Kodi Not Working? Fix Broken & Slow Kodi Now

Is Kodi broken, slow, or dead for you? If Kodi is not working for you, our guide below will help get you back up and running smoothly!

Kodi not working might be your fault.

It might have nothing to do with any addon you have.

So, if you have problems with:

  • No stream available
  • No working streams
  • Buffering
  • Kodi log errors
  • Problems updating Kodi

Follow the guide below for all of your answers.

First – What IS Kodi and What ISN’T Kodi

kodi 18 download
kodi 18 download

Kodi is a free piece of media centre software. It can decode and play audio and video files. These files can come from your pieces of media you own or through the use of add-ons.

Kodi doesn’t own or store any links or know what any movie or TV show is. It plays what it is given or gives an error if it doesn’t like something.

Another big point – Kodi addons don’t own any links either!

Think of Kodi addons like.a search engine to the public internet, like Google.

You give the Kodi addon a title and a Kodi addon searches the internet for matching video files.

For more information, check out our “What is Kodi” information guide here.

Therefore, if you have troubles with your Kodi not working, the blame isn’t on the Kodi software at all. It lies in two spots:

  1. the setup of your Kodi
  2. the query you passed to the Kodi addon.

Does Kodi Still Work?

Surprisingly, we get this question asked a lot to us.

The answer is YES.

If you maintain Kodi, it works as good as ever. New features like cached torrents and new development in addons like Seren, Fen, and Venom means that Kodi is working as good as ever.

It’s never too late to get Kodi working! The first step is learning why it’s broken for you in the first place.

Here are some of the main reasons why Kodi isn’t working for you:

Install the Latest Version of Kodi

Each year, the Kodi Foundation releases a brand new version of the software. At a high level, new versions of Kodi have the following advantages:

  • New features
  • Support for the latest operating systems (Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc)
  • Updated dependencies and backed drivers

The last two bullet points, while not as sexy as new features, are important.

Kodi keeps up to date with the latest software because that’s what all good software does.

How many pieces of software are supported by Windows 98?

The Newest Dependencies

Dependencies and back end drivers are the most important pieces of Kodi.

Remember, Kodi is just a media player that plays whatever is passed to it. The way it displays, processes media, and handles potential bugs and error are through these dependencies.

Over time, support for old dependencies are dropped by addons and they only support the latest version of Kodi.

The Newest Protocols

One good example: the HTTPS secure protocol is not supported on Kodi 16 and earlier.

So if you do not use the latest version of Kodi, your multi-source addons cannot read and return streams from HTTPS websites. This limits the number of links and streams available to you.

When Kodi 17 was first released, it supported dependencies and protocols not available in addons yet. Addons adapted and updated to these latest dependencies and the world turned.

If you use an old version of Kodi, we cannot help you out!

If you do need to upgrade your Android TV box, click here to check out some of the hardware we’ve featured on our website.

Install Kodi Addons the Correct Way

When a developer takes the time to create you a Kodi addon and a repository to store it in, they’ve:

  1. Meticulously tested the addon
  2. Tested each dependency that installs itself with the addon
  3. Tested how to install the addon from this official source

how it reacts. When you install an addon officially from a repo, you are recreating the same steps the developer took.

This maximizes the chance that you’ll get everything you need!

All Kodi addons install modules with it to make things run smooth.

Some other Kodi users have decided to host mirror images of addons and repositories, most likely for the hits or fame. They duplicate a repository on their own server, sometimes with no malicious intent.

The problem is, how do you know that they’ve duplicated this content correctly?

Are they hosting the latest version of the repository? of the addon?

Are all of the right modules still installing themselves?

Will you get the latest updates in the future?

The better question is, why would you take this chance?

Some examples of Kodi repositories which have incorrectly hosted addons without developer permission and caused problems in the past are: Super Repo, Kodil, TVAddons and Caz Wallace Repo.

Users who have installed the repositories above are the first to complain and write to us about Kodi not working. Save yourself the heartache and install all of your Kodi addons the right way.


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Try NOT Installing a Kodi Build

We’ve already posted about our distaste for installing Kodi builds so we will keep things brief.

When you install a Kodi addon, can you be 100% certain that you’ve installed only verified addons from official repositories?

Are you sure that your build hasn’t accidentally modified some backend Kodi files?

Was your build developed for your version of Kodi?

Are all of the addons on the build active and current?

Will your build auto-update or is it out of date the second you install it?

Was the build you installed created for Kodi 18? If you aren’t sure and you don’t know the developer, how will you find out? How will you fix what’s wrong if its not made for 18?

If the answer to any of the questions above is no, how can you be sure that Kodi not working isn’t your fault?

How will you be able to troubleshoot your own issues if you didn’t even install your own addons?

Builds are infuriating for addon developers and support channels (such as us), who have to deal with complainers who don’t understand how Kodi works.

Minimize the chances of Kodi not working for you and install your own addons today.

Only Use New & Supported Kodi Addons

Are you wondering why your Covenant addon isn’t working? 13 Clowns? Placenta? The original Exodus?

It’s because these addons aren’t supported or updated!

How Do Kodi Addons Work?

scraper is a piece of code that searches a specific website on the internet that hosts media files.

resolver is a piece of code that goes into the media file to extract the native video.

