Getting a “No Stream Available” Kodi error while using add-ons such as Exodus or Genesis? Click here to find out what “No Stream Available” really means and whether the issue is on your end or on the add-ons end.

So you’ve sat down to watch a movie or a TV show, you turn on Kodi, go into your favourite add-on like Genesis, go to pick your show and the error comes up: “No Stream Available”. What does it mean? There is a large misconception about what this error means and we want to try and help people out.

What Does “No Stream Available” in Kodi mean?

There is a misconception that Kodi add-ons are some magical treasure box of information that store information and links to every single movie and TV show on the internet. Multi-source Kodi add-ons like Exodus are simply glorified search engines. The list of movies and TV shows they offer are provided from the API key of a service like Trakt, IMDB or themoviedb. The list of links to each show are scraped from all of the sources loaded into the add-on. They store no streams and do nothing to update the list of shows or movies.

Misconception: If a Kodi add-on lists a specific movie or TV show, there must be a stream available.

This is not true. Again, the list of movies and TV shows is just grabbed from another source like Trakt or themoviedb and presented in the add-on. If those services list a movie that comes out in theatres two weeks from now, this says nothing about whether a stream is available.

Our free Kodi Tips app has sections in it where you can search for any movie or TV show and it will tell you what streams are available! For new movies especially, you might want to search there to see if a stream is even released yet. If you can’t see it when you search, then NO Kodi add-on will have a link available.

Misconception: I’m searching for an older TV show or movie I know is released, so there MUST be a stream available.

Also not true. Add-ons like Exodus, SALTs, or Velocity simply scan the streaming websites loaded into them for available links. If none of these websites have working links to load, you will get the “No stream available” error. The older or more obscure your search is, the less likely that streams are available. Talk shows, old movies, or TV shows that air on less-popular channels or countries are less likely to having working links. Stop blaming Kodi add-ons because they are not the ones hosting anything for you.

How do I fix this “No stream available” error?

99% of the time, a “no stream available” error in Kodi has nothing to do with any Kodi add-on. Ask yourself if you fall into one of the categories above. Before using Kodi, perhaps you can try to go to the Primewire website, one of the largest databases for streams available, and search for your show or movie. If you don’t get any search results, you might have a hard time in Kodi as well. There is no “fix” for no stream available except to be smarter and more aware about what you are actually searching for.

If you are absolutely certain that the stream you want is common and that there should be plenty of links (you are watching a popular show like The Walking Dead for example), reinstall Kodi from fresh with no add-ons. Nowadays, there are so many Kodi boxes, builds, and add-ons that its impossible to troubleshoot what the issue is exactly.

If you want access to more obscure audio and videos, consider Easynews. It is a premium Usenet provider and there is a Kodi add-on with it. The number of files available to stream here is magnitudes greater than anything in Exodus or other add-ons and Easynews may be the only way to get the stream. you want. Click here for more information.

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