If you can’t install Kodi addons and are receiving error messages such as “could not connect to repository”, click here for the explanation as to why.

Sometimes when you try to install a Kodi addon, you are met with an error message such as “Could not connect to repository” when you are trying to add the repo source or access files inside of the repository. This error can appear for a number of reasons. This guide is meant to help you if you can’t install Kodi addons for some reason.

Check out some of the reasons you see the “could not connect to repository” error in Kodi below:


1. Your repo HTTP address is incorrect

The number one thing you should do is verify that your http address is correct. In other words, if you have a typo in your address, you may be trying to connect to a repo address that doesn’t exist.

Sometimes, mistakes happen when manually copying an address found fro a guide on our site. Make sure that you are copying the address exactly. Pay attention to specific characters in the http address such as https or extra or missing forward slashes.


2. The Source is down or offline

If you believe your address is correct and you still can’t install Kodi addons or a specific repository, there is a good chance that the source is down or offline. Try to visit the repository address in your web browser. Does it work? If not, don’t expect it to work in Kodi.

If you know the repository git address, you can also try to access that. For example, Exodus’ git address is http://offshoregit.com/exodus/. Once again, if you can’t access that in your web browser, you won’t be able to add it in Kodi.

Sometimes git websites or file hosts go down for maintenance.



3. Check Your Kodi Error Log

Sometimes when you can’t install Kodi addons, along with your “could not connect to repository” Kodi error, you also get a message telling you to check your log.

Follow our guide here to enable debug logging and check your error log for any errors that point to a reason for not being able to install Kodi repos.


4. How to Fix Kodi Script Failed Error

The Kodi script failed error occurs when your addon fails to execute its function in a proper manner. The most likely cause of this error is because you are running an old or outdated version of Kodi. The addon is trying to use a dependency or script newer that what is installed on your machine and is giving you an error.

Always look to upgrade Kodi to its latest version to maximize success with your Kodi addons.


5. How to Fix Kodi Download is Stuck

When installing X Kodi addon, your installation may fail to progress further beyond 0%. There are two main causes for this:

  • You are using an old version of addon or of Kodi that is unable to read the installation files
  • You have connected to the installation server, but it is not returning files or is timing out your request. If this occurs, try to install again.

The download stuck Kodi error is generally different than a could not connect to repository error. Kodi IS connecting to the repository, but it is getting stuck during the next step.


If you are having Kodi repository issues and can’t install Kodi addons, do NOT uninstall them thinking a re-install is what is needed. This won’t fix your issue and you’ll be missing an addon until the issues are fixed.

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