Once Kodi has found a media file, the resolver navigates through CAPTCHA and ads to present you the unfiltered video file.

The Kodi community is a volatile beast and there is a constant turnover of developers and addons. We recommend following us on Twitterfor the latest updates.

Playlist Addons

Even worse are some of the playlist Kodi addons that have come and gone. Playlist addons require  more manual support and upkeep from developers and are dead as soon as the developer gives up.

People still message us asking for help on Phoenix or Vidtime, both long gone and obsolete.

Make sure that the addon is supported by someone in the Kodi community.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest working Kodi addons, check out our list of best Kodi addons today.

Search For Movies & TV Shows That Are Available

There is a misconception that everything presented in Kodi must have a working stream available for it. Some people believe that the 1950s black and white film they are dying to see is available.

Or that since the Star Wars movie that comes out 2020 has a poster in one addon that a stream must be online.

Let us repeat this again:

Kodi is a glorified search engine.

If you can’t access a stream through a simple Google search, then your Kodi system can’t.

If a website is blocked in your country because your service provider has flagged it as something malicious, Kodi can’t access it either.

You can go to Google right now and search for “Movie Name 720p MP4” for a popular movie. You’ll recognize some of the same scraper sources used by Kodi addons.

Some premium services, such as Real-Debrid or Easynews, give you access to a broader range of freely available content on the internet. If you want to increase your chance of finding that obscure title, consider one of these premium services today.

Before you come complaining about Kodi not working, ensure that what you are trying to watch is truly available.

Your Content Is Blocked By Your Service Provider (ISP)

disable bt parental controls
disable bt parental controls

Some countries have began to crackdown and ban websites that they have deemed to be “inappropriate” to users.

If your internet provider has blocked access, then none of the tips in this guide will reverse that. The only way to access all content is to enable a VPN and point it to a country that is not blocked.

We performed some research the scraper sites used by Kodi addons in order to find out which are blocked in the UK. You can read that document here.

After that, you should have a better understanding of why a VPN is key and can open up your world of Kodi streaming.

The fight over net neutrality is changing and evolving each day so something that worked yesterday may not work today.

Factory Reset Kodi

When all else fails and Kodi is not performing the way it used to, consider a factory reset.

“WHAT?! That’s going to take so much time”, I hear you say.

How much time are you going to spend beating a dead horse? If you aren’t guilty of anything listed in this guide, perform a factory reset today.

Every time you do something in Kodi:

  • install a repository or addon
  • load up a stream
  • force an update
  • change a setting

Kodi saves a copy of your data.

Over time as things die, change, and transition, files are left dormant on your Kodi hardware.

There’s no rhyme or reason as to what or why, but these dormant files have a tendency to slow down your system. As well, they can cause issues with updates.

A factory reset is not as bad as it sounds. If you have an Android TV box, delete the Kodi app and reinstall the program from the Google Play Store. A fresh version of Kodi will install and you’ll be free to reinstall what you need.

After doing a factory reset, consider limiting the number of addons you install on your system.

Most addons perform the same or similar functionality and there’s no need for all of them installed at the same time. Keep your Kodi setup clean and fast by only installing what you actually need.

You can always add more things at your leisure as the need arises later.

You can check out our list of best Kodi addons to help you along.

Do none of the problems above apply to you? Here are some additional Kodi troubleshooting tips and considerations!

Fire Stick Kodi Not Working

The Amazon Fire TV is a popular Kodi box. The Fire Stick model is really nice because it’s small, quick to setup, and cheap in price.

If you are having trouble with Kodi on the Fire Stick, here are some considerations to make:

Do Not Use a Build

The Amazon Fire Stick is a very basic Kodi box. It doesn’t have as much memory or power as a regular Android TV box and it cannot handle a heavy build installed on it.

Instead of a build, only install a few addons by yourself onto your Fire Stick and see if Kodi is faster.

Hardwire Your Fire Stick to the Internet

The Amazon Fire Stick doesn’t have a built-in Ethernet port. Wi-Fi connections lead to more buffering in Kodi.

To fix this issue, buy this Amazon Fire Stick USB ethernet adapter and make Kodi work faster.

Specific Kodi Addon Not Working

Did you find this guide because the Exodus addon isn’t working? Wrestling on Demand isn’t working? Planet MMA? Neptune Rising? Pro Sports? Covenant? Genesis? 1Channel? Phoenix?

The reason these addons don’t work is because they aren’t supported or maintained by anyone.

Visit our home page and only install new and working addons. By staying up to date, Kodi will work better for you when you want to use it.

“No Stream Available” Kodi Error

One common Kodi error is the “No Streams Available” error. If you are constantly seeing this error message, we’ve created a “No Streams Available” guide to help you solve your issues.

Check Log Kodi Error

Kodi log files contain a lot of information about why the software might be broken for you.

Learn how to access your Kodi log file and use it as a tool to troubleshoot your issues and get Kodi working again.

And with that, we hope the guide above teaches you a little bit about why you might find Kodi broken for you.

You can fix a lot of the problems above without much technical knowledge.

Get used to performing basic Kodi maintenance and gain valuable knowledge for the future when other issues come up.

Let us know if you have any other tips by commenting on this post below.

Get in touch with us on Twitteror Facebookif we can help you out!


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