yet but will let you know as soon as we do. If you see the update, let it happen.


The Xbox One app store has introduced Kodi into it, available to download and install in all regions. This is a nice surprise, as using our Xbox One Kodi install guide below allows you to install Kodi on one of the most powerful streaming devices available today.

Even better, Kodi is available in full with all features available including third-party addon support, PVR, live TV support, and more.

The current Xbox One Kodi version available in the app store is version 18 alpha, perhaps a teaser of what is to come from the Kodi development team as Kodi 18 is not officially available for download yet.

If you would like to install Kodi on your Xbox One today, check out our install guide below.

Xbox One Kodi Install Guide

  1. Launch the Xbox One Store on your console.
  2. In the search box, type in “Kodi” and click the search button.
  3. Click on the Kodi icon that appears from your search and then click Install.
  4. After Kodi has installed itself on your Xbox One Console, it will be available to launch in your apps section.

Addons That Work on Kodi Xbox One

The following addons are confirmed to be working on the Kodi Xbox One version. This list is not complete. Many addons that are not listed here will work on the Xbox. This list includes all addons where Xbox One support has been confirmed by the developer.

Click on each addon to go to our installation guide.

Confirmed by Developer

  1. SkyNet
  2. Incursion
  3. ResolveURL (Dependency used by many addons)
  4. Placenta
  5. Neptune Rising
  6. At the Flix

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  1. I get error: exception thrown (pythontocppexception) python callback script, etc, ignoring this can lead to memory leaks, etc etc.. in the log when trying to run an addon.

    Any word on how one might use the PVR functionality?

  2. Okay I didn’t even check those and yeah it’s in alpha no worry’s. Keep on keeping on you all are great

